Women's wool cardigan

The cardigan was worn by British fishermen in the 17th century. This warm and long garment allowed the sailors to stay warm and protect themselves from the humidity. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel, a famous 20th century French designer and seamstress, brought the women's wool cardigan back into fashion to make it a garment that is now very trendy, and above all a timeless item in the women's wardrobe. Many luxury brands, but also small independent brands are revisiting the women's wool cardigan to allow all customers to find themselves in their style, and to adopt this  practical, elegant and casual garment.Women's wool clothing can be worn in all seasons: winter with warm, thick wool such as sheep's wool, alpaca wool, cashmere, or summer with finer and lighter materials such as cotton, silk or always alpaca wool which has the unique advantage of being fine and thermoregulatory. Thus, the women's alpaca wool cardigan  adapts to all seasons , and wraps you in softness and comfort all day long. In this article, discover all the styles of  women's wool cardigans , as well as our tips for choosing the right piece for you.

women cardigan

The cardigan for women: a garment with infinite styles

The women's wool cardigan is an  essential part  of the feminine wardrobe. This fashionable garment is revisited every year by many designers around the world. Brands like to bring originality to women's wool cardigans, which are items in high demand by customers. There are plain women's wool cardigans for a rather simple style. So you can easily accessorize your outfit when you wear a plain cardigan. You can add a brooch for example, or a small scarf. You can even wear  your women's wool cardigan with a shirt for a very elegant touch. Indeed, the cardigan can be worn closed or open for quite different styles. If you want to create a chic t elegant look, then you can wear a shirt with your cardigan closed over it. This look is quite classic, but very effective. And above all, you will stay warm all day long, wrapped in the softness and warmth of your cardigan. On the other hand, you can wear your open cardigan with a printed T-shirt or with inscriptions if you want to create a modern, casual look. The women's wool cardigan is therefore worn open to reveal the blouse, or the T-shirt that you are wearing underneath. So you'll never be cold again, very comfortable .

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The chunky-knit wool gilen for women: a must-have in the wardrobe

Women's wool cardigans are also considered waistcoats. They are often made in chunky knits, especially for winter collections. Chunky knit wool cardigans are  very trendy, comfortable, and keep you warm all day long. There is something for all tastes, and in all colours: beige, white, cream for a soft and refined style or even coral, orange, pink, green, or blue for a more punchy and even spring look. Indeed, the women's wool cardigan can also be worn in spring or autumn as a little jacket to cover you from the fresh wind. If you choose a mid-season cardigan, then opt for a slightly finer knit or a looser knit stitch to leave some openings. The openwork women's wool cardigan is also perfect for mid-season periods.

women cardigan

The chic and original women's cardigan for a trendy look

The women's wool cardigan allows you to create two completely different looks:  chic and elegant or else original and relaxed. If you want to create a chic and elegant style, then you can opt for classic colors such as navy blue, black, gray, beige or cream. You can also pay attention to the buttons of the waistcoat: round or rectangular buttons for a chic and elegant look. Finally, if you want to create an original and a little more relaxed style for your outfit, choose a women's wool cardigan with prints, or a little more original materials. Bi-material or two-tone vests are also very original, and bring an offbeat style to your look. You can also play with the buttons, today there are many kinds of buttons with trendy shapes, unexpected colors, and such original materials. So don't hesitate,

Women's knit cardigan

The baby alpaca wool cardigan for women brings softness and comfort to everyday life.

In all seasons, the women's wool cardigan is a trendy and essential piece for all women. There are some of all sizes and for  all tastes  in textile shops.
You can also imagine and create your own women's wool cardigan yourself. Knitting your garment requires more time and patience but the result is all the more satisfying. You can choose everything: the color, the length according to your morphology, the embroideries or other patterns to add to your garment. If you decide to knit your own women's wool cardigan, it is essential to choose quality wool. The choice of wool is very important to have a durable garment, resistant over time, and comfortable. Today there are different types of wool with more or less beneficial properties. Natural wools have the best virtues, and have the advantage of being soft, warm, and delicate like: bond, cashmere, cotton, angora, or even alpaca. Alpaca wool  knows the best virtues, and is today  a very prestigious and high quality wool .

Alpine wool is called the “wool of the gods”. This wool comes from alpacas that live in their natural environment on the Andes mountain range at more than 4000 meters above sea level. Alpine wool and more particularly  baby alpaca wool has the advantage of being thin and warm at the same time. Indeed, it is the warmest wool in the world and even provides 7 times more warmth than sheep's wool. In addition, baby alpaca wool is very soft, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic. This means it won't itch or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Finally, baby alpaca wool is also four times more resistant than sheep's wool. It is one of the few  wools that does not pill.  You will therefore be able to enjoy your baby pasture cardigan for several seasons without worry, and without the appearance of pilling.

Alpaca wool cardigan

BellePaga Tips

-  Choose a color that matches your complexion, and brings you a good-looking effect. The color of a garment and in particular a coat, a jacket or a cardigan is essential to bring sparkle to your outfit! If you are blonde, for example, choose a women's wool cardigan like powder pink or sky blue. These light colors are perfect for thick hair, and will highlight your face. On the contrary, if you are dark-haired with a dark complexion, adopt a dark knit cardigan in warm colors: orange, pink, red, pine green. These colors pair perfectly with darker skin tones and brown hair. Finally, if you don't know which color to choose or if you want a women's wool cardigan to wear with all your outfits, opt for classic and timeless colors: black, gray, white.
The length of your women's wool cardigan must match your body type for a stylish outfit If you are tall, prefer a long cardigan that will lengthen your silhouette and bring out your elegance. If you're rather short, choose a short cardigan so you don't pack on it. The cropped cardigan stops above the hips and shows off your pretty legs. If you are still hesitating about the length of your knit cardigan, opt for a mid-length cardigan that stops below the buttocks.
-  The women's wool cardigan is knittedThere are different knitting techniques for a different but always stylish look. The knit stitches can be tight for a fine and delicate finish. On the contrary, the knit stitches can be a little looser and more open for a fluffier and more comfortable style. Choose a cardigan that you like the most to feel comfortable in all seasons.

Find  our baby alpaca wool cardigans  to wrap you in delicate softness and comfort all winter long. Discover all our little wonders, and choose the women's wool cardigan that suits you!