Women's winter hat

During winter, you can't do without some accessories such as gloves, woolen scarf, or even the winter hat for women which is the warmest and protects your ears well from the wind, and icy drafts. The winter hat for women is knitted with a warm and thick wool to give you a warm and comfortable feeling at any time of the winter. The women's winter hat will provide you with warmth, softness, and comfort during all your activities: during a hike in the mountains, a walk under the snow, an outdoor activity, or sports activities in the great outdoors. You have a wide range of colors of winter hats for women, and also different shapes to create stylish and trendy looks for all occasions. The women's winter beanie is a timeless wardrobe staple for the cold months of the year, so don't wait any longer and pick yours up this season!

Woolen winter hat

The women's wool winter hat is the must-have fashion accessory in your wardrobe for all winters. Made from warm and resistant wool fibers, the women's wool winter hat wraps you in a cocoon of softness and warmth during the cold winter months.
This new must-have fashion accessory for the winter seasons adapts to all styles: chic or casual. There are plain, printed, personalized wool hats or even with small accessories like a pretty pompom. There is something for everyone! You can match your winter wool hat with the colors of your gloves and scarf for a more classic and elegant look.  

Black, blue, or grey are also nice colors adapted to a rather chic and timeless wool winter hat. On the contrary, you can opt for brighter and more sparkling colors for a more casual and stylish look. The colors like red, orange, pink bring a note of freshness and cheerfulness to your outfit. Finally, for all moms you can match your pretty woolen hat with those of your children. The hat is suitable for the whole family: for young and old alike and wraps you in a cocoon of warmth.

Alpaca wool

The Bellepaga women's wool winter hat is very warm and is woven from the "wool of the gods". Incredibly soft, they stand out from the classic hats that are not very comfortable to wear. Bellepaga offers its own collection of women's winter wool hats that protect you from the cold while remaining stylish. It is a must-have trend this winter. Our women's alpaca wool hats are of very high quality. They are also comfortable to wear. In fact, they are made primarily from a type of wool called vicuna (the best fiber you get from shearing a full-grown animal). This natural fiber has an unmatched softness. Thus, the wool used in our Bellepaga brand is perfect for the making of our hats, but most importantly for the comfort of the wearer.

We carefully select the wool we use from farms in Bolivia and Peru. The alpacas have evolved in their natural environment at an altitude of over 4,000 meters in the Andes. The fiber harvested by shearing is considered one of the most luxurious natural fibers. It incorporates thermal properties since it is 7 times warmer than wool, but it is also appreciated for its thermoregulatory properties, which is very appreciable when we know that 25% of body heat is lost through the head when it is very cold. The baby alpaca wool used in our hats is also very resistant, 4 times more resistant than wool, the only wool that does not pilling. Therefore, it is a very durable and sustainable fiber.

The chic and trendy winter hat for women

The winter hat for women was long perceived as a rather masculine accessory, and reserved for lovers of outdoor activities. However, the winter hat for women has become a trendy fashion accessory for several years, which goes perfectly with nice winter outfits for a chic and stylish look while staying warm. The women's winter beanie is knitted with warm wools to give you a soft, comfortable, and warm feeling even in cold weather. Wool made from natural fibers such as cashmere, silk, cotton, or baby alpaca wool are known for their warmth and softness. The baby alpaca wool winter hat is made of resistant fibers.  

There are thin hats but still warm, or thicker depending on the stitch of the knit. You have the choice of different hats to match all your outfits and make them feminine, trendy and elegant. You should also choose soft and pure colors, for a simple and feminine look. If you want to give your outfit an elegant and chic look, opt for classic, timeless colors: navy blue, grey, black for example. You will have understood, the winter hat is now a nice fashion accessory that can accompany you in softness and warmth during the cold winter seasons. Don't wait any longer, and choose the pretty winter hat for women of your dreams.

Our knitted wool hats

For some time now, knitting has been coming back into fashion. This trend is back in the hobbies of more and more people. In recent years, knitting has become more and more popular. Contrary to appearances, it is not a grandmotherly activity. This tradition of knitting has become popular with younger generations. Bellepaga offers women's knitted winter hats in its product line. The knitting for a winter hat for women is becoming more and more familiar because they are the easiest to make. The wool beanie is made on our men's and women's beanies. Beyond this know-how, the knitting fashion allows to create several models of clothing. Often seen as an old trend, the handmade is increasingly valued.  

Because of its size, knitted fabrics are easy to carry. It is perfect to occupy the mind in any occasion. Stop smoking, stop snacking in front of the TV, don't bite your nails and focus on knitting woolly hats, those nasty habits you'll never think about again! Gone are the days of messing with your phone on the subway, in the waiting room, get out your knitting, do some lines, and time is instantly shorter!

Choose your hat

Need some tips on how to find your perfect hat this winter?  

Here are three Bellepaga tips for finding your perfect hat:  

- Choose a hat shape that fits your face shape. Your hat should not hide your under eyebrows or camouflage your face. On the other hand, the hat should cover your ears to protect you from the cold.  

- Choose a color that suits you, and brings brightness to your complexion. Light pink or sky blue are colors that are perfect for blond hair and pale skin. On the contrary, if you have dark hair and a dull complexion, select a warm color like red, orange, or a nice dark blue or green.  

- Choose a hat that suits your style. There are hats for every taste: plain, classic, fancy, or personalized. So treat yourself and adopt your ideal wool hat to accompany your winters with softness and warmth.

Putting on your bonnet

This mysterious alpaca wool has a fiber that is 4 times stronger than sheep's wool. This wool of the gods can be kept in its original state for many years if it is well cared for.  For washing, choose a good, gentle shampoo and use as little detergent as possible. We invite you to look at our different types of natural cleaning products specially designed for washing alpaca wool or any other delicate wool.  

We also recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with warm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) and a mild shampoo. The temperature of the water is very important because washing at too high a temperature may cause your alpaca wool item to felt.  Hand washing is the best way to keep the quality of your hat and scarf. Simply run warm water while washing and rinsing, and do not wring out or twist the item after washing: simply press gently to remove excess water.  

Regarding drying, alpaca wool products (hats, scarves, etc.) cannot be dried in the dryer! Place your item on a clean towel to absorb water and dry faster. You should also air dry flat to avoid stretching the fibers of your alpaca wool product.  Regarding ironing, alpaca wool garments have the advantage of not wrinkling. However, if you want to iron your product, turn the garment inside out! Also, put a cloth between the iron (at low temperature and without steam) and the garment in order not to damage it. Your alpaca wool garment will then have a smooth effect without being damaged.

Don't hesitate to consult our wool hats. The trend of the moment is in perfect correlation with our Bellepaga products. We offer several wool caps knitted from baby alpaca wool, otherwise known as "Wool of the Gods". Stay on top of fashion with our Bellepaga wool hats. What could be better than a hat made of alpaca wool which is 7 times warmer than cotton hats to keep your head warm.