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We often miss small details that actually matter. Some details can have a big impact. For example, the quality of the socks you wear is a very important detail. If your socks are made of a textile that is not very insulating and fragile, your socks will quickly get damaged and your feet may get cold. In addition, socks will not allow your feet to breathe properly. Having quality socks is more important than it seems. It offers a real comfort of life. Keeping your feet warm allows you to keep more heat in your entire body.

If you can't find good quality socks, this article is for you. I'm going to show you the solution to all of your cold feet problems or whatever. You probably never thought of it before.

What are "quality" socks? 

The quality of a pair of socks lies first of all in the material that composes it. Some textiles are more resistant, softer or even warmer than others. Here is a list of some elements that make a pair of socks qualitative or not:

- the socks do not slip on the ankles
- no marks/traces on the skin due to the socks
- breathable and airy
- soft, warm and fluffy
- hypoallergenic and antibacterial

It seems impossible to combine so many qualities in one pair of socks. But there is a fiber that can create quality socks with great warmth and softness. It is the fabulous alpaca wool. Alpaca fiber is extremely soft compared to traditional sheep's wool. It does not create itchiness. Quality alpaca socks are very comfortable to wear and wrap your feet like a cloud.

Alpaca wool is a true wonder. However, it is very difficult to master and requires a certain skill that only a few cultures have. Alpacas live in the Andes and are surrounded by the people who live there such as the Bolivians or the Peruvians.

The Peruvians have a real ancestral know-how on the weaving of the alpaca wool. This allows them to make high quality products with a real mastery. People who do not live next to the alpacas, like the Asians for example, do not have this know-how and are not interested in this wool. The mastery of alpaca wool must absolutely be transmitted to future generations because it is a very precious know-how.

BellePaga works hand in hand with Peruvian artisans to make you benefit from this unique know-how. Therefore, you can benefit from our quality socks.

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Alpaca wool: The ideal fiber for quality socks?  

As it was said before, alpaca wool is really great. In fact, you can't ask for a better material to make quality socks. Alpaca socks are warm, soft, comfortable, breathable and durable. For comparison, alpaca wool is 7 times warmer and 4 times stronger than sheep's wool. In addition to providing a number of benefits to those who wear alpaca wool socks, it is also environmentally friendly.

First of all, an alpaca eats much less than other animals and, therefore, produces less greenhouse gases. Alpaca farms are therefore much less harmful to the environment in terms of resources and global warming (or pollution). By resources I mean that it is possible to feed a lot of alpacas with much less food than other species.

Furthermore, alpaca wool does not require any chemical treatment before being worn. All other wools must be bathed in chemical baths to remove the lanolin. Lanolin is a fatty texture present on all animals with wool except alpaca. Without treatment to remove lanolin, these wools could not be used to make clothing or accessories. Alpaca wool is not treated with any chemicals. Therefore, it has a hypoallergenic property. Often, if you can't tolerate the wool you are wearing, it is because of the chemical treatment.

Alpaca wool has another very valuable property that helps to keep the body at an ideal temperature. It is said that this wool is thermoregulatory. But how is this possible? Well, alpacas live at very high altitudes, on high plateaus in the Andes Mountains. Because of the altitude and the geographical situation of the Andes, this region undergoes big climatic changes in a very short time. Alpacas are sometimes confronted with extreme temperature changes ranging from -20°C to +35°C in a single day. Few animals could survive this.

In order to be able to face these climatic variations, alpacas have gradually developed a thermoregulatory fiber to protect themselves from the cold but also from the heat. This is an absolutely incredible property that makes a simple pair of socks an ultra comfortable accessory.

chaussettes de qualité

Where to buy quality socks? 

It's great to know that quality socks exist, but you still need to know where to get them! A multitude of brands offer socks, whether in physical stores or on the internet. The good thing about socks is that you don't need to try them on. If the size is the right one, we are sure that it will fit. Quality socks are easy to order online.

As I told you before, alpaca wool socks are great quality and offer a great experience. BellePaga is the place to go for quality alpaca wool socks. All our models are available on our online store. You will find plain or patterned models, low or high socks and many different color choices. Impossible not to find the right sock for you!

To tell you a little more about BellePaga, it is a brand of clothing and accessories made of alpaca wool for women and men. BellePaga finds the perfect balance between comfort, warmth, softness and elegance. We advocate ethical and ecological production, traditional know-how, fair remuneration of artisans and respect for the animal. Nature, humanity and morality are at the heart of our concerns.

chaussettes de qualité

BellePaga Tips

How many pairs of socks have you punctured in your life? Too many!

Today, I'll give you 4 tips to avoid holes in your socks.

- Get the right size socks. And yes, if your socks are too small, your feet will simply stretch and then damage the mesh and thus quickly put holes in it.

- Avoid walking in socks directly on the ground. Rubbing your socks against the ground will damage the bottom of your socks and you may end up with a big hole under your heel!

- Clip your nails! Foot hygiene can cause holes in your socks. Nails that are too long will quickly wear out the mesh.

- Opt for alpaca wool socks! The resistance of this wool will allow you to keep your quality socks for many years.

chaussettes en alpaga

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our quality Baby Alpaca socks for women and men. You can also find our complete collection for women and our collection for men on our online store! You can also find our products for Home&Deco in alpaca. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.