Pastel Socks

In recent years, pastel colors have been on trend and can be found on many fashion accessories. There are different shades to suit all styles and tastes: lilac, orange, apple green, yellow, light pink. All these colors are rather in pastel tones, and correspond to current trends. So if for you socks are cheesy, unfashionable accessories, opt for  pastel socks . You can create a fun, fun, and stylish look by choosing cute  pastel socks  that go perfectly with your entire outfit. Pastel  socks are also perfect for summer because light and soft colors are lighter to wear than dark colors which easily attract the sun and the heat. You can also choose  pastel socks  with patterns to bring even more style and originality to your outfit. There are sober patterns like polka dots, stripes, small speckled dots, checks, or more fun patterns like suns, ice cream cones that recall the warm and pleasant atmosphere of summer! Don't wait any longer this year, and quickly discover the pretty range of  BellePaga pastel socks   to accompany all your outfits and bring good humor and softness to your style while remaining comfortable in your baby alpaca wool socks.

Pastel socks

The new trend in women's pastel socks

The new trend of recent years are pastel colors. These soft, refined and sober shades are perfect for summer outfits. Pastel  ankle socks  or  socks  are pretty accessories for the summer. If you wear  high pastel socks  with a nice pair of sneakers, you will have a very stylish and trendy look. Pastel  socks  can be both sober and classic or more original if you choose fun patterns. You can find small designs reminiscent of summer such as lemon, melon, lilac-colored lavender flower, ice cream cone with camel colors, powder pink to stay in pastel shades. Pastel  socks are very feminine, and know ladies that you will not commit any fault of taste by choosing this style of sock.

Blue pastel socks

Tie and Dye socks always in style

The Tie and Dye method is an artistic process launched in the 1960s in California. This technique aims to degrade the colors to bring an original and artistic effect to clothes, decorative objects such as household linen or even dishes. Tie and Dye clothing is part of a hippy chic style that brings originality and a lot of creativity to outfits. Tie and Dye is a method that can be done either even at home to the delight of children! Tie  and dye pastel socks  are also very fashionable lately. To create a very stylish and trendy look,  pastel socks are suitable fashion accessories. The Tie and Dye technique with pastel colors brings a very artistic effect while remaining both sober and refined. As the colors are not too pronounced, the Tie and dye can be quite light and the color gradient is very refined. Pastel  tie-dye socks  are therefore a good compromise for trendy socks, with a slight touch of originality. If you want to keep the colors of your  pastel socks  well and not damage the tie-dye effect, you can use our special products to wash the socks. There are already  washing nets which are very practical so as not to lose the socks in the drum of the machine, and not to damage the textile fibre. On the other hand, you can use our shampoo for wool which preserves and softens the natural fibers of socks or other textiles, and also preserves the beautiful coloring of the garment. These washing products are suitable for all the fibers of your textiles and in particular for alpaca wool. If you have alpaca wool articles, the shampoo is completely adapted to preserve the softness, the heat, and the comfort of this “wool of the Gods”.

Multicolored socks

Fall for the soft comfort of pastel alpaca wool socks

Pastel  baby alpaca wool socks  are synonymous with fashion and absolute comfort. If you want to be stylish during the winter while keeping your feet warm,  pastel  alpaca socks are an accessory that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. Pastel  socks can be made with different yarns. There are in particular natural wools which have the advantage of being soft and delicate, and do not pill like: linen, cashmere, cotton, angora or alpine pasture. Baby alpaca wool socks are the warmest and softest. Alpine wool, and in particular baby alpine wool also known as "wool of the gods", is one of the warmest in the world. Indeed, it is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. In addition, to provide warmth, baby alpaca wool is very soft, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic. This means it won't itch or irritate even the most sensitive skin. Finally, baby alpaca wool is also four times more resistant than sheep's wool. It is one of the few wools that does not pill.  baby alpaca wool pastel socks several winters. So do not hesitate any longer, and quickly adopt your pretty socks for this season. There's something for everyone: men, women, children, and for all styles: chic or casual. Find all our  baby alpaca wool pastel socks  on our website, as well as all our other little wonders filled with warmth and softness.
BellePaga tips for choosing pretty  pastel socks

Lavender socks

Here are 3 BellePaga tips for choosing the pastel socks that suit your style!

  • Choose a soft and comfortable fiber
We wear socks every day, and for the comfort of our feet on a daily basis, it is essential to choose socks in which we feel good. It is therefore important to pay attention to the composition of the socks. Natural fibers are recommended because the foot can breathe naturally, and perspiration is much less felt. Baby alpaca wool is ideal because it is thermoregulatory and allows the foot to breathe, while retaining warmth and extreme comfort. BellePaga socks are soft, light, warm and resistant thanks to their composition of baby alpaca wool and bamboo fiber. Do not be afraid to go out for hours, your feet will feel young and light thanks to the seine and natural composition of our socks.
  • Choosing the right size and height
To feel comfortable in your socks, the size must be right. If you have socks that are too big, your foot could rub and create blisters. On the contrary, if your socks are too small you will not be comfortable and you risk injuring yourself. So choosing the right shoe size is essential. Then, you also need a sock height adapted to your shoes. If you have high boots, opt for high socks so that your leg does not rub against the leather of the boot. On the contrary, if you have sneakers, maybe choose ankle socks or mid-height socks depending on the style you want to bring to your outfit.
  • Choose suitable colors and prints
Your choice of sock colors should match your style and personality. You should feel good on your feet. Socks are very trendy fashion accessories with which you can easily have fun and create original and less ordinary looks. Pastel  socks  are very fashionable at the moment, especially for summer periods. So don't wait any longer, and choose the pastel colors that will make you crack this year: powder pink, melon orange, apple worms, sky blue, caramel, lilac, mimosa yellow or many other pretty colors.

Discover our collection of pretty  pastel socks  in  baby alpaca wool  to be trendy all year round and wrap your feet in comfort and softness!