Ecological socks

chaussettes écologiques

Like many people, you are probably concerned about the future of the planet. Everyone can do something to change things. We can all start by changing our consumption habits. Investing in environmentally friendly products helps the planet. Of course, they are often more expensive. But most of the time, they are quality products with beautiful raw materials that you can keep longer. Of course, fast fashion is cheap, but the companies that sell this type of product pollute enormously and the social conditions in which they are manufactured are often abominable.

You may be looking for a pair of ecological socks but don't know where to get them. Don't panic! Discover BellePaga's ecological socks. Made from alpaca wool, a natural fibre, they will meet all your needs. They will bring you warmth, softness, comfort and lightness. Read on to find out more about ecological alpaca wool socks!

An alpaca... what is it? 

Perhaps the alpaca is an animal that doesn't speak to you much. Maybe you have never even heard of them! Alpacas belong to the camelid family, like llamas or dromedaries. In fact, they look quite similar to their cousin the llama. But you should not confuse them because they are quite distinct. They can be differentiated by two criteria: size and coat. The llama is larger and more elongated than the alpaca. The hair of the alpaca is curly while that of the llama is rather smooth.

Alpacas live in the Andes, particularly in Bolivia and Peru. They live in the highlands at an altitude of 4,000 metres. This means that they have to deal with large variations in temperature. Alpacas always live in herds, they cannot live alone because their daily life is regulated by the hierarchy established in the herd. The alpacas look after each other and protect each other.

troupeau d'alpagas

The virtues of alpaca wool 

Alpaca wool is reputed to be one of the most prestigious and luxurious wools in the world. It was once called "the wool of the gods" by the Incas. And for good reason, it has a number of incredible properties. Alpaca fibre is harvested from alpacas once a year. They produce a large volume of wool, which means that a lot of material can be obtained from a single shearing.

First of all, alpaca wool is very warm. In fact, it is seven times warmer than traditional sheep's wool. It is also very soft, which makes it very comfortable. For example, ecological socks made of alpaca wool will not itch at all. Alpaca wool is also breathable, which makes it easier for your feet to breathe and keep them clean. Another characteristic of alpaca fibre is that it is very fine and light. Alpaca fleece is much finer than hair.

The wool of the gods has thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties. For those of you who are curious, I will explain why alpaca fibre is said to be "thermoregulatory". As I said before, alpacas live at an altitude of 4000 meters in the highlands of the Andes. As a result, they are exposed to temperature changes of between -20 and +35 degrees in a single day. They have had to adapt to survive and have developed a thermoregulatory fibre. This fibre keeps their bodies at an ideal temperature. It insulates them from the cold and heat. This magical property can be found in our ecological socks made of alpaca wool.

laine d'alpaga

Alpaca socks: natural socks 

BellePaga's ecological alpaca wool socks are 100% natural. Indeed, alpaca wool is a pure wool that is not treated with chemicals. All wools, except alpaca wool, have to be treated because they contain lanolin after shearing. This is a very greasy substance that makes the wool unusable unless it is treated.

In the past, wool was washed with natural products. But since chemicals have made the washing process faster, wools are only treated with these to remove the lanolin. These chemicals are harmful to your skin and can even cause allergies.

Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin and is therefore not treated with chemicals. Therefore, it remains 100% natural if it is not dyed with artificial dyes. However, alpaca wool is rarely dyed because alpacas are naturally endowed with varied and soft colours. There are natural dyeing techniques to keep the authenticity of the soft alpaca fibre. Choose ecological alpaca wool socks if you want natural and comfortable ecological socks!

chaussettes en laine d'alpaga

BellePaga: a sustainable brand

BellePaga is a Belgian brand that advocates sustainable and ethical fashion. We offer a whole collection of products made of alpaca wool. Clothing and accessories for women, men and houses are available all year round.

BellePaga is committed to the environmental dimension of sustainable development. Alpaca wool is more ecological than other wools. Indeed, an alpaca needs less food than a sheep to feed itself. As a result, alpacas emit less greenhouse gas into the air, a pollutant that accelerates global warming. This means that the feed resources for raising alpacas are more sustainable and the farming will cause less damage to the environment.
In addition, alpacas are not mistreated, unlike goats and rabbits that produce cashmere and angora for example. Alpacas live in their natural habitat, the Andes Mountains, and are shorn once a year. Shearing is necessary for their comfort and life.

In addition, BellePaga uses recyclable packaging, whether it be for sending parcels, bags given in shops or even gift bags. All of this packaging is made of recyclable cardboard to remain consistent with the brand's values.

BellePaga is also acting for the social dimension of sustainable development. The craftsmen who work for the brand are not exploited and are paid their fair share. Their know-how is very precious and must be respected. The BellePaga team travels to Peru at least once a year to meet the artisans and make sure that everything is going well. BellePaga makes sure that its production is fair.

chaussettes en laine d'alpaga

BellePaga ecological socks 

At BellePaga, we offer you ecological socks of high quality and unique comfort. In addition, we use a variety of alpaca fibre that is even softer: Baby Alpaca. This is a part of the alpaca fibre that is even finer and therefore softer than classic alpaca wool. Baby Alpaca offers an even higher quality to our ecological socks.

In addition to being very comfortable, warm and soft, our ecological socks are carefully designed in Belgium by a qualified stylist. Our ecological socks are trendy, elegant and timeless. Socks, classic, mid-calf or high, you will find the right height for you. Moreover, our socks are plain or patterned, so you're sure to find a colour you like!

chaussettes écologiques en laine d'alpaga

BellePaga tips

Do you know how many pairs of socks you've torn in the last few years? You probably don't know, but you can be sure that there have been far too many!
Today I'm going to give you 4 simple tips to avoid getting holes in your socks in the future.

- Get a pair of socks in your size. Yes, if your eco-socks are too small for you, your feet will simply stretch and damage the mesh. This can cause holes very quickly.

- Avoid walking with your socks directly on the floor. Rubbing your socks directly against the ground will damage the underside of your socks and you may end up with a big hole under your heel!

- Cut your nails properly! Poor foot hygiene can cause holes in your socks. Nails that are too long will quickly wear out the sock's mesh.

- Opt for ecological socks made of alpaca wool! The unique strength of this wool will keep your socks for many years.

chaussettes écologiques

BellePaga offers you a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our ecological Baby Alpaca socks for women and men. You can also find our complete collection for women and our collection for men on our online shop! You can also find our products for Home&Deco in alpaca. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.