Women's winter socks


Women's sock

When looking for a pair of  good socks , we often look for the same key elements:  warmth ,  durability ,  quality materials , softness, etc. It can be complicated to find a pair that has all the qualities we desire and it can be frustrating. In addition, our feet are subjected to very severe test all day long!

Luckily, for BellePaga, the  well-being  of your feet is top of mind. Our brand of high-end clothing and accessories offers you splendid alpaca socks for your fragile little feet that are worn out and damaged all day long.

Women's winter alpaca socks are of  exceptional quality  and offer you unparalleled comfort!
They come in a wide  variety  of styles, from big to small and in all sorts of colors to suit the many tasks you have on the go throughout the day, or just hanging out on your sofa, the choice is yours. .
Indeed, they are fine, warm, very comfortable and  elegant  and can be worn with a skirt, jeans, or pants. Thanks to your beloved women's winter socks, you can keep your feet at the perfect temperature, all without sweating, because alpaca wool is not only 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, but it is also thermoregulator  !

Warm winter socks for women comfort red alpaca

High quality winter sock

Bellepaga women's winter socks in alpaca wool are perfect for a dynamic woman who likes to feel  comfortable  and are very practical during the winter season. In addition, very often  cold feet  can cause a whole series of small problems, such as odor problems, pain, poor blood circulation, dry and damaged skin, blisters, general discomfort. But there are even more serious problems, like getting sick or even damaging the nerve cells in our dear feet.

Our women's winter alpaca socks are remeshed by hand, so  seamless . They guarantee you   optimal comfort ! These socks are specially designed to give you a unique feeling of comfort and softness. Indeed, alpaca wool is incredibly soft and does not itch even with wear, unlike many other wools. Women's winter alpaca socks allow your feet to  breathe  and greatly reduce perspiration and odours. Indeed, as said before, although alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool, it is also thermoregulatory! The alpaca being an animal that lives at more than 4000 meters in height, it must constantly  adapt to extreme temperature changes ranging from +39°C during the day to -38°C at night. Alpaca fiber therefore brings you extreme comfort, regardless of the situation.

Warmest socks

Even for sensitive skin, no worries! Alpaca fiber is officially classified in 22 natural colors, so no need to add chemicals and harmful products to us or the environment. It perfectly respects the skin of all those who wear it. This fiber is therefore natural, very resistant, thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic.
This wool for the warmest women's winter socks is so extraordinary that it is called "the  wool of the gods " because it was reserved for the emperors at the time of the Incas. Nowadays, you can see for yourself their wonderful softness and their unsurpassed quality. On top of that, wool wicks away moisture, so it's great for preventing any sweaty feet and odors that are normally caused throughout the day.

Our young Brussels startup  BellePaga  therefore offers you women's winter alpaca socks (but also men's alpaca socks) certified  Del Perù alpacas  imported from Peru to Belgium, France, Germany and many other countries. This is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the goods made of this magnificent, extraordinary fibre.

Women's winter warm socks comfort high quality alpaca

A sustainable option

Thus, BellePaga women's winter socks are produced in Peru, a South American country which perfectly masters the transformation of alpaca wool into accessories and clothing.
This allows local populations to continue to live off the products of their land. For BellePaga,  respect  for craftsmen, their fair remuneration with  ethical trade  is one of the priority and main values.
As you have understood, warm women's socks for winter are made in accordance with the  core values  ​​of the BellePaga brand, namely in a short circuit, in the country of origin of the wool.

Our brand's alpaca socks are therefore made in the best conditions, and with certainly the most competent workmanship. They offer  unparalleled quality , finished by hand and with total respect for the environment, animals and craftsmen.
These elements, in addition to the high virtues of alpaca fiber, make our  women's and men's winter socks  of exceptional quality. The manufacture of each sock is finished and checked by hand for a  perfect finish .
Regarding their maintenance, no problem, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine with a wool program or at 30 degrees maximum with all the rest of your clothes.
Our alpaca socks are therefore  thin ,  soft and  elegant . Alpaca wool keeps your feet warm no matter the conditions.  
Thanks to our wide range of women's winter socks, between our different colors, sizes. Whatever the pattern or the height, you will inevitably find the pair that will go  perfectly  with each of your clothes and each of your pairs of shoes!


Our  BellePaga women's winter socks  will undoubtedly be the soul mates of your feet, from the first experience you will not be able to do without them. You can also give them as a gift to please the most cautious people around you. Bellepaga socks are not only a fantastic option for you, but also for the environment. The alpaca having as said before a very low carbon footprint. They can live with very little water and food, they are also well adapted to their natural habitat. It respects biodiversity even while feeding unlike goats, and unlike sheep and alpacas can produce about 3 kg of wool while sheep only produce about 150 grams.

In addition, BellePaga ensures that all artisans, farmers and ranchers are paid a  fair price  for their work. We believe in and support the communities with which we work closely. So you can support  sustainable  and  fair production  while staying warm and comfortable!
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