Night socks for women

Do you suffer from cold feet at night when you sleep? It is not pleasant, in some cases it can even be painful. Are you looking for solutions to prevent your feet from getting cold at night? Then why not opt for women's night socks? Warm and comfortable, they will help you to bear the cold and will be a real pleasure to wear.

But be careful, your choice of night socks for women should not be taken lightly otherwise you may end up with a bad quality of night socks for women and not be comfortable in them or not be warm at all! In this article we will explain you which night socks for women to choose, which wool to choose or some additional tips to avoid cold feet!

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Why do I have cold feet? 

Do you suffer from cold feet at night? There are many reasons for this. But don't worry, we're going to help you fight this annoying sensation that often spoils our nights. Cold feet can be a sign of various disorders, including a circulatory disorder.

But what is it? Circulatory disorders are characterized by poor blood circulation in the extremities of the body such as the hands, feet or nose. This disorder causes a sensation of cold, very unpleasant, even disabling in everyday life. This disorder can appear in people who smoke a lot of tobacco because it has a reducing effect on the blood vessels. People suffering from mineral deficiencies or subject to hormonal changes may experience undesirable effects like this. The same is true for people undergoing certain medical treatments that can accentuate cold feet.

In other, rarer cases, cold feet can occur when you are in shock or if you have a high fever. So be careful! There is also the "cold feet disease" really called Raynaud's disease, which is really not too funny to live with. Indeed, this syndrome is very disabling in everyday life. In the case of Raynaud's syndrome, the arteries and other blood vessels are compressed. The blood no longer has enough space to circulate to our hands or feet, which become blue or even white. Moreover, this lack of blood supply can create a strong insensitivity.

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Warm cotton socks for women


Are you looking for women's night socks, and the first textile you think of is cotton? No, we understand. However, if you often have cold feet at night, we recommend other textiles. Cotton is an extremely soft and pleasant material to wear, but if you are looking for night socks for women we do not recommend them. Cotton is not warm enough for your feet, and if you tend to sweat, your cotton night socks will absorb your perspiration and become all wet. And that we hate, the moisture will cool even more your feet so no thanks! Especially since cotton dries slowly. Moreover cotton is not thermoregulatory, you will not be at ease throughout the night with.

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Warm socks woman alpaca


What if you adopt alpaca wool for your women's night socks? You don't know alpaca wool? It is one of the most prestigious wools in the world. Also called "the wool of the gods", alpaca wool is ideal for women's night socks. With alpaca wool, you can say goodbye to the cold. But you are probably wondering why it is so exceptional, we will explain.

First of all, alpaca wool is extremely soft, very similar to cashmere. When you wear alpaca wool, the sensation of the material on your body will make you shiver (but not cold), you will love it. Secondly, this fiber is seven times warmer than sheep's wool. It is impossible to be cold with such a warm wool. Isn't it ideal for women's night socks when your feet are freezing?

It is also thermoregulatory, which means that you don't sweat in it, and you never get too hot! It regulates itself so you don't get hot. But how is this possible? Alpacas are native to the Andes Mountains in South America. In these high mountain plateaus, temperatures vary from one extreme to the other, from -10 degrees to more than 30 degrees. For that, the alpacas had to adapt! Their wool must be thermoregulatory in order not to suffer from the high and low temperatures. Isn't that impressive?

Alpaca wool is also very resistant. Four times more resistant than sheep's wool to be more precise. In fact, it is very important to have good and very resistant night socks for women. The regular rubbing of your night socks for woman against your slippers or against the ground can make appear wear such as pilling or holes. It is therefore important to adopt a pair of very resistant night socks for women to avoid this kind of problems and keep them over time.

Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so the most sensitive skins can wear it without any problem and enjoy the maximum softness and warmth.

This fiber is also very ecological, first of all because it is a natural fiber but especially because the alpacas are very respectful animals of its lands and which consume only very little. Alpacas do not need to eat or drink in large quantities, and when they graze, unlike sheep, they do not pull up the roots of the plant, they just cut it. Alpaca wool is harvested in large quantities, about 2kg of wool for a single alpaca, whereas for cashmere, count 85 grams of wool per sheep each year.

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Alpaca wool socks from BellePaga

At BellePaga, we offer a wide selection of women's night socks made of alpaca wool. Simple, colorful or with nice patterns, you have the choice. Moreover, we manufacture our night socks for women in baby alpaca wool. A wool that is even more prestigious than the classic alpaca wool.

Contrary to its name, baby alpaca wool does not come from the cria (the baby of the alpaca) but from the adult alpaca! It is only the down that is found closest to the skin of the animal.

The baby alpaca is extremely fine and extremely silky, which makes it incredibly soft. Obviously the other virtues and positive points of alpaca wool are also valid for baby alpaca fiber. What more could you ask for?

Our socks are available in sizes 35 to 46, you will find a multitude of night socks for women in alpaca wool and in different formats. Mid-calf, ankle, under the knee and so on. So what are you waiting for to discover an experience of comfort and inimitable softness with our baby alpaca wool night socks for women? Try it and you'll love it!

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BellePaga Tips


Do you already have the pair of women's night socks of your dreams? Where to go to order it? We've got some other super simple and effective tips to never have cold feet at night again.

Tip number 1: The hot water bottle is your best friend! Adopting a hot water bottle means never having to worry about being cold in bed or on the couch again. The ideal for a maximum of heat over a long period is to opt for a hot water bottle that you fill with boiling water. They are very effective and its heat is spread all night long.

Tip number 2: Take the time before going to bed to massage your feet. With or without essential oil, massaging your feet daily before bedtime will help the blood circulation of your feet to flow properly. Your feet, warmed by your blood and your massages, will feel much better. It's a little habit to get into every night, but it's still very pleasant!

Tip number 3: Why not use warming creams? As the name suggests, a heating cream will warm up your feet in a flash. You can combine a cream with the evening massage for maximum effectiveness.

Tip number 4: A hot shower! Again, it's simple and very effective. All you have to do is take your daily shower just before going to sleep. You shower and snuggle up under your comforter. Your feet won't have time to get cold.

Tip number 5: For those of you who are a little chilly, a natural comforter made of alpaca wool will be the most effective. Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool while being thermoregulatory so you will never sweat inside. Don't worry about the cold at night, your alpaca wool comforter is there to warm you up.