warm blanket

How do you define your ideal cocooning evening?

The sofa, the popcorns, the movie… And of course  the warm Alpaca wool blanket . For us, that's how we imagine a good  cocooning evening . The Alpaca blanket from BellePaga will be your perfect ally for  resting  on the sofa after a hectic day, or for  protecting yourself  against cold winter nights. But what is more than another plaid, our warm Alpaca plaid?

warm throw

The warm alpaca throw, when quality meets comfort 

Do you know Alpaca wool and its many virtues? This wool also called  wool of the Gods  is the warmest, the most comfortable and the most luxurious of existing wools.
The Aplaga is an animal that lives in  Peru , its wool is made to withstand the many temperature changes during the year. This is why it makes Alpaca wool a warm, soft, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, light and very resistant wool. It is all these qualities that make Alpaca wool the most  comfortable  we can know.


But how does the production of warm alpaca throws work? 

BellePaga has a very specific production process, first of all we get our Alpaca wool from  local farms  in Peru. The farms are selected according to their value, their practices and their know-how. We meet breeders to ensure that they correspond to our ethical values ​​and to create  strong links  with them. Once our breeders have been selected, we entrust the Alpaca wool to  local artisans. who will come and transform it to make our warm alpaca throws. Our craftsmen are also chosen with care and they are remunerated at their fair value, because we attach great importance to the human values ​​of the company. It is by paying attention to the most meticulous details that we manage to provide you with the most qualitative wool possible.
During this time, our  stylists in Belgium  take care of imagining and creating BellePaga warm plaids. Once the models have been created, we entrust our orders to local craftsmen who will come and transform the wool and manufacture the Alpaca wool items, including the warm Alpaca plaids.
Once the warm alpaca blankets are ready, we receive them in Belgium and we check them carefully so that the warm alpaca blanket finally falls into your arms and fills you with happiness.

The warm alpaca blanket, where it all began... 

The warm Alpaca plaid, the essential accessory  to have at home. The warm plaid is very practical, with its many features it adapts to any kind of use!
On your shoulders, on our sofa or even on your bed, the warm Alpaca throw is very easy to use and super easy to store: fold it up and presto! It no longer takes up space. Adapt the  decoration  of your interior by choosing your warm Alpaca plaid color from our 5 warm plaids.

warm throw

But where does the blanket come from?

Straight from Scotland , the warm plaid, originally called  tartan  by the Scots, is an invention created by Scottish communities who wanted to differentiate their clans. They therefore personalized the warm plaids with color tiles specific to their clan. And it came in handy to protect against the country's temperature changes. The warm alpaca blanket is therefore inspired by Scottish communities which were known for their warm country but their cold seasons, the perfect ally to be  comfortable in all situations .
Today, we have decided to produce our warm alpaca throws with our carefully selected alpaca wool from our local farms in order to be able to enjoy the  benefits  of this quality wool. Even warmer and more resistant than the sheep's wool used by Scottish communities, we have revisited the warm Alpaca plaid to bring you design, comfort and well-being at the same time.

The warm Alpaca plaid, why choose it?

Extreme softness and unparalleled warmth, this is how we perceive warm 100% Alpaca wool throws. The warm Alpaca throw will bring you warmth, comfort and elegance and it will be an essential element in the decoration of your living room, and a perfect ally to dress your sofa with taste.
Take advantage of  winter evenings  to relax on your sofa in front of a film or a book with your warm plaid, and also during the first mild evenings of spring to embellish your evenings.
With our  many colors  you will be free to choose the one that corresponds to your happiness to be able to enjoy it even more. You are free to choose the color of your warm Alpaca plaid for your interior or for your shoulders.

warm throw

Decorate your interior with the warm Alpaca plaid

Are you looking to dress up your interior, do you have all the furniture but the little detail is missing to make your interior  pleasant and warm  ? The warm plaid will allow you to make your home as you imagine it in your dreams and it will bring softness and comfort to your interior.
If your  sofa  seems empty, opt for the Alpaca plaid available in different colors and dress your sofa to your liking!
If you have a  pouf  in your living room but you're fed up with the color and it no longer fits your interior, opt for a warm alpaca throw, it will be the perfect detail to make your living room pleasant and stylish.
If you have recovered the  old armchair  from your big one but you don't like it, look no further and get the warm Alpaca plaid to dress up your armchair and make your interior more modern.

Protect yourself against the cold with the warm Alpaca plaid

Are you dreading the approach of winter with its freezing cold? Do not panic ! With the warm alpaca blanket you will no longer fear cold evenings and the arrival of winter, your home will be a  real cocoon  thanks to the warm blanket. During cool evenings take your warm alpaca blanket to cover your shoulders and upper body.
Our warm Alpaca throws are the warmest, most comfortable and most resistant you will find on the market. With all the  qualities  of Alpaca wool, you won't regret having a warm Alpaca throw made of the wool of the Gods: the wool that satisfies even the greatest Gods.
The cold will no longer be a barrier for you with the warm 100% Alpaca wool plaids, available in 5 different colors


BellePaga tips!

With our BellePaga tips, you'll be the king of  warm alpaca throwsSo on your throws, get set, go!
Tip 1  : The warm plaid gives off an image of comfort! Fold it, arrange it as you see fit on your sofa and it will immediately give off a cozier image of your interior.
Tip 2  : The Alpaca chuad plaid, the perfect ally for comfort: in addition to giving off an aesthetic image, the warm plaid allows your skin to find softness on the sofa. So don't put away your warm Alpaca blanket when summer arrives, because it will make you feel great. No more sofas that stick because of high temperatures.
Tip 3  : Dare to change! Allow yourself to change the colors of your warm Alpaca plaid according to the seasons and your desires, nothing beats color changes so you don't get tired of your decoration.
Tip 4  : Protect your sofa with your warm Alpaca blanket: stains, attacks... nothing is worse than discovering that your new sofa isn't that new! The warm Alpaca blanket will be a protective layer for your beautiful sofa, and you can change it, wash it and alternate between your favorite colors.
Tip 5  : The Alpaca chuad plaid, it moves everywhere! Take advantage of the lightness and ease of the warm plaid to move it wherever you want and vary your decoration or the usefulness of your warm Alpaca plaid.