Alpaca stuffed animal

alpaca plush

Do you know the alpaca and its wool with multiple virtues? The alpaca is a very friendly animal, similar to a small, bushy llama, living in the highlands of the Andes. Alpacas are confronted with very important climatic changes, which can go from -20 to +35 degrees in a single day. To survive such climatic variations, they have developed a unique coat with thermoregulatory properties. The warmth and softness of their coat is renowned throughout the world.

In order to enjoy this superb texture, BellePaga offers you an alpaca plush animal. Not only are our plush animals shaped like alpacas, but they are also entirely covered with Baby Alpaca. This is a part of the alpaca fiber that is even softer! It is very hard to take your hands off the plush once you touch it. I speak from experience...

An original plush 

An alpaca stuffed animal is an original purchase that changes from ordinary stuffed animals. Indeed, the alpaca is an animal still little known, it is often confused with the llama while it is not at all the same animal. Because of this, you don't often find alpaca stuffed animals, although this animal is starting to be known.

Also, even if you do find an alpaca stuffed animal, it is rare that it is made from alpaca wool. Simply because it is a prestigious wool and difficult to master. An alpaca plush will necessarily be more expensive than a synthetic plush but it will be more qualitative and durable.

What also makes an alpaca plush animal unique is that when you touch it, you really feel the softness and warmth of the wool as if you were touching a real alpaca. Also, alpaca wool has many great qualities for a plush animal. Indeed, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This means that there is no risk of allergy!

So an alpaca stuffed animal can be a great gift for a child or even as a decorative object. It can bring a very soft and comforting touch. An alpaca stuffed animal is more original than a rabbit or a bear for example, which are animals often represented in stuffed animals for children. Alpaca can be suitable for both children and adults!

alpaca plush

Why choose alpaca wool for a plush?

First, alpaca is a very warm and soft wool. The touch of an alpaca stuffed animal is very pleasant. Alpaca wool is also a very durable wool! Your stuffed animal will stay as you bought it for many years (if you take care of it of course).

Again, alpaca wool has great thermoregulatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. You don't risk any allergy or itchiness when in contact with this delicate wool.

An alpaca stuffed animal is perfect because alpaca is a very cute camelid. In addition to being soft, the physical aspect of the stuffed animal is very pretty, for young and old alike... Who wouldn't fall for a little alpaca?

At BellePaga, we believe that offering you plushies made with alpaca wool can be a unique experience. We bring an alpaca directly to your home, and no need to feed it! You have access to the raw texture of alpaca wool. Indeed, alpaca wool does not require any treatment after shearing. You have it at home as it is harvested from the alpacas.

Moreover, we do better than alpaca plush, we have chosen to make Baby Alpaca plush in order to offer you a maximum of softness in a simple stuffed animal!

alpaca plush

Peruvian alpaca stuffed animal

A good part of the world population of alpacas is in Bolivia or Peru because it is their natural environment. Since they are very present animals and especially very emotional and sociable, they are naturally accustomed to the men who surround them like the breeders. Indeed, alpacas hate to be alone to the point that they can die of loneliness.

The Peruvians have a great mastery of weaving alpaca wool. It is an ancestral know-how that few populations know. Moreover, they know better than anyone the behavior of these nice animals.

That's why at BellePaga, we work with qualified Peruvian artisans to make our beautiful alpaca plush. This allows us to guarantee you quality products made in the heart of the alpacas' roots: the Andes Mountains.

Get a beautiful stuffed animal in alpaca for you or your loved ones, it's an attention that is always a pleasure! Especially since alpacas do not like to be alone, they will be delighted to keep you company.

alpaca plush

Alpaca cuddly toy 

It is true that alpacas are so cute that we would like to have one with us to sleep! An alpaca stuffed animal is the perfect companion to sleep in peace. If your child asks you for a stuffed alpaca, they've got it right! There is no better animal to offer you such incredible comfort.

Our BellePaga plushies are more considered as decorative objects or toys. Indeed, they have "hard" limbs so that they can stand up. However, their 100% Baby Alpaca fur promises an undeniable softness to the touch. Moreover, their super cute little head will make you fall in love!

Don't wait any longer to make friends with a plush alpaca animal. You will never be disappointed! Like a real alpaca, it will be very loyal and its softness will bring sunshine into your life. An alpaca is a cloud of well-being and comfort.

alpaca plush

Why buy our BellePaga products?

BellePaga has and conveys values that put the human, nature and morality at the center of its concerns. Creating qualitative, natural and authentic products has always been an obvious choice for BellePaga. These values are born from a personal conscience of the two founders of this company, Guillaume and Arnaud. Indeed, they advocate ethical and ecological production, traditional know-how, respect for the animal and the fair remuneration of the craftsmen.

Five main values can be found in each of our articles and in each of our actions.

First, there is a great respect for the well-being of each worker who has contributed to the production of BellePaga products. We have our products produced in regions specialized in alpaca wool, by local producers for whom the sale of their regional products is very important for their survival. Our relationship with them is based on transparency, dialogue and respect. We have been to the Andes of South America to meet with them and to ensure fairness in our exchanges.

Secondly, we pay great attention to the respect of animals. The alpaca fiber we use is of the highest quality and comes from farms where the animals are free to roam in their natural habitat, in the Andes Mountains. Moreover, the fiber comes from their spring shearing.

Thirdly, the respect of the environment is at the heart of our concerns. BellePaga is an ecologically committed brand. Alpaca, which we promote, is an animal with a very low impact on the ecology. Moreover, we make every effort to provide you with the most natural items possible, presented in ecological packaging.

Then, we find important to respect the ancestral know-how of the craftsmen. We work with breeders and craftsmen from Peru and Bolivia for the Alpaca items. All our items are handmade or finished by hand!

Finally, quality and durability are two essential values of BellePaga. We are very demanding about the quality of our products. Each supplier and their items are rigorously selected to guarantee BellePaga's customers quality products. If you want an alpaca stuffed animal, BellePaga promises you an item that incorporates all these beautiful values. Be proud of the products you buy by going to BellePaga!

alpaca plush

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its Alpaca products. Your well-being is our priority. Discover our beautiful stuffed animals with 100% Baby Alpaca fur, there is something for everyone! They are very appreciated because they are very soft and warm. You can also find our various alpaca accessories for home. Find our complete collection of clothing and accessories for women and men on our online store!  We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.