Thermal socks for men

There are many situations where you may need thermal socks for men. Whether you live in Canada, go horseback riding or mountain biking in the Alps, your feet often suffer from the cold. There are specific socks for every activity that requires them. But often these specially designed socks cannot be used for other occasions or even in everyday life. Thermal socks for men often look like ski socks or all-weather socks for staying at home.

You probably don't know, or don't know enough about a wool so prestigious that it is called "the wool of the gods". It offers an unprecedented softness, a unique warmth, an unequalled comfort and an undeniable finesse. I am talking about alpaca wool. Are you interested in finding out why this wool is ideal for thermal socks for men? Then read on...

chaussettes thermiques pour homme

Thermal socks to combat the cold

We all know the horrible feeling of not being able to feel our feet in winter because they are so cold. Some people engage in outdoor activities that expose their feet to the cold. I am thinking in particular of those who practice outdoor sports such as golf, horse riding or cycling. There are also those who live in very cold winter regions such as Canada or Scandinavia. In these situations where you are confronted with the cold, your feet are put to the test. Indeed, if you are not well equipped to face extreme weather conditions, it can become very unpleasant for you.

Coats, balaclavas, scarves and gloves are all very important to protect yourself from the cold. But you also have to think about your feet! And I don't just mean shoes but also socks. Feet are an extremity of the body so they get cold very quickly. In order to protect them from the cold, you need to find very insulating socks, which will allow them to keep the heat around your feet. In other words, you need a pair of men's thermal socks that will help you keep your feet warm!

Thermal socks for men made from alpaca wool are what you need if you find yourself facing the cold. But why alpaca? I'll explain it to you in the next paragraph!

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Alpaca wool for thermal socks 

Why is alpaca wool an ideal texture for thermal socks for men? First of all, alpaca wool is known to be very warm and soft. It is seven times warmer than traditional sheep's wool. It is also not as itchy as sheep's wool. It is much softer and more comfortable to wear. Alpaca wool is also known for its great strength and durability. It is 4 times stronger than sheep's wool and, if cared for properly, will not pilling.

Alpaca fibre is thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This wool will provide you with all the comfort you need as well as being soft, warm and light. It is the ideal wool for thermal socks for men. You can easily face the cold weather and be sure to keep your feet warm!

In addition to the above advantages, thermal socks made from alpaca wool are eco-friendly. First of all, alpacas consume much less food than sheep for example. They also emit less greenhouse gases, which pollutes the environment less and contributes less to global warming. Moreover, alpaca wool is the only wool that does not require chemical treatment before being used to make products. Indeed, other wools are covered with lanolin during shearing. The wool must then be treated to remove this lanolin, which makes the wool unusable. Alpaca wool is the only wool in the world that is not covered with lanolin. It is therefore a natural wool that does not attack the skin.

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Warm socks for... Canada! 

As we know, winter in Canada is particularly cold. Winter often lasts from December to March and temperatures do not exceed zero degrees. The average temperature in winter is about -25°C, -30°C. This means that you have to be well equipped to face the cold.

Alpaca wool is a real treasure for Canadians. To face the cold, a jumper or thermal socks made of alpaca wool are perfect. The thermo-regulating fibre of alpaca keeps your body at the ideal temperature and is very insulating and breathable.

If you live in Canada and would like to get BellePaga items such as men's thermal socks, you can order from our online shop and have them delivered without any problems!

chaussettes thermiques pour homme

The secret of BellePaga socks 

BellePaga is a young Belgian brand that offers products made of alpaca wool. All our clothes, accessories and products for Home&Deco are made of this prestigious wool and are directly manufactured in Peru by qualified craftsmen. Respect for people, animals and nature are at the heart of our concerns.

Our thermal socks for men are made in Peru. We wanted to work with those who know alpaca wool best. And who knows alpaca wool better than the people who live near them. Alpacas live at an altitude of 4000m in the Andes, their natural habitat. It is therefore quite natural that the Peruvians have learned to use their fibre to make clothes. The Peruvians have a real ancestral know-how. It is also to perpetuate this know-how that we wish to work with Peruvians. The mastery of alpaca wool is an incredible skill that must not be lost.

Our socks are our flagship product for a good reason: they are very warm, comfortable and elegant. They are true natural thermal socks that you will be proud to wear. Our thermal socks for men are very thin and can easily be worn in street shoes. Thermal socks are often thick and therefore unpleasant to wear in trainers or street shoes. This can lead to compressed feet, large folds and even blisters. Our thermal socks for men are very thin and fit well around the ankle.

The secret of our socks lies in the material they are made of. There are several varieties of alpaca wool. Some parts of the fibre are softer than others, especially Baby Alpaca. We only work with Baby Alpaca, which is of even higher quality and extremely soft. Baby Alpaca feels like cashmere. But the good thing about Baby Alpaca compared to other soft textiles such as angora or cashmere is that the animal is not mistreated.

Indeed, the goats and rabbits that produce these fibres are not respected and are dehaired or shorn in the middle of winter and die of cold. Alpacas, on the other hand, are shorn once a year and produce a large volume of wool. The other advantage of Baby Alpaca is that it does not pilling! Your men's thermal socks will remain intact for years.

chaussettes thermiques pour hommes

How to care for your thermal socks?

You may not have thought about it, but it is very important to take good care of your men's thermal socks made of alpaca wool. This super fibre is an extremely resistant material, so you can wash your men's thermal socks in the washing machine (keeping to a wool or very delicate wash, and a temperature of 30°).

Dry them flat in the open air, and if you want to iron them, remember to turn them inside out to avoid damaging them! You can also let them air out from time to time, which will keep them fresh and supple over time.

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BellePaga tips

How many pairs of socks have you punctured in your life? I don't think anyone can say.
Today I'm going to give you 4 tips to avoid holes in your thermal socks.

- Choose the right size socks. If your socks are too small, your feet will simply stretch and then damage the mesh and thus puncture it very quickly.

- Avoid walking in socks directly on the floor. Rubbing your socks against the ground will damage the underside of your socks and you may end up with a big hole under your heel!

- Pay attention to your foot hygiene! Poor hygiene can cause holes in your socks. Long fingernails quickly wear out the mesh.

- Choose socks made of Baby Alpaca wool! The durability of this wool will allow you to keep your quality socks for many years.

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BellePaga offers you a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our thermal socks for men in Baby Alpaca. You can also find our complete collection for men on our online shop! You can also find our socks and our complete collection for women. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.