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The mornings. The dreaded mornings. You know the ones we're talking about. A catastrophic awakening. A chaotic night. A mad dash from the bathroom to the kitchen to your bedroom. Being late for work. And yet, nothing is getting better. Because when it comes to dreaded mornings, your socks are taking great pleasure in ruining the start of your day. With so many different combinations to choose from with your suit bottoms, you naturally don't know which pair will work best with your professional outfit.

BellePaga creates for you unique men's suit socks that will provide softness, warmth and comfort. Thanks to the alpaca wool, they combine chic and comfort to accompany you during your meetings or appointments. In this article, discover the secrets behind our men's suit socks and how you can match them elegantly.

Our secrets and tips for pairing your suits with our men's socks to perfection.

chaussettes homme costume

It's all about quality. No need for eccentricity or fancy originality. If you want to be stylish, choose quality items and clothing. Don't be fooled: inferior items show and it's very unpleasant to wear a sock with a hole in it or worse. That's why, at BellePaga, we pay special attention to the quality of our men's socks thanks to the alpaca wool fiber known to be very resistant. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the maintenance which, if necessary, could damage your product. But as soon as care is taken, your suit socks will keep everything that makes them famous.

One question is bound to nag at you: how to compose your outfit according to your suit and our men's socks? All you have to do is follow a few simple rules. In fact, there is one rule to follow when it comes to matching suits and socks. Always match the color of your socks with the bottom of your suit. For example, if you decide to wear a brown suit, the socks should be brown. If the suit is blue, they should be blue. If your suit is gray, they should be gray. You've seen, it's very easy! But, it is quite possible for you to vary your outfits a little by opting this time for more original socks. At BellePaga, we offer you a whole series of socks with alpaca, checkered or polka dot patterns. By varying the style of your socks, you will remain elegant while making your own style more original.

"They fit you like a glove": feel good in your socks! The importance of comfort 

chaussettes homme costume

At BellePaga, our socks are known to be extremely comfortable. But how is this possible? We are going to tell you a secret: our socks get their extreme softness from the alpaca wool fiber. This fiber has many beneficial properties such as letting your feet breathe and therefore not retaining bad odors.

Our men's suit socks are also very insulating which helps to preserve the heat of your foot. They protect from extreme temperatures and this, thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of alpaca wool. To understand this barbaric term, a little biology: the alpaca, as you surely know, lives in the Andes. These high plateaus experience extreme temperature variations. With these hostile living conditions, the alpaca had to develop a fleece of fibers resistant to heat and cold.

If you think that alpaca wool is unpleasant and irritates the skin, well, think again. With the fineness of the fiber, there's no way to experience the itchiness of heavy knits. So there's no need to worry about buying one of our men's suit socks.

If you work eight hours a day in your office, it's obvious that you need socks that are as comfortable as your suits. Because comfort, as some very serious scientific studies have shown, rhymes with productivity and efficiency. When you spend time on tasks that require concentration, that are very concrete or that call upon your memory, you will see that the clothes you wear are of definite importance. The more comfortable they are, the more productive and efficient you will be. Always choose your men's suit socks with great care!

Maintaining your men's suit socks: simple and effective recipes

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As we reminded you earlier, your suit socks will keep their exceptional powers if careful maintenance is followed. We deliver our best tips to keep your BellePaga socks looking new for as long as possible.

You shouldn't neglect washing to begin with. Of course, machine washing is fine: there is no need to wash your socks by hand. The temperature should not exceed 30°C, but you can clean them with the detergent you normally use. Also, avoid exceeding 1,000 spin cycles, which could cause your garment to shrink. If you follow these few rules, the wool fiber will not break or work.

Drying your pair of suit socks is also an important step. Above all: do not use a dryer. It is highly recommended not to use it because your socks will come out very damaged. The clothespin can also leave marks on your favorite pair. Last but not least, if you're a stickler for ironing socks, place a cloth between the iron and the pair and make sure you don't use the maximum steam power.

Bonus: you can try putting your pair of men's suit socks in the fridge for 48 hours. No, no, this is not a joke! By doing this, the cold will allow the fibers to tighten up allowing at the same time to keep all the resistance of your socks which is our signature at BellePaga.

It's a matter of know-how and tradition 

chaussettes homme costume

The love. The passion. It is in this spirit that all our items at BellePaga are produced with patience by the Peruvian artisans we work with. The wool we use is taken from the alpacas themselves, living in the open air, in the highlands of the Andes. Here you will be able to know all the secrets of the manufacturing of your pairs of socks for men.

Nicknamed "the wool of the gods", the alpaca wool conceals numerous virtues of which the Incas were well aware before us. Besides, this wool was only reserved for the rich emperors of these Peruvian regions.

At BellePaga, we have chosen to support an ancestral know-how inherited by the Peruvian craftsmen. For us, there is no greater wealth than that given by tradition and heritage. To understand the making of your costume socks, we start with the collection of the alpaca wool, which takes place between May and June of each year, freeing the animal from more than 3 kg of wool (which is very uncomfortable for him). We then select only the finest part of this wool, which is more commonly known as Baby Alpaca, finer and softer. It is with their unique know-how that the local craftsmen weave your pairs of costume socks following the patterns designed by our Brussels team.

This strong link between Peru and Belgium is at the heart of BellePaga's soul.

The three pillars of our commitment to our men's suit socks 

chaussettes homme costume

All our products carry a strong mission and a commitment that we have promised to respect. And this commitment can be found in three points: respect the environment, respect the animals and respect the local workers.

At BellePaga, we have made the choice to minimize the number of shipments from Peru, until now in Belgium, as soon as the manufacturing of our men's suit socks is finished. We believe in a greener business and are working to make our carbon footprint ever smaller. You won't find any chemicals in your pair of socks. Only natural materials like bamboo fiber or alpaca wool fiber are at the heart of our products. Also more resistant, choosing BellePaga men's suit socks is a good deal because you will keep them longer.

Respect for animals and especially for alpacas is one of our biggest commitments. Our alpacas are raised outdoors in their natural habitat, which allows them to develop the best wool possible. Never one of our alpacas will be mistreated.

Finally, respecting the Peruvian workers is a matter of course for us because it makes our mission a sustainable and fair project. We pay them what they are worth and they will never be mistreated. This promise has allowed us to obtain the Alpaca del Perú Label for a 100% artisanal and Peruvian production.

chaussettes homme costume

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its alpaca wool products.

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