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Nowadays, it is more and more important to pay attention to the composition of the products we buy. Whether it is the composition of what we eat, the clothes we wear or the accessories we use to decorate our homes, many components are to be banned. However, we are not going to speak about materials and components to be avoided in this article but about an incredible material for many reasons: the alpaca wool.

Specifically, we will talk about alpaca blankets. It must be said that blankets or plaids are essential accessories when it is cold outside. It is then necessary to choose a warm blanket. The best is when the blanket is made of an insulating and soft material, so that its warming effect is guaranteed. Alpaca wool is ideal for a warm blanket because it has many virtues. Cover yourself with an alpaca blanket and you will never want to leave it!

Wool blanket 

It is well known that wool is a very warm material. All winter long, we worry about whether our clothes are made of wool to be sure to be warm. On the other hand, some wools are not pleasant because they are a bit dry and cause itching. This is the case of the traditional sheep's wool. When we wrap ourselves in a blanket, we just want to feel in a soft cocoon and not to scratch because the material is not pleasant.

Well, you should know that alpaca wool makes for a very warm and soft blanket at the same time. You just have to know what an alpaca looks like to imagine the comfort of an alpaca blanket! Its fluffy fiber is like a soft cloud. It's really when you touch this fiber that you realize how warm and soft it is. No more scratchy sheep's wool!

Alpaca wool also has many advantages. For example, it does not pilling. It is one of the few wools that does not get damaged with time, if you take care of it properly of course. BellePaga offers care products for wool, especially alpaca wool. These are not to be neglected. Alpaca wool then makes for a durable alpaca blanket. You will be happy to keep your alpaca blanket for many years!

alpaca blanket

Why choose alpaca for a plaid?

To return to the virtues of alpaca wool, it has antibacterial, thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties. These are unique virtues that make alpaca wool a prestigious and very pleasant wool. It seems obvious that an alpaca blanket is ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

It is also important to note that alpaca wool is seven times warmer and four times more resistant than sheep's wool. Its warmth is unique in the world and its softness is very close to that of cashmere. An alpaca blanket will keep you warm during your little breaks on the sofa. To try it is to adopt it!

Alpaca wool is a very interesting wool ecologically for several reasons. First, it is the only wool in the world that does not require chemical treatment before being used to make clothes or accessories.

Alpaca offers many soft and varied natural colors. This makes it possible to obtain accessories, such as an alpaca blanket, that go very well with many types of decorations. You will have no trouble matching an alpaca blanket with your interior.

Secondly, alpacas eat much less than other animals and release less greenhouse gases into the air. The breeding of alpacas is therefore much less harmful to the environment than the breeding of other animals. An alpaca blanket is an eco-responsible product.

At BellePaga, we advocate values that are very important to us such as authenticity and respect for the animal, the human being and the environment. Find the fruit of these beautiful values in our beautiful alpaca blankets.

alpaca wool

Baby Alpaca blanket

As said before, alpaca wool is a really great wool for all its beautiful virtues. In other words, an alpaca blanket is extraordinary and the best choice for a winter full of comfort! However, there is an even more prestigious and soft part of the alpaca fiber. It is the incredible Baby Alpaca wool. A Baby Alpaca blanket is even better than an alpaca blanket because it is so much softer!

At BellePaga, we want the best for your comfort. That's why we use Baby Alpaca wool to make our products, especially our blankets. You will easily find an alpaca blanket among our collection of 100% Baby Alpaca plaids.

As well as an alpaca blanket, a Baby Alpaca blanket has many virtues. Baby Alpaca fiber retains all the wonderful properties of classic alpaca fiber but on top of that it is softer. Isn't it amazing?

So as you can see, an alpaca blanket is great but a Baby Alpaca blanket is even better. Being warm is a great feeling in winter. Nowadays, comfort is often put aside in favor of style. However, being cold is really not good for your morale and motivation. We are often less productive in the winter than the rest of the year because the bad weather undermines our morale.

alpaca plaid

Peruvian alpaca blanket

The alpaca has always come from South America and more precisely from the Andes. It is a long chain of mountains in which there are high plateaus. The alpacas live on these plateaus where the temperature is extremely variable. It can go from -25 to 30 degrees in a single day.

To survive such climatic changes, the alpacas have developed a fiber with thermoregulatory properties. This virtue allows the alpacas to maintain their body at an ambient temperature. Thanks to this, we can also benefit from this magnificent property by wrapping ourselves in an alpaca blanket for example.

The people who live near the alpacas have learned to harvest their wool to make clothes. Over the years, they have developed a real technique and know-how. Indeed, alpaca wool is very difficult to work with, it requires a real knowledge of the fiber as well as a traditional know-how in order to make quality clothes.

At BellePaga, we work with artisans directly in Peru. They have a unique ancestral know-how that allows us to obtain pieces of the best possible quality. We want to offer you quality items with great comfort and ethics. If you buy an alpaca blanket from BellePaga, you know that behind it there is a real traditional work, a quality wool and that the animals live in their natural environment. In other words, you know where your alpaca blanket comes from and by whom it is made.

alpaca blanket

BellePaga Tips 

Here are 3 tips for choosing your perfect throw or blanket!

- Choose a light but warm texture like alpaca wool! An alpaca blanket will bring you real warmth for the winter.

- Choose an alpaca blanket for its natural colors like beige, brown or caramel. These colors are easy to combine to decorate your living room or your bedroom!

- Choose the texture of the blanket according to the thickness you want! If you want a thin but warm blanket, choose alpaca. And for even more softness, you can let yourself be seduced by Baby Alpaca wool!

alpaca plaids

BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its Alpaca products. Spend the winter serene, with true comfort. Your well-being is our priority. Discover our beautiful 100% Baby Alpaca blankets, there is something for everyone! They are very appreciated because they are very soft and warm. You can also find our various alpaca accessories. Find our complete collection of women's and men's clothing and accessories on our online store!  We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.