Thick scarf

The scarf has become an essential accessory of our daily life. Fall, spring or winter, we often need it more than we think. And when we have chills because of the cold, nothing better than a thick scarf to protect ourselves while soft. It is still necessary that the textile used to make the scarf is soft. It is not the case of all as many wools. Indeed, sheep's wool, for example, often causes itching because of its rough texture. A thick sheep's wool scarf is therefore not pleasant to wear.

However, there are other wools that are much softer, warmer and more comfortable than traditional sheep's wool. Speaking of soft and warm wool, how can we miss the prestigious alpaca wool. This wool is still not very well known but it has a lot of very coveted virtues. In addition to being warm, soft and comfortable, alpaca wool is ecological, waterproof and has hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties.

The secret to the success of our BellePaga products is that alpaca wool is so soft and warm. It allows us to offer you unequalled comfort while respecting humans, animals and the environment. Isn't it a great gift?

In this article, we will talk about thick scarves of all kinds. So if you are passionate about scarves, read on!

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Where to find a thick, soft and warm scarf?

There are many different kinds of scarves. Long ones, short ones, colored ones, basic ones, thick ones, thin ones... There is something for everyone! Finding a thick scarf that is warm and soft requires a little research. You have to find a brand that sells quality products made with warm components.

Coming back to alpaca wool, it allows you to obtain a thick scarf that is warm and soft. Indeed, alpaca is known for its fiber with sumptuous virtues. Alpaca wool is seven times warmer and four times more resistant than sheep's wool. On top of that, it's super soft and it doesn't itch, a real cloud of softness. You can't get much better than a thick alpaca scarf.

But where can you get a thick alpaca scarf? Well, BellePaga is the place to go. All our scarves are made of Baby Alpaca. This is a part of the alpaca fiber that is even softer than the classic alpaca. We offer a wide range of different scarves in terms of shape and color. What is sure is that they are all warm and soft!

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Thick scarf to spend the winter warm

The time of year when a scarf is most essential is winter. No one sees themselves going through the winter without their favorite scarf. What a pleasure it is to snuggle up in your thick, warm scarf when the air is cool.

Get a thick alpaca wool scarf and never be cold again. Indeed, alpaca wool is the best possible fiber for a beautiful scarf. It will bring you comfort, warmth and softness all winter long.

To tell you a little more about alpacas, these precious camelids that provide the wool I'm talking about above, they live in South America. Indeed, they live in the highlands of the Andes. As a result, they are confronted with extreme temperature changes that can go from -20 to +35 degrees in a single day. In order to be able to face these temperatures in the best possible way, they have developed a thermoregulatory fiber. This incredible fiber allows them to keep their bodies at an ideal temperature. Whether it is very hot or very cold, alpacas live it well.

This superb thermoregulatory property can be found in clothing and accessories made of alpaca wool. A thick alpaca scarf will keep you warm when it is cold but will not suffocate you with heat when it is warmer.

At BellePaga, our thick scarves are stylish and comfortable. Take advantage of all the benefits of Baby Alpaca by getting a beautiful BellePaga thick scarf.

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Large scarf for woman 

When it's cold, we know how nice it is to wear a thick scarf. And for those of us who are a little chilly, wool or other warm materials are often coveted. You need a good insulating material to get a big warm scarf. But as we said above, sheep's wool: It's itchy!

So let yourself be carried away by the softness of alpaca wool. It is very insulating and will protect you from the cold in the best possible way. Alpaca wool is extremely warm. Indeed, it is 7 times warmer than traditional sheep's wool, which is itself very famous for its warmth. Alpaca wool is the perfect material for a thick scarf. If you like thick scarves, a chunky alpaca scarf would be your best bet!

At BellePaga, you will find super soft Baby Alpaca scarves, thin or thick, patterned or plain. Our Apocuna scarf is thick because it has a large mesh. You will feel well surrounded and protected from the cold with our beautiful scarves. On top of that, they are very trendy and will allow you to complete your outfits in style.

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A large scarf for maximum warmth 

In winter, we all know that horrible feeling when we open the front door to leave for work early in the morning. It's still dark and the wind is brushing against our face, chipping away at our skin. A cold sensation that invades us and makes us shiver from head to toe. And above all, it makes us want to get back into our cozy bed.

In order to face these very cold temperatures at best, a solution is offered to you: a nice and long thick scarf in alpaca wool. It will be your best ally and will keep you warm throughout the winter season. Long and thick scarves are essential accessories. Every year these essentials come back at the top of the trends.

The Sunimax scarf from BellePaga will protect you from the cold. Long, soft and light, you will love to wear it! You will find it in different colors: sand, dark grey, moss green or burgundy... They are all beautiful and you will find the color that suits you best!

Adopting a large scarf is having an essential accessory that you will take everywhere with you. It's the perfect way to wrap yourself up in it. Soft and comfortable, you will be in a cocoon of softness and warmth.

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Thick scarves for men

For men, you can also find many large scarves. The colors are generally darker and darker than for women. You will find, however, nice patterns such as checks or stripes. Our large alpaca wool scarves for men come in a variety of colors and shapes.

If you're looking for a patterned scarf that's still simple and elegant, you can choose our Puyu or Machu scarves. If you are looking for a simpler scarf, the Sunimax and Suni scarves will satisfy you with their efficiency.

You are looking for a big simple scarf but with a touch of originality? The Quawana, Karu and Wani scarves will definitely please you.

If your style is more like knitted scarves, with a more authentic touch, our Apocuna chunky scarf will be ideal for you.

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BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our scarves for women and our scarves for men. You can also find our women's collection and our men's collection on our online store! You can also find our products for Home&Deco in alpaca. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.