Sock store

No need to look for a sock store, come to Bellepaga and you will see that you will find pieces that you will surely fall in love with and whose quality will leave you pleasantly amazed.

Indeed, many of us are looking for THE sock store, the one where we can find socks as fancy as fantastic, no matter what the season or the mood!

This sock store that makes us dream, will offer us cocooning, warm and trendy socks for winter and summer, fun socks for gifts and birthdays and unique socks to dress up all our iconic outfits.

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Socks, a new trend.

You may have noticed, but for a few years now, socks are no longer ignored or hidden accessories; on the contrary, now everyone makes sure that they are noticed: the trend has been reversed! But where does this surprising change come from?

The first explanation that can be given is that in this day and age, the most important thing is to feel good, both in your skin and in your clothes. Thus, well-being has become the center of everyone's concerns. And if we know well the expression: to feel good in your sneakers, to feel really good, you must have good socks.

Another explanation for the exponential popularity of the accessory that is the sock comes from the new trend and fashion of "streetwear". The latter highlights the wearing of sneakers; and who says sneakers says pairs of socks, of course!

Finally, the last explanation is that designers and stylists saw in the sock a real potential, a unique opportunity for people to express their style, their personality, to add a touch to their outfits as well as other accessories such as bags and jewelry, and a unique opportunity for them to spice up their looks and accessorize them.

Today socks are a fashion essential and have become the stars of the catwalk. You can even see them worn in a very standard way with... heels now! 

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The different types of socks.

There are different kinds of socks, they vary according to their "utility". Indeed, the socks are generally used for everyday life because they are very discreet and can therefore be worn with everything: both high and low sneakers as boots or shoes.

The mid-calf and high socks are rather worn in the field of sport but are also frequently put with boots. And finally there are the "basic" or "classic" socks that come somewhat above the ankle that are also worn very easily with any type of shoes.

Depending on the type of socks, you will have more or less ease to find them in different patterns and materials. If we take the example of the sock, it is frequently made of natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo, or made from synthetic material such as polyamide, but rarely made of wool, unlike the high socks or basic socks. Socks used for sports are made in a special way and are therefore not usually bought in an ordinary sock store but rather in sports stores.

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The main styles of socks.

By analyzing the sock market and touring several sock stores, we realized that there were three main styles of socks.

The first are the warm socks, also called "cocooning" socks or "knit" socks (because they are often knitted). These are the ones we wear in winter, both at home and when we go for a walk in the forest, or those we wear with our après-skis, they are generally thicker.

The most qualitative and ecological ones are made of wool, they can be made of sheep's wool, goat's wool (cashmere), angora, alpaca, merino, mohair, and many others... The finer the wool, the more expensive the socks will be. However, with wool you have to be very careful when washing and drying to keep your socks intact as long as possible.

Socks of lesser quality, at low prices, harmful to the environment and health are made of polyester. On the other hand, it is true that we must admit that even if polyester has many defects, it is certainly very resistant. Thus, your socks even if bought at a very low price, will not move a thread over time and machines.

The second type of socks are the so-called "elegant" socks, they are "elegant" either by their distinguished patterns or by their refined and beautiful knits. (An example of an elegant pattern would be a pair of plaid socks).

Finally there are the "happy socks" which are socks that aim to be particularly original and/or funny in their patterns, they are also sometimes customizable. These socks are generally those that we offer ourselves because they correspond to us or those that we offer for personalized gifts because they correspond to the loved one for whom we had the idea to buy them.
To give you a little more concrete idea, imagine that you have a friend who loves avocados, you can take him little socks with these little gustatory wonders embroidered on them because they will surely please him. Especially colorful/flashy socks also fall into the "happy socks" category.

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The ideal sock store: the one at BELLEPAGA.

At Bellepaga you can find three-in-one socks!
Indeed, Bellepaga socks are part of the three categories of socks mentioned above. We can assure you that you will find what you are looking for with our wide range of socks. So let us list the different properties of our wonderful and adorable socks:

For starters, all of our socks are uniquely soft. Moreover, our socks are made of 90% (mostly Pima cotton or bamboo and baby alpaca wool, the remaining 10% is used to make the sock elastic and therefore adaptable to all foot shapes) of natural fibers; therefore, in addition to being of great quality they are also highly ecological. Another of their exceptional characteristics is that, thanks to the baby alpaca wool, they are thermoregulatory, that is to say, they control and regulate the heat according to the temperature. This means that your feet will never be too cold or too hot, so there is no risk of having unfortunate perspiration problems and being afraid to take off your shoes for fear of smelling the room.

Finally, we have different styles of socks, but all tasteful, of course. First of all we have four types of socks: socks, "classic" socks and mid-calf socks and high socks.
These three socks are available in three different styles: the elegant style, the fancy/happy socks style and finally the classic style.

Our "elegance" line consists of socks with distinguished patterns: checkered socks, polka dot socks, selvedge socks, horizontal line socks, vertical line socks and square dot socks. Respectively named on the site: Sumax socks, Ekikok socks, Yaku and Isku socks, Anku and Mulla socks, Maki socks and Muju socks. All these socks are "classic" socks. Our range of more fancy socks includes socks with leopard patterns (Maitu socks), socks with alpaca patterns (Yupa socks) and finally very pep and colorful socks (available on several models: Inca, Challi, Yupa, Isku, Pitana and Maki).

Finally our "sober" socks are socks that remain in neutral tones (cream/brown/white/black/blue) they are available as socks as well as classic socks, mid-calf or high.

To know :
We also have a premium range which is warmer and softer, because it is made of a greater part of baby alpaca wool.

In conclusion, depending on your personal convictions and desires, everyone will choose a particular sock store. Those who are not particularly attentive to environmental protection and labor rights or who have a very small budget to spend on their socks, will probably turn to low cost stores and will have socks made of synthetic materials and/or cotton at best. They will most probably be made abroad by people who are very poorly paid. Those who are more attentive to the environment but who like everything that is classic and chic will go to renowned stores known for their sobriety, their quality of clothing and for their responsible manufacturing. Finally there are those who are looking for original and qualitative socks, these people will have the most difficulty in finding a sock store that will suit them. But don't worry, no matter what your tastes are, if you are looking for good quality socks you can find them at BellePaga and you may even be tempted by other objects and pieces of clothing...