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You have probably already wondered which garment is the most comfortable in the world. 
Well the answer is right here. In a world where quantity often takes precedence over quality. Where brands offer ever more expensive clothes without trying to improve quality, but paradoxically trying to highlight it. It is sometimes complicated to know which product is really the most comfortable and the most qualitative. We think that turning to luxury brands and the most expensive products is the right solution. The reality is quite different.

Discover the alpaca wool sweater for men and more precisely in baby alpaca wool. If you didn't know, this material is considered the most comfortable in the world. Test it and you will see that everything said in this article is true. In this one, we are going to focus on the alpaca sweater for men . But you can find many other articles on the BellePaga site. The brand specializing in alpaca wool clothing offers different products. Among them, we find alpaca sweaters for men and also for women, as well as vests or ponchos. You can also find many accessories

100% alpaca sweater for men: round and rolled necks

No more fast-fashion, no more expensive luxury brands for poor quality! Invest in a quality product that will last over time, respect the environment and above all offer unequaled comfort. This product is the 100% alpaca wool sweater . For men, there are different cuts, different shapes and different colors. Our star product is the Pawkar men's alpaca sweater, which is now available in dark gray and navy blue. It is made from 100% baby alpaca wool from Peru , the softest and most prestigious wool of the adult animal. In addition to having exceptional comfort (the best in the world) this wool is thermoregulatory. This means that it is both warm and breathable. The men's alpaca sweaterPawkar is a fine-knit turtleneck with woven details on the sleeves and the front of the sweater, which makes it so original. Its very masculine, modern and urban style will allow you to enjoy your autumn and winter days in maximum comfort.

Let 's continue the series of turtlenecks with the Anoki men's alpaca sweater . With its medium mesh, you can wear it for large and small cold weather. Its elegant, classic, and timeless style will allow you to easily combine it with your outfits. Again BellePaga offers it in two colors, anthracite gray and royal blue.  

Finally, let's move on to the round neck with the 100% baby alpaca wool sweater for menwhich we offer in four different sizes (S, M, L, XL). The Panaca men's alpaca sweater is woven in fine knits, making it an elegant basic essential for your wardrobe. Its style is very masculine, modern and urban thanks to its small seam drawing the middle and bringing a small original touch. The Panaca men's alpaca sweater is available this time in 3 colors: grey, gray blue and dark blue.

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Men's 100% alpaca sweater: V-neck  

In another style, there is the Thuru men's alpaca sweater . This straight cut V-neck sweater makes it a classic and essential to have in your wardrobe. It is available in navy blue and red. To continue in alpaca sweaters for men with a V-neck, there is also the Kainata men's alpaca sweater . Elegant thanks to its colorful touch at the ends of the sweater, you can wear it for large and small cold weather. It is woven in fine knits which also makes it an essential basic for your dressing room. His style is very masculine, modern and urban. Like the two previous ones, it exists in two colors. Here, BellePaga offers it in navy blue/grey blue as well as in burgundy/dark grey.  

Anyway and whatever your choice, remember that in any of these five men's alpaca sweaters , you will feel like you are in a cloud with unparalleled comfort and certainly the best value for money- market price. Once tested, you will not be able to wear anything else. You will have been warned. You will remember that it was here that you first heard about it and I hope you will talk about it around you.

In addition to being the most comfortable material in the world for a garment, 100% baby alpaca woolis thermoregulatory, ecological, respects sensitive skin and of very high quality. To be more precise, you can wear it all year round, because it adapts to the temperatures. In winter, it keeps you warm and in summer, it is breathable. You are doing a good deed, because the use of alpaca wool has almost zero impact on the environment. The alpaca sweater for men does not scratch, because it respects sensitive skin. This is obviously also the case for women's sweaters and for all clothing made of alpaca wool. Finally, this material does not pill. All this really makes it the most qualitative material on the market. So why go private!

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Mixed 100% alpaca sweater

Since at BellePaga we are for the mix of clothes and styles and if your morphology allows it. We are going to offer you a selection of items intended primarily for women, but which can very well be worn by a man if you know how to match it.

First advice, take one or even two sizes above your usual size. This will have the effect of creating an oversized style that will make the garment perfectly unisex. If it is too long, all you have to do is roll up the bottom of the garment (the slightly elasticated part). On the other hand, I probably won't teach you anything, but you can completely consider a top garment (sweater, cardigan, t-shirt...) as a mixed garment. In the same way as a low garment (trousers, shorts...).

To start, let's talk about sweaters. As for men, the women's range offers three types of collar: V, round and rolled. Here, we advise you to favor the round or turtleneck. In these two types of collar, we first offer the Pita sweater . This one is always made of Baby Alpaca wool which gives it great softness and warmth and merino wool. To remind you, Baby Alpaca is the finest wool produced by the adult animal. Its elegant style, thanks to its colorful touch at the ends of the sweater, will allow you to easily combine it with your outfits. The pita sweater is available in two colors: Mayan blue and wine red.  

Then we recommend the Ninna sweater. It is a turtleneck which, due to an already wide enough cut, will be perfect for a mixed style. With its turtleneck and wide sleeves, you are sure with the Ninna sweater to stay warm in maximum comfort. Choose a casual or more sophisticated style. In pink or dark grey, this piece will become a staple in your wardrobe! Note that the Ninna sweater is available in two sizes SM and L-XL due to its oversize cut. Therefore preferred size L-XL for a man regardless of your base size.

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Mixed 100% Alpaca cardigan

In the same line as the sweater, the cardigan is also a garment that lends itself perfectly to the unisex style. Perhaps even easier to mix than a sweater due to its already ample shape. The Miski waistcoat offered by BellePaga exists in three colors: light beige, navy blue and the now famous Lie de vin. Here no size, since it is a unique size. The Miski waistcoat is a real cloud of softness. It is of high quality and ideal to offer you unique comfort. Designed in prestigious alpaca wool, it will offer you warmth, tenderness, softness and elegance. Its straight cut with dropped shoulders lets you pair it with trousers or jeans for a trendy look. In addition, its fluffy side will also allow you to wear it with a loungewear outfit if you opt for a much more cocooning and cozy look for warm days at home. So let yourself be enchanted by the delicacy of our Baby Alpaca cardigan !

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BellePaga advice: 4 scarves to wear with your sweater

  - The Sunimax scarf in its burgundy red color is slightly larger than the classic Suni. Our Suni Max scarf is uniquely soft and warm. It is made 100% in Baby Alpaca from Peru

  - The Karu scarf in camel, its elegant houndstooth pattern is perfect to enhance your looks. Thanks to this, the scarf will be easy to match with several combinations of clothes and accessories.

  - The Apocuna scarf in its white color. It comes from a subtle combination of prestigious Baby Alpaca wool and fluffy Merino wool. It will be a real pleasure to wear around the neck.

  - The Suni scarf is shorter than the Suni Max. Its elegant, classic and timeless style will add the finishing touch to your outfit. It will be very easy to match your different combinations of clothes and accessories.

If you've read this article, chances are you're a man. But as a man, don't settle for the men's alpaca sweater or even the men's alpaca clothing. Open your horizons and you will see that it will only be beneficial for your different outfits. At BellePaga we offer a wide range of baby alpaca wool clothing and accessories, so don't wait any longer to take a look.