Wool Duvet

Wool Duvet 4 Seasons

Choosing a wool duvet is choosing the best duvet that can exist. We are talking about a duvet that is above all-natural and offers many properties such as insulation and lightness.

Wool has many natural properties that are known all over the world. Due to its structure, the wool duvet has a great power to regulate and evacuate humidity. It will, therefore, adapt to the needs of our body during the whole sleep. The temperature is therefore adequate in all seasons and periods of the night due to the thermoregulatory power of wool. The lightness of the wool and its warmth are appreciated in both summer and winter, from which it is also called a 4-season duvet.

We are talking about a natural and breathable fibre. It both absorbs and regulates moisture, allowing for a soft and dry sleep. It is a soft and elastic fibre that provides extra volume for optimal comfort.

A duvet with a high-quality filling like wool offers a cool climate all night long and is comfortable and warm. It is a very lightweight natural fibre.

The alpaca wool duvet is an anti-dust mite duvet. It is a hypoallergenic duvet, just like alpaca wool. It is therefore adapted to each person, even the most sensitive, by providing them with healthy warmth.

The wool duvet is much more resistant and will last you more than 10 years. It is a high-quality type of wool.

It is interesting to know that wool, in addition to offering many properties, is a very ecological fibre. Indeed, it grows back every year. And does not undergo any dyeing or chemical baths.

The wool duvet is biodegradable, meaning it can be composted just like a natural product.

In addition, it is self-cleaning and therefore requires little washing. It is very easy to maintain wool, but it must be done dry. We generally advise to aerate it as often as possible, aerate the wool to avoid having to put it in the wash. Odours are very effectively evacuated.

It is very interesting to know that wool is one of the weakest generators of static electricity. It allows our heart to beat more regularly and healthily than if we had been in contact with synthetic fibres.

Finally, wool has the ability to neutralize harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and, like some plants, it purifies the air. Isn't that extraordinary?

Wool duvet_Advantages of a wool duvet

Advantages of a Wool Duvet

Wool is one of nature's most precious fibres. All its qualities make it perfect for use in bedding.

A wool duvet is a natural duvet that has multiple properties as seen above. A wool duvet is very light, comfortable, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic, ecological, warm, and of very high quality. But above all, it is very cosy and easily guarantees a healthy sleep.

It is non-allergenic. Unlike other fibres, wool is resistant to mould or dust mites. Due to its ability to wick away moisture, it does not provide a hospital environment for microorganisms and is perfect for use as a duvet upholstery.

The wool duvet is breathable. It is the most breathable textile there is. It therefore reacts very well to heat. The warmer the body, the more the wool will draw heat towards its fibres and then it will release it on the other side by evaporating it.

In addition, wool wicks moisture away very well. The wool absorbs and then wicks away moisture. It is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before evaporating it. It is a natural fibre that reacts appropriately to excess heat.

In addition, it is a very insulating fibre. It will allow our duvet, just like it, to capture as much heat as possible. Some may wonder how it is that a duvet isolates and breathes at the same time. It's simple. The fibre is constructed to have these properties. In low temperatures, wool will pull moisture into the fibre cores to maintain moisture on the skin, which eliminates moisture while retaining heat. A thick wool duvet provides more insulation than a lightweight duvet, which is specially designed for use in hot weather.

Finally, wool is naturally flame resistant due to the keratin it contains and the moisture it is able to absorb in its fibres. It will therefore tend to burn slowly if it is ever ignited.

The duvet offered by BellePaga has not only a quality upholstery but also a cover made of Pima Cotton. This cotton offers a particularly soft feel and incomparable flexibility while guaranteeing a solidity and durability much greater than the other materials used to wrap the filling of a duvet. It is a rare, silky, and high-quality material.

Here are the advantages of wool that make it a perfect filling for bedding. So don't hesitate any longer and opt for a wool duvet!

Aware of all the advantages of the alpaca duvet, we invite you to discover our choice of alpaca duvets. Our duvets are available in several sizes, so they will suit every bed size.

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