Women's wool hat

Do you know the wool of the gods and all its qualities? This exceptional wool will bring you comfort and quality to spend the winter in complete serenity. The Alpaca beanie is the softest  , warmest  and  most  comfortable beanie  you will ever find. By wearing the women's alpaca wool hat, you will dive into the soft universe of alpaca wool. During the cold and harsh winter, this Alpaca beanie will be your best ally to bring you the best comfort of life.


The comfort of a women's wool hat  

Thanks to the many virtues of alpaca wool, the women's wool hat is the most comfortable hat you will find on the market, in fact alpaca wool is known to have unique virtues  : unlike sheep wool , alpaca wool is  thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic, ecological, very soft  and so on… Forget hats that sting the forehead and hats that don't breathe…
By wearing a women's wool hat, you will feel the softness of wool of the gods, the warmest and highest quality woolnowadays. Its thermoregulatory action allows you to wear your alpaca hat in autumn as in winter, you will not be too hot in mild autumns and not too cold in cold winters because alpaca wool adapts, depending on your body heat. , its cold retention. Your head breathes when you're too hot and stays well insulated and warm when you're too cold. The difference is to feel optimal comfort under your women's wool hat.

Our women's wool beanie is a winter must -have. With the women's alpaca wool hat, you will no longer be afraid to go out in cold weather, you will be ready to face the harsh cold while keeping your head warm. The softness of alpaca wool will immerse you in clouds of happiness .


Women's wool hat, for ecology

Ecology and respect for our planet is one of the main concerns of our current society. Alpacas are very eco -friendly animals that naturally take care of our planet. Indeed, unlike the sheep, it has pads instead of hooves! The result is that it will not damage the floor because its cushions are very fragile compared to hooves. It therefore does not harm the good growth of the vegetation on which it walks, which is a good point for the plant diversity of our planet . In addition, he has the ability not to tear the roots when he eats, indeed his lips are split in two in the middle: this allows him to make cuts without hurting the roots or the plants which graze.
It also produces far less greenhouse gases than sheep and cows, for example. Alpacas are a renewable resource : they are shorn annually , from the age of 4, to avoid hypothermia or other fatal illnesses, and to allow breeders to harvest several kilograms of wool each year. Good to know: in one year, the alpaca will produce much more wool than the sheep, because the first shearing of the alpaca gives 1.5 to 2 kg of so-called "vicnica" wool, and the next shearing gives 3 kg of extra wool Each shearing is huge compared to sheep.
Alpaca wool from BellePaga is untreated, it is selected, sorted and washed and finally, it is transformed. This way of doing things makes it possible to have a very good positive impact on the health of our planet because it removes the production of chemical substances during treatments. By wearing the right women's wool you will act in favor of the environment and your ecological impact will be very low. 

white alpaca

A local artisanal production in Peru 

The making of the women's wool hat from BellePaga is entrusted to our local artisans in Peru, they knit the women's wool hats and transform the alpaca wool with know-how and love . Our craftsmen are paid at their fair value, BellePaga invests in the well-being of its craftsmen and highlights human values ​​during the production of women's wool hats. Good to know: our women's wool hats are designed in Belgium by our Belgian designers .
The choice of the production of our women's wool hats in Peru is made in a thoughtful way: indeed our human values ​​push us to feed the Peruvian labor market. This also avoids transporting unusable wool. Therefore, we optimize our transfers of alpaca wool hats by traveling as light as possible. Then , the choice of manufacturing our women's wool caps in Peru allows you to bring authenticity  and  Peruvian know-how to your future women's wool cap in Alpaca.We carefully select our Alpaca farms as well as our local manufacturers to guarantee you a quality women's wool cap. We travel on site to meet all our partners, alpaca farms and local craftsmen and create with them a healthy  and lasting bond .
Once the women's wool hat is produced, we receive it in France and we validate it by our teams to put them on sale in our stores. This is how we carry the magic of Peru in our women's wool hats.


The sustainable women's wool hat

The women's alpaca wool hat is an essential item that you can keep all your life! The quality of alpaca wool, or also known as the wool of the gods, allows women's wool beanies to retain their beauty, quality and benefits for as long as possible. Alpaca fibers are 4 times stronger than sheep fibers, ensuring a longer lifespan than wool beanies. In addition to this, alpaca wool is the only wool that does not pill, you can wash it as many times as you want, and women's wool hats do not pill. The women's wool hat has these qualities because of its skill and resistance. It is not without reason that alpaca wool is called 'The wool of God' or 'The gold of the Andes' because it is truly one of the finest wools in the world and alpaca has all these benefits naturally!

Alpaca wool is the most suitable wool for humans because of all these qualities. By adopting our women's wool beanie, we guarantee you an Alpaca beanie that you will keep all your life and a beanie  3 times more qualitative  than a sheep's wool beanie. So stop thinking and immerse yourself in the sweet adventure of the women's wool hat.


Choose the woman's wool hat

Does the women's wool hat catch your eye but you still don't dare to adopt it? Let us seduce you with your future women's wool hat. What are the benefits of Alpaca wool? The wool of the Gods is the wool that will bring you great  comfort  compared to sheep's wool hats. Our women's wool hat is made with the wool of the Gods also called gold from the Andes; alpaca is a light , warming, breathable, anti-allergic, resistant and above all very soft wool.  Are you ready to become Gods thanks to alpaca wool? You will live in a soft and mellow universe. 
This Alpaca cloud will  protect your head against the cold and will be your partner for the whole winter! At BellePaga we ensure  quality, comfort and aesthetics  ; our women's woolen hats are designed by our Belgian stylists to be at the forefront of fashion and to remain timeless and practical women's woolen hats to go out every winter. No more hats forgotten in the closet because they are no longer fashionable, or damaged hats because they pill too much and are no longer presentable, with our women's wool hats you will no longer be bothered. 
Take advantage of your women's wool hat to combine it with our  Alpaca wool scarves, all our cuts and colors are available on our website in the women's scarf or men's scarf section. You will have the perfect duo to face winter with class and elegance. 

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