Winter Duvet


Find a duvet that is light but at the same time keeps us warm, it's possible!

Do you already know our winter duvets? They have many virtues that allow you to have a good night's sleep.

Our duvets are ideal for winter, but also for summer. You are probably wondering how this is possible... Indeed, our duvets are made of Alpaca wool, a wool with many virtues allowing a perfect adaptation to the temperature of your body. This property is called thermoregulation. Moreover, the filling of our duvet is in the average and is 350gr/m², ideal to spend your winter nights in the warmth.

Our duvets are perfect for winter because they are light. Since Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep wool, you don't have to bother with a lot of layers to finally feel warm.

In addition to its thermoregulation, you can also enjoy an incomparable softness. Alpaca fibre is also much softer and more supple than other wools, one of the reasons why we have chosen it for you.

Our duvets are made with respect for the welfare of the alpacas. Indeed, our products are produced by Peruvian breeders, who work with respect for their animals and their well-being. Our fibre comes from these alpaca farms which live in their natural habitat in the Andes.

Alpaca wool duvets

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Our winter duvets are environmentally friendly. Made of Alpaca wool, they have a very low impact on the environment. No chemical substances are added and Alpacas, unlike goats, do not destroy the plains because they do not pull up the grass with the roots, but cut it.

For those who didn't know it, Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. Our winter duvets made of this wool are perfect for the most sensitive people. Indeed, thanks to its thermoregulation power, it does not make you sweat and does not favour the development of micro-organisms.

Possessing a great power of thermoregulation and moisture evacuation, the warmth of the winter duvet will adapt to the needs of your body during the night. Consequently, whatever the temperature of your room, the winter duvet will accompany you pleasantly during all your nights of sleep.

A duvet with a high quality filling such as Alpaca wool provides absolute comfort and warmth. It is a very light and durable natural fibre. Because of its quality, our duvet is resistant and you will be able to keep it for many years.

It is interesting to know that it is also ecological, completely biodegradable and self-cleaning. You will notice that it is 100% natural and requires very little maintenance. Just air it regularly, in addition to the usual maintenance similar to that of your other wool items.

Our duvets last much longer than basic synthetic duvets. Indeed, natural duvets made of alpaca fibre keep their swelling aspects as well as their thermoregulatory properties. Our duvets are 100% natural, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep in a cosy bed with your alpaca duvet.

They are comfortable, breathable, light and thermoregulating. During the night, our body temperature varies according to several factors, which is why it is important to invest in a good duvet for a good night's sleep, and to choose duvets made from breathable materials that adapt perfectly to the temperature of our body, whether we are hot or cold.

Properties of our winter duvet

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Our winter duvet is made of Alpaca wool. It is one of nature's most precious fibres. All its qualities make it perfect for use in bedding.

A natural winter duvet with multiple properties is just what you need. Our winter duvet is soft, but also very light, comfortable, thermo-regulating and environmentally friendly. It guarantees a good night's sleep in the best possible conditions.

Among its many virtues, Alpaca fibre is also hypoallergenic. It is resistant to mildew and dust mites due to its natural filling and its high quality envelope. Dust mites proliferate in a humid and warm environment, as in a traditional duvet for example. Our winter duvet is breathable, heat and humidity have no place in it.

The filling is made of Alpaca wool, a quality fibre considered to be "the wool of the gods". Alpaca wool is capable of absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture. It is a natural fibre that reacts exceptionally well to excess heat and moisture.

Alpaca fibre is a highly insulating fibre. It will allow our duvet, just like it, to capture a maximum of heat. Some people may wonder how a duvet can simultaneously insulate and let it breathe at the same time. It's simple. The construction of the fibre means that it has these properties. In low temperatures, the wool will draw moisture into the fibre cores to keep the moisture on the skin, removing moisture while retaining heat. A thick duvet provides more insulation than a light duvet because it is specially designed for use in warm weather.

Finally, the composition of our duvet makes it flame resistant due to the keratin it contains and the moisture it is able to absorb into its fibres. Therefore, it will tend to ignite much more slowly than other duvets in the event of a fire.

This natural duvet is made of Alpaca wool and wrapped in Pima Cotton, a rare cotton of very high quality that will serve you for many years to come. These two noble materials come from the Andes, very soft and much appreciated.

These are the advantages of Alpaca wool that make it a perfect filling for a winter duvet. So, do not hesitate any more and opt for our winter duvet! Our winter duvets are available in several sizes and will fit every bed size.

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