Bonnet en Alpaga

Have you ever worn an Alpaca wool hat, also called  
wool of the gods  ? If not, you are missing something. The Alpaca beanie is the softest  , warmest  and  most  comfortable beanie  you will ever find. Immerse yourself in the world of Alpaca by living the experience of  the Alpaca hat . During the cold and harsh winter, this Alpaca beanie will be your best ally to bring you the best comfort of life.


The most comfortable beanie 

The Alpaca hat is the most comfortable hat you will find on the market, indeed Alpaca wool is recognized for its  many virtues  : unlike sheep wool, Alpaca wool is  thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic, ecological, very soft  and so on… No more hats that sting your forehead and no more hats that make you sweat…

With the Alpaca hat you will feel the  softness  of the wool of the Gods, the most qualitative and virtuous wool ever known. Its thermoregulatory action will allow you to wear your Alpaca hat in autumn and winter, you will  not be too hot  during the temperate days of autumn or  too cold . during the icy winter days, because indeed the Alpaca wool adapts its insulation to the cold, according to the heat of your body. It will let your head  breathe when you are too hot and it will keep it well  insulated  and warm when you are too cold  . the difference to adopt an optimal comfort under your Alpaca hat. Our Alpaca beanie is an essential for the winter, with your Alpaca beanie, you will no longer be afraid to go out in freezing weather and you will be ready to  face the freezing  cold while keeping your head  warm

The softness of Alpaca wool will make you dive into a  cloud of happiness .


The Algaga hat, ecological hat 

Ecology and respect for our planet is  one of the main concerns of our current society. The Alpaca is a very ecological animal that naturally takes care of our planet. Indeed, unlike a sheep, it has  pads  instead of hooves! The result is that it does not damage the ground because its pads are very delicate compared to hooves. It therefore does not impact the  good growth of the vegetation  on which it walks, which is a good point for the plant diversity of our planet. Moreover, when he eats he has the ability not to pull out the roots of what he ingests, in fact he has  split lips in two in the middle: which allows it to cut without damaging the roots of the grass or plants it ingests.

It is an animal that also produces far less  greenhouse  gases than sheep and cows, for example. The alpaca is a  renewable resource  : from the age of 4 it is shorn every year, this allows it to avoid suffering from hypothermia or other fatal diseases, and it also allows breeders to harvest kilos of wool. every year. Good to know: an Alpaca will produce a lot more wool than a sheep over a year, because the first shearing of the Alpaca will produce  1.5 to 2 kg of so-called  "baby Alpaca"  wool  and subsequent shearing will bring more 3kg of wool with each shearing , which is enormous compared to a sheep.

We do not process Alpaca wool, it is selected, sorted and washed before being transformed. It is a technique that has a real  positive impact  on the planet because it prevents chemical substances from spreading into the atmosphere and polluting our planet. With your Alpaca hat, you will be at the top of respect for the planet thanks to the way of life of our Alpacas and our desire to produce with the lowest possible ecological impact.

ecological alpacas

A hat produced by local artisans in Peru

After the harvest of our wool, we entrust the  making  of our BellePaga products to  local artisans in Peru  who knit and transform Alpaca wool with love and precision. They are remunerated at their fair value, because indeed we are committed to respecting the  human values  ​​of our company. Our Alpaca hats are therefore designed in Belgium by  Belgian designers  and our orders are sent to craftsmen in Peru who make the products according to our models.

We made the choice to produce in Peru to avoid the unnecessary transport of wool and to feed the labor market in Peru in order to create more local jobs.In addition, making our Alpaca hats in Peru gives our Alpaca hat more authenticity  and  Peruvian know-how All our Alpaca farms and our manufacturers are carefully selected on site to guarantee the quality and perfection of our Alpaca hats. We travel on site and we meet all our partners, alpaca farms and local artisans in order to establish a  healthy and lasting relationship with them .

When our Alpaca hats are produced, they are then sent to Belgium in order to validate them by our teams and put them on sale so that they can finally arrive in your hands. This is how we manage to transport the  magic of Peru through our Alpaca hats.


A durable hat

The Alpaca hat is a  must -  have that you can keep all your life! The quality of Alpaca wool, or also called  wool of the Gods , allows the Alpaca hat to keep its beauty, its qualities and its benefits for as long as possible. Alpaca fiber is  4 times stronger  than sheep fiber, which ensures a longer lifespan compared to a sheep's wool hat. In addition to that, Alpaca wool is the only wool that  does not pill , you can wash it as many times as you want, the Alpaca hat will not pill. It holds these qualities thanks to its  finesse and its resistance.It is not for nothing that Alpaca wool is called "wool of the Gods" or "gold of the Andes", because it is indeed one of  the finest hairs in the world , and the wool of 'Alpaca has all these virtues naturally!

It is all these exceptional qualities that make Alpaca wool a wool perfectly suited to humans. By living the experience of our Alpaca beanie, we guarantee you a durable Alpaca beanie  that is 3 times more qualitative  than an ordinary beanie. So don't be afraid any longer and embark on the sweet adventure of the Alpaca hat, and we assure you that you will not be able to take your Alpaca hat off.


Why the Alpaca hat?

Does the Alpaca hat tempt you but you still don't dare to get started? Let us seduce you with your future Alpaca hat. The benefits of Alpaca wool: Alpaca wool is the wool that will bring you the most  comfort  compared to other ordinary sheep's wool hats. Our Alpaca hat is produced with the wool of the Gods also known as gold from the Andes; this wool is  light, warming, breathable, anti-allergic, prevents humidity from settling, resistant and above all very soft. Have you ever seen a yarn with so many qualities? We don't. And it is thanks to all these characteristics that Alpaca wool bears its name of wool of the Gods or gold of the Andes. Then become the Gods of our wool to dive into a world of Alpaca which will be only happiness and comfort.

This alpaca cushion that will  protect your head against the cold  will be your ally for the whole winter! At BellePaga we assure you of  quality, comfort and aesthetics ; our Alpaca beanies are designed by our Belgian stylists to be at the forefront of fashion while remaining timeless Alpaca beanies that are easy to wear every winter. No more hats that stay in the closet because they are obsolete, or unusable hats because they pill too much and are no longer removable, with our Alpaca hats you will be at the top of the top.

Take advantage of your Alpaca hat to match it with our  Alpaca wool scarves , all our cuts and colors are available on our site in the women's scarf or men's scarf section. The combo for successful winter at the forefront of fashion and comfort!

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