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When it's colder in the fall and winter, you might not want to wear a simple sweater every day. So what could you wear instead to stay warm? One of the best alternatives is a women's wool cardigan: a real  all-purpose item  in your wardrobe. It brings variety and additional options to dress you up in style in everyday life or for a special occasion. If you wish to have one made of an exceptionally  soft, warm and high quality material , we highly recommend the "wool of the gods":  alpaca wool .

Lisez cet article pour en savoir plus sur ce vêtement, sur la façon de le porter et de le combiner et, surtout, sur la laine d'alpaga et ses vertus.

Gilet en tricot grossier

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Want to upgrade your wardrobe for the upcoming winter season? Then BellePaga has what you are looking for. How about a soft and warm cardigan that can be combined in many different ways? The most common material for a cardigan is  wool Online and in stores, you can find coarse knit vests as well as fine knit pieces. It's up to you to decide which you prefer. If you want to knit yourself, the length and diameter of your needles are important and influence the end result.

Do not hesitate to consult the balls of BellePaga alpaca wool in different colors on our website. One of the biggest advantages of a wool cardigan is the fact that it is, unlike a sweater, Therefore, this garment has a  perfect thermoregulation If this aspect is important to you when shopping, we advise you to try alpaca wool. Alpaca wool comes from the animal's annual shearing. They live in the Andes Mountains in South America, for example in Peru or Bolivia, in their natural habitat.

Unlike the cashmere goat, the alpaca is an animal that respects the environment and in addition, it is very cute. Alpaca wool as a material has as many virtues. As we have already said, one of them is thermoregulation. It will always keep you at the right temperature. You won't start sweating because it's too hot, and you won't feel cold wearing alpaca wool either. But there is more than that. Alpaca wool also has an  insulating power  that stands out from other wools. What does this mean more concretely? Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, so the perfect material for a fine or coarse knit cardigan that you wear during the winter season. 

Women's long wool cardigan

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When it comes to cardigans, there are many different styles. There are short cardigans that end more or less at the hip bone, longer cardigans that go up to the knee, and even very long cardigans that end at the ankle. You can wear them over a t-shirt or top (long-sleeved) with jeans or a skirt. Another possibility to combine your cardigan would be to choose a dress with a pair of tights.

It is a  practical garment because it is very easy and quick to put on or take off your women's wool cardigan. Alpaca wool is one of the best materials you can choose for a wool cardigan because it is incredibly soft. It is very comfortable and cozy, and you will feel like you are inside a light and soft cloud in the sky. You can wear alpaca wool directly on your skin because it has  hypoallergenic properties This means that it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Unlike other types of wool, it  does not scratch or itch Your comfort is one of our main concerns, which is why we attach great importance to  quality of our products. We work closely with  Peruvian artisans  and our products are locally made and finished by hand. Values ​​play an important role for BellePaga and we would like to make the world more sustainable. We protect the environment, we care about animal welfare and we ensure that our workers are paid fairly. Our BellePaga products do not undergo  any chemical treatment , the colors of alpaca wool are naturally very diverse, which greatly limits the use of artificial dyes.

The alpaca is also an animal with a very  small ecological footprint., it does not destroy the environment in which it lives thanks to the pads present on its paws and the fact that it does not tear off the root of the grass on which it feeds. Our products travel as little as possible, everything is made on site, in Peru, before being sent to Belgium. Your women's wool cardigan and all of our items are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. The two founders of BellePaga try to go on site regularly to monitor the smooth running of the manufacture of its products.

In summary, alpaca wool combines warmth (7 times warmer than sheep's wool!), softness, comfort thanks to its light and flexible fiber and its thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties while having a long lifespan. Its impact on the ecology is much lower than most other textile materials.

beige wool cardigan

Women in thin vest                 

Even though many people think that a cardigan is something you can only wear in the winter, it's actually something you can wear  all year round.  Wool vests for women are for example useful for a summer evening when you are sitting at the beach and enjoying the sunset or cooling off with your friends and neighbors on the terrace with a glass of wine.

In addition, a wool vest can also be worn at home when you are lying on the sofa. Thanks to its quilted side, the BellePaga women's wool waistcoat can also be combined with loungewear. Alpaca wool is of high quality and, moreover, it is the only wool that does not pile up. Even after a few years, the women's wool cardigan will look like it was bought a few days ago.

Longevity  and   durability are therefore  some of the main characteristics of alpaca wool. Another huge advantage is the fact that it is the only wool that does not emit  any odor  when wet. As for washing,  with a  mild shampoo  (which you will find in our "Home and decoration" section) or be machine washed with a  wool programme However, we strongly advise you not to put your women's wool cardigan in the dryer to avoid any accident. (See  Maintenance ) We encourage you to try this amazing material and we're confident you won't be disappointed.

Discover our selection of  alpaca wool vests  for women in two colors. They are wonderfully soft and will keep you warm while looking stylish.

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