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Finding soft, warm socks to keep you warm all winter is never easy.
But Bellepaga has the solution for you, high quality, comfortable and durable Alpaca wool socks that will protect your feet from the cold. We offer a wide range of soft and warm socks in a multitude of colours and trendy designs. 

Soft and warm socks

In winter, you need to be able to find soft and warm socks. Woolen socks provide incomparable comfort and warmth. Moreover, the quality of our natural materials is very important and allows a better resistance of the soft and warm socks. Each sock is hand-finished by Peruvian craftsmen with unique skills.

We work closely with our Peruvian artisans and producers to ensure that the wool is obtained in the most ethical way possible and that they are paid a fair price for their work. 

Of course, respect for the animals is very important to us. We work with farms that take good care of the animal, allowing them to live in their natural environment, the Andes Mountains, in complete freedom, without fences or pens. In order not to harm the animal, the wool is sheared once a year, in the spring, so that it grows back richly for the next season. 

Our products are not processed or treated with chemical substances to protect the environment. Unlike cashmere goats, alpacas do not damage the land on which they live and do not pull up the roots of the grass on which they feed, which allows them to grow back more quickly. The alpaca is an animal with a very small ecological footprint. Transport is kept to a minimum in order to limit pollution. Finally, each BellePaga item is carefully packaged with environmentally friendly packaging. 

Finally, alpaca wool offers a wide range of 22 natural colours, which allows us to reduce the use of chemical dyes and to use only mineral dyes. When we want a more specific colour, which is not part of the colour range, we can use our alpaca wool.

The power of alpaca wool

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Alpaca wool, called "the wool of the gods", is the perfect solution for soft and warm socks. The alpaca is an animal that lives in extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, it has a thermoregulating wool that keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. This fibre is also breathable, preventing moisture and perspiration. Moreover, alpaca wool is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool and is the only type of wool that does not pilling. All of this means that soft, warm socks can withstand many washes and therefore last a long time.

Alpaca wool will keep you feeling light and warm throughout the seasons. It is the finest wool available, measuring approximately 16 to 25 micrometres in diameter, as opposed to sheep's wool which is thicker, ranging from 20 to 80 micrometres in diameter. 

In addition to the warmth it provides, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The absence of lanolin in this wool allows it to be worn next to the skin without scratching or causing redness.

Maintenance is simple, for soft and warm alpaca wool socks, simply put them in the washing machine at 30 degrees. You can also wash them by hand, between 10 and 20 degrees, with ordinary soap or shampoo for delicate wools, or dry clean. By the way, alpaca wool is the only wool that does not give off any odour when washed. 

BellePaga makes this high quality wool with its many benefits available
Alpaca produces about 2 to 5 kilos of wool per year, which explains its rarity and higher price. Choosing soft, warm socks made from alpaca wool is a sustainable choice that will satisfy you in the long term.

A multitude of colours and sizes of socks

There are many different kinds of soft, warm socks, which can be adapted to the needs and trends of the moment. We have socks of different lengths, i.e. knee-high or calf-high socks, women's warm high socks. We also have many colours available, from classic colours to more colourful ones, but also patterns! 

Our sizes range from 35 to 46.

These amazing soft and warm socks will appeal to all tastes. Perfect for giving as a gift, just choose the length and style that suits you best. 

High quality

Chaussettes thermique chaude alpaga laine femme

To make sure that our soft and warm socks live up to our customers' expectations, our Bellepaga socks are examined and finished by hand by Peruvian experts in the craft. If you're looking for the solution to your cold feet problem, you'll love our wide range of soft and warm socks.

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