Soft scarf

This year, choose your beautiful  soft scarf Opt for a fine, light and delicate fiber for even more comfort and softness on a daily basis. The alpaca wool scarf   is perfectly suited to this type of need. This natural fiber is soft, warm, resistant and insulating. The soft scarf is perfect for men, women and children. So you can dress your whole family with pretty scarves this year. If you want to bring even more softness to your outfit, opt for a pure color such as beige, white, or even powder pink or sky blue. These colors will indirectly bring even  more softness and delicacy to your scarf. So don't wait any longer this year, and quickly exchange your big thick woolen scarves for a beautiful soft, delicate and comfortable scarf!

Match your soft and warm scarf to a nice hat

Suitable for winter, the soft scarf is comfortable and  does not irritate the skin It protects you against the cold with its  warm and delicate fibres. The scarf is a trendy fashion accessory, but above all an essential accessory to fight against the freezing cold of winter. Today there are many scarf colors in your favorite shops. You can even match your soft scarf with a cute  beanie to keep your head warm. Gloves are also essential items to protect your hands. When it is very cold, it is important to protect your feet, hands and head well. Often the cold comes first from the extremities, which is why it is important to be well equipped. We have all these little wonders at BellePaga. So to make sure you have a warm winter, find all  our warm, insulating, temperature-regulating socks  as well as our hats and gloves.

Hats and scarves

Soft scarf for women and men

The soft scarf  is perfect for both men and women It is often knitted in high quality wool, soft and fine so as not to irritate the skin. Alpaca wool is one of the softest wools in the world and is often very suitable for making soft scarves. The insulating and thermoregulating power of alpaca wool allows you to obtain scarves that are both thin and very warm that protect you well from the cold and envelop you all day in a cocoon of comfort and warmth. The soft alpaca wool scarf is suitable for all seasons: winter, spring or autumn. It corresponds perfectly to the often cool mid-season weather in the morning and evening. The soft scarf is therefore a timeless item in the wardrobe for Mr. and Mrs. To preserve the softness of your scarf and enjoy its comfort for several seasons, you can adopt a  shampoo for wool which softens and preserves delicate textile fibres. You can also choose the revitalizing, softening and refreshing spray for wool. It is very easy to use, and sprays on clothes to bring freshness and strengthen the fibers of your textiles. This year, choose the soft scarf of your dreams to spend good winters, and do not hesitate to opt for our range of very effective wool care products.

Men's scarves

Soft beige scarf

It is essential to choose the color of your scarf according to the material, and the shade that highlights your face. Some colors are better suited to light skin tones and others to darker skin tones. Beige is often a preferred color for soft materials and delicate fibers. Indeed, this color is soothing and brings light and radiance to your outfit. It is therefore a shade to favor, just like white, powder pink, or sky blue, which are very soothing colors and will bring even more softness to your scarf. This selection of color palette corresponds to all skin types, although matte skin will be more highlighted with warm colors such as yellow, orange, red, and green. The delicate fibers of the soft scarf are therefore even more enhanced with light colors. Beige is also suitable for men, women, and children. So you can dress your whole family in a pretty soft beige scarf that you can even personalize if you wish. wool of the Gods  ”, because it has many virtues.

Beige Scarf

Soft alpaca wool scarf

The soft scarf is a timeless fashion accessory in your winter wardrobe. The scarf can be knitted with different yarns. There are in particular natural wools which have the advantage of being soft and delicate, and  do not pill  like: linen, cashmere, cotton, angora or alpine pasture. The alpaca wool scarf is the warmest and softest. Alpaca wool, and in particular baby alpaca wool also known as "wool of the gods", is one of the warmest in the world. Indeed, it is  7 times hotter than sheep's wool. In addition, to provide warmth, baby alpaca wool is very soft, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic. This means it won't itch or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Finally, baby alpaca wool is also  four times more resistant than sheep's wool.It is one of the few wools that does not pill. You will therefore be able to enjoy your soft alpaca wool scarf for several winters. So don't hesitate any longer, and quickly adopt your pretty baby alpaca wool scarf. There's something for everyone: men, women, children, and for all styles: chic or casual. The alpaca wool scarf is also often of pure and soft colors, because it is made from the natural fiber of the animal. Find all our soft baby alpaca wool scarves on our website, as well as all our other little wonders filled with warmth and softness.

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BellePaga Tips

BellePaga presents its four tips for choosing the soft scarf of your dreams for this winter!

-  The composition of your soft scarf is essential to enjoy its comfort You can therefore favor more delicate natural fibers, and in particular alpaca wool which is one of the softest in the world. This fiber has many virtues that you will have the opportunity to discover by choosing one of our magnificent alpaca wool scarves.

-  The length of your soft scarf and its thickness are two essential criteriaYour scarf should match your body type for a more elegant effect. If you are tall, you can choose a voluminous, thick, and long scarf. On the contrary, if you are small, choose a fine fiber rather than a thick mesh. You will look better with a finer and more delicate scarf.

-  Adopt a wool scarf adapted to your styleThere are scarves for all tastes: plain, classic, fancy, or personalized. Plaid prints, for example, have been very fashionable lately. On the contrary, if you want to keep a classic and timeless style, choose a beautiful plain scarf whose color matches your complexion perfectly. So treat yourself and adopt your ideal wool scarf to accompany your winters with softness and warmth.

-  Choose a color that suits you, and brings radiance to your complexion. Light pink or sky blue are colors that are perfect for blonde hair and fair skin. On the contrary, if you have rather dark hair and a dull complexion, select a warm color such as red, orange, or a pretty dark blue or green.

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