Winter scarf woman

Women's winter scarves enrich your outfit every season, offering specific quality and unmatched benefits. Classic wool is irritating and is perceived as uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time because it is too thick. That's why choosing a baby alpaca wool scarf is the solution to your worries. Thanks to its thermoregulatory and insulating properties, you guarantee a long lasting warmth.
BellePaga works with Peruvian producers to bring a unique know-how, especially in terms of comfort and quality. Therefore, all our items are handmade or finished to ensure quality and perfect finish.  
Our winter scarves for women are made of alpaca wool. This animal lives in the Andes Mountains of South America at an altitude of 4000 meters. Known for its extraordinary natural characteristics, it is also known as the "wool of the gods". Therefore, we know that the property can meet all your needs.

Alpaca wool

In the world of fashion, there has been a real trend in alpaca wool for several years. Little known in Europe 10 years ago, this wool now has a permanent place in the wardrobe of quality seekers. We are looking more and more for warm and comfortable clothes that respect the planet. That's exactly what alpaca wool offers.

First of all, alpaca wool has many properties. Known to provide warmth, alpaca wool is seven times warmer than conventional wool. This feature is ideal for women's winter scarves.

This warmth does not sacrifice comfort, as the unique property of this wool is thermoregulation. Sure, you'll be warm, but not too warm. This wool keeps us at the right temperature all year round. If you choose a baby alpaca wool winter scarf for women, you can wear it to keep warm in winter, but you can also wear it in autumn or spring when the morning is still cool.

Alpaca wool is also known for its durability. It is easier to clean and lasts longer than cashmere. If made with care, it holds up very well in the wash: 30° on your machine with wool or a delicate cycle. Alpaca wool does not become a pill. But be careful. Wool is much more than just wool. You need to pay attention to its quality. It's a determining factor in how long it lasts.  

We chose baby alpaca wool because we thought of even the most sensitive skin. This wool is finer than most alpaca wools on the market and guarantees a unique softness.  

Why choose alpaca instead of cashmere? Although alpaca fibers have a larger diameter than cashmere, alpaca fibers are longer. Because of this property, it is possible to make garments that are stronger and more durable than cashmere goat wool.

How to choose a scarf ?

To choose the right winter scarf for you, you need to consider three parameters: the size (length and width), the style (color, pattern, etc.) and most importantly its composition.  
The size of the scarf you choose is an important factor in the style it gives you. Wide scarves, especially when combined with this width and lengths over 180 cm, give this accessory an extraordinary effect. Most women's winter scarves have a width of 30 cm. This width is the most common for all brands. It is the easiest thing for everyone to wear in winter. It goes well with many different styles.  
Perhaps the deciding factor in the style of a scarf is its length. There are many different lengths of scarves. Each length gives a different style to a women's winter scarf.  
Short scarves (about 140 cm) are perfect for formal styles. Ideal for meetings with managers and presentations to investors. These scarves are ideal for decorating jackets and blazers, giving them an elegant and serious touch. It is recommended to hang it without tying or rolling it up. If you tie it, it is too short and unsightly.  
The medium length scarf (about 175 cm) fits many different styles. This women's winter scarf brightens up the essentials of your outfit while adding a touch of style. It is recommended to wrap or tie it around your neck with this length. In fact, mid-length winter scarves for women are too long to hang.  
Finally, a long scarf (about 208 cm) is also called an oversize scarf. These scarves will keep you warm in winter. Thanks to their length, you can even tie them several times around your neck. You will be warm with this kind of scarf. Our advice is to combine it with a 60 cm wide scarf. For example, I recommend the Cal scarf. This very trendy houndstooth pattern scarf is very warm and oversized thanks to the baby alpaca wool: warm winter guaranteed.
Bellepaga has launched a wide range of models this season to meet the needs of all styles. Some scarves are even available in several sizes.  
For color, your skin tone can guide your choice. Warm skin tones are accentuated by colors such as yellow, gold, orange-red, olive and turquoise. On the other hand, for cooler skin tones, you can easily choose a blue color like sky blue, navy blue, purple or gray. However, the safe bet remains black. The certainty that you can associate them with all your outfits.

The knitting trend

Knitting has become one of the most Instagrammable hobbies today. But yes, what is the best way to create your own work? No need to spend hours on the internet to find the best knitted wool scarf for you! You don't have to wait anymore. Get yourself a needle and a nice ball of wool to create a unique and original piece. So let's start with your imagination!  
In fall, winter or cold weather, knitted wool scarves are our best friends and keep us warm with unparalleled comfort. We love the soft, fluffy, and thick ones, but these days it's becoming more and more complicated to find a fine knit wool scarf in stores. Sure, your knitted scarf will take a little time to make, but it's also a good and easy activity to keep you busy in front of the fireplace on long winter nights. Making a knitted scarf is a great way to relax, focus and become zen. It is an essential part of a busy life. Indeed, the steady rhythm of the needles, the concentration and the sound of the wool rubbing have proven to be ideal zen activities to relax and should be enjoyed without moderation!
BellePaga offers you beautiful balls of wool in all kinds of colors, so you don't have to waste your time looking for balls everywhere! This allows you to knit a scarf unique to your taste and combine all the benefits of alpaca wool.  
This timeless accessory does not retain moisture, so it is protected from humidity and perspiration and ensures that you can enjoy the weather outside. The alpaca is an animal that must constantly adapt to the temperature changes of its natural environment, so its fibers know how to adapt to the needs of the latter. The wool is very appreciated for its flexibility.  
If you are still not comfortable with knitting, but love knitted wool scarves, BellePaga has the solution. BellePaga offers a variety of knitted wool scarves that are airier and softer to the touch than cotton flowers. You are immediately transported into a warm and cozy universe that meets all your needs.

Maintain your scarf

In order to maintain your alpaca wool scarf at its best, here are some tips:
This mysterious alpaca wool has a fiber 4 times stronger than sheep's wool. This wool of the gods can be kept in its original state for several years if it is well maintained.  
For washing, choose a good, gentle shampoo and use as little detergent as possible. We invite you to look at our different types of natural cleaning products specially designed for washing alpaca wool or any other delicate wool.  
We also recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with warm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) and a mild shampoo. The temperature of the water is very important because washing at too high a temperature may cause your alpaca wool item to felt.  
Hand washing is the best way to keep the quality of your hat and scarf. Simply run warm water while washing and rinsing, and do not wring out or twist the item after washing: simply press gently to remove excess water.  
Regarding drying, alpaca wool products (hats, scarves, etc.) cannot be dried in the dryer! Place your item on a clean towel so that it will absorb water and dry faster. You should also air dry flat to avoid stretching the fibers of your alpaca wool product.  
Regarding ironing, alpaca wool garments have the advantage of not wrinkling. However, if you want to iron your product, turn the garment inside out! Also, put a cloth between the iron (at low temperature and without steam) and the garment in order not to damage it. Your alpaca wool garment will have a smooth effect without being damaged.

The history of BellePaga

BellePaga is a Belgian brand founded in 2015 by two friends who met in college, Guillaume, a digital marketing enthusiast, and Arnaud, a Belgian who grew up in South America. The latter spent his entire childhood in Bolivia, and when he met Guillaume, they both decided to start a company: BellePaga.  
BellePaga is currently a company that markets alpaca wool products. Our wool comes from alpacas, which live freely and without restriction in Peru in the Andes. They are harvested once a year around May, after which the fur is spun by local artisans. Our products are handmade and finished by these local artisans.
At BellePaga, we value transparency, fair trade and respect for animals.  We strive to provide the best products with the highest quality.  In addition to the scarf, we also offer other high quality alpaca wool products. We have socks, sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves, plaids, quilts and all the equipment you need for your alpaca collection.  
Please feel free to browse through our product line.