Soft socks for women

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Softness is an indispensable quality in our daily lives, even more so when it comes to clothing or accessories. The comfort of what we wear lies largely in the softness. Have you ever cared about the softness of your socks? You probably like to wear big, soft women's socks to stay home and keep your feet warm. You can also find women's soft socks for the rest of the day, so you can enjoy comfort even outside or at work, not just at home!

Discover the comfort of soft alpaca wool socks for women. It will literally change your life! Foot comfort is often overlooked when it is essential to your well-being. Alpaca wool offers incredible comfort, whether it is softness, warmth or lightness. Alpaca fiber is internationally known and presented as the finest and most luxurious in the world. BellePaga is a Belgian brand that offers alpaca wool products including soft socks for women.

The cocooning socks trend 

For a few years now, we have been hearing a lot about "cocooning". But what is it exactly? It is the fact of resting in a cosy comfort. Comfort can be found in many things. It can even be found in soft socks for women.

When you think of cocooning socks, you immediately think of big, fluffy, super soft, very thick socks... The kind of socks you only wear at home because they don't even fit in your shoes! What if you could have soft, warm, but thin socks so you could wear them all day.

Thanks to alpaca wool, it is possible to get a pair of socks with incredible comfort. Alpaca socks will bring you warmth, softness and lightness. You can wear them in your sneakers, in your boots or just at home. Alpaca wool is one of the softest and warmest fibers in the world. Unlike traditional sheep's wool, it is not a wool that causes unpleasant itching. On the contrary, alpaca wool is extremely soft.

For even more cocooning socks, Baby Alpaca wool will be even softer and more comfortable. It is a specific part of the alpaca fiber that offers even greater softness. You won't find a more cocooning sock than a soft Baby Alpaca sock for women.

At BellePaga, our soft Baby Alpaca wool socks for women provide all-day comfort to keep your feet warm and breathable. Our pairs of socks come in a variety of colors and sizes to give you as many choices as possible.

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Baby Alpaca socks?

I told you about Baby Alpaca just above, but you probably don't know what it is. Alpaca wool, being recognized as one of the softest fibers, has different variants. Among them, there is Baby Alpaca, which is the alpaca fiber that offers maximum softness and warmth. You may have thought that the term Baby Alpaca refers to the shearing of baby alpacas.

Baby Alpaca fiber has a number of incredible virtues such as warmth (7 times warmer than traditional sheep's wool), softness, strength (4 times stronger than sheep's wool) and waterproofness. Moreover, this fiber has hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. It is the perfect fiber for soft socks for women!

BellePaga has chosen to use mainly "Baby Alpaca" wool in order to guarantee high quality products. Our soft socks for women are naturally made of Baby Alpaca but also of bamboo to make them even more breathable. With our soft socks for women made of alpaca wool, you will experience a whole new level of comfort. You'll have a hard time getting rid of them once you've tried them!

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High socks for even more comfort

Soft socks for women are good, but if they are high, it's even better. Indeed, it is all the more pleasant to have socks which go up on the calf or even under the knees when it is cold. And sometimes, when we wear socks in our shoes, they come off because of the friction against the shoe. This is an annoying everyday situation because it can cause sores on the back of the foot. For these reasons, many women are adept at wearing high socks.

When you wear soft, high socks, your entire ankle or even your calf is wrapped in delicate comfort. Imagine the comfort of a pair of soft, warm, high socks for women made of Baby Alpaca wool. This prestigious wool offers you unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, your alpaca socks let your feet breathe and keep them at the ideal temperature. If your soft alpaca socks for women go up to the knee, don't worry about itching during the day or feeling tight.

Our collection of soft women's wool socks from Baby Alpaca includes different types of socks. You'll find socks, classic ankle socks, mid-calf socks and high socks. We offer plain socks in classic colors as well as more original socks with patterns.

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BellePaga soft socks 

BellePaga is a Belgian eco responsible and ethical brand that manufactures alpaca wool products. We work hand in hand with Peruvian artisans who have a unique know-how in weaving alpaca wool. Indeed, the alpacas live in the highlands of the Andes. The Peruvians live alongside them and have, over time, learned to master their wool to make warm and comfortable clothes. We decided to call upon their services because no one masters alpaca wool better than they do.

Thus, our soft socks for women made of Baby Alpaca wool are of a great quality because they are made directly in Peru with the ancestral know-how of the Peruvians. We pay a great attention to the respect of the human, the animal and the nature. That's why we only use wool from alpacas living in Peru. There, they live in freedom in their natural habitat. Their shearing is also done in respect of the animal at the most favourable period for their well-being. We are proud to be part of the Alpaca del Perù Label, a guarantee of quality in the manufacture of our articles by Peruvian craftsmen.

You can find all these values and quality in our soft socks for women BellePaga. Quality is a primary value at BellePaga. We work every day to offer you the best quality for your items. Your comfort is at the heart of our concerns.

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BellePaga Tips 

Do you know how many pairs of socks you've torn in the last few years? You probably don't know, but you sure as hell do!
Today, I'm going to give you 4 simple tips to avoid getting holes in your socks in the future.

- Get a pair of socks in your size. And yes, if your socks are too small for you, your feet will simply stretch and then damage the mesh. This can cause holes very quickly.

- Avoid walking with your socks directly on the ground. Rubbing your socks directly against the ground will damage the bottom of your socks and you may end up with a big hole under your heel!

- Keep your nails trimmed! Poor foot hygiene can cause holes in your socks. Nails that are too long will quickly wear out the mesh of your socks.

- Choose soft socks made of alpaca wool! The unique resistance of this wool will allow you to keep your socks for many years.

chaussettes douces pour femmes

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our quality Baby Alpaca socks for women and men. You can also find our complete collection for women and our collection for men on our online store! You can also find our products for Home&Deco in alpaca. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.