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During winters and cold seasons, our feet are the first to suffer from the cold, and require special attention!
Have you decided to pamper your feet this winter and are looking for warm and soft socks for men ?

In this article, we advise you which warm socks for men and materials to choose when shopping for winter, for maximum comfort and warmth.

Why are our feet cold?

You must have noticed that during extreme cold, the extremities of our body, such as our fingers, our nose or our feet suffer more from the cold than the rest of the body. 
It is also easily possible to realize that the temperature in our house drops a little too much if the extremities of our body feel discomfort or feel cold.

The coldness of the hands and feet is mainly due to a  decrease in blood circulation  at these levels. Lower blood flow means less heat. To have a stronger blood flow and even generate more heat, the hands and feet must be well wrapped up in gloves and very warm socks for men!

There are several symptoms that show that our feet are cold and need warm socks! 
A color change on the skin appears, which can turn white or blue, or even red,  
numbness , tingling or burning sensation, as well as hardening of the skin are symptoms of cold, and that it it's time to pamper your feet with warm socks for men!

How to keep your feet warm in winter?

There are a few  
tricks  to keep your feet warm during the winter, and forget about frozen and painful feet.

Move and try to be mobile as much as possible:  As written above, when our feet are still, the blood flow decreases and that's when our feet get cold. To remedy this, we can try to move more to warm up more easily. Of course, this trick is not sustainable and remains an “emergency” solution, or a last resort. 

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Choosing the right shoes: 
To keep your feet warm, it may be a good idea to favor very warm shoes, adapted to the cold. 
For example, leather or suede shoes can be a good investment, as well as shoes lined, or at least lined with wool or a warm material, for maximum warmth and comfort.

Choosing the right socks: choosing the right warm men's socks is perhaps the most underrated solution against the cold. Indeed, the choice of socks has a great impact on the warmth that our feet will benefit from. Socks that are too thin, of poor quality, or even with the wrong materials will only make our feet cold.

Which materials to choose for warm men's socks?

cotton socks are the most common on the market. They are both inexpensive, offer easy breathing on the feet, and are easily found on the internet and in stores. However, cotton is not a very warm material, and can be a little too light, especially during cold seasons.

Wool:  wool is both thermoregulatory and warm, but it can be less soft and make some people allergic. However, it remains an excellent alternative for people who tend to sweat on their feet, and is still one of the key materials for winter.

Alpaca wool fiber

Alpaca wool:
 alpaca wool combines the virtues of wool, for its warmth and thermoregulation, and cotton for its softness. 
Alpaca wool is light, resistant and very silky, it remains one of the best alternatives for choosing the material of your socks.

Other materials: 
 there are many different materials for making shoes for the winter, such as cashmere, which is, like alpaca, an excellent material for soft and warm socks; and synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide, acrylic etc., which are much less expensive, but also not very warm, and have no thermoregulatory property.

Why choose alpaca wool socks?

BellePaga , we offer a wide choice of top quality warm socks for men that respect your feet and the environment! So why choose warm men's alpaca wool socks?
Quite simply because it is a wool with multiple virtues:

Strong resistance: 
 alpaca wool is an extremely resistant fibre, your socks will last you over time! It is a very profitable investment, since your feet will be kept warm all day, and you will be able to keep these socks over time thanks to the resistance of the fibers used.
In addition, with these socks you can say goodbye to pilling and holes!

 our warm socks for men are light, this is due to the alpaca wool which offers an incomparable lightness to other wools. For winter, you can wear socks that are both very warm and light, for maximum comfort.

Extremely soft and silky: 
 the fiber of alpaca wool is 4 times softer than sheep's wool, it is very similar to cashmere, a wool that is also very silky and pleasant to the touch. There's nothing more uncomfortable to have itchy feet, but with our Bellepaga warm socks for men your feet will be pampered and pampered. 

Alpacas in herd

Their surprising insulating power: 
indeed, alpaca fiber is 7 times more insulating than sheep's wool, which means that your feet will be perfectly insulated from the cold and you can say goodbye to frozen feet!

with alpaca wool you will never be too hot or too cold! Its thermoregulatory power will keep your feet at the ideal temperature, you will also avoid perspiration and will be kept at the perfect temperature!

So why not opt ​​for warm men's alpaca wool socks? 
With our socks, you will feel much more comfortable in your sneakers!
In addition, if you are prone to sweaty feet, alpaca wool and its thermoregulatory power allow your feet to breathe as much as possible without feeling cold.

Alpaca wool is also very eco-friendly and  
respectful of the environment Alpacas consume little water and food, do not damage the ground thanks to the pads under their feet, and have a large amount of wool compared to their size. Finally, alpaca wool also exists in many colors, so it does not require dyeing in most cases.

How to take care of your warm socks for men ?

Once you've made your purchase, it's important to take good  
care of  your new warm socks for men. Alpaca wool is an extremely resistant material, so you can wash your warm socks for men in the washing machine (staying on a wool or very delicate wash all the same, and a temperature of 30°).

Prefer drying in 
 the open air and flat,  and if you still want to iron your socks, remember to turn them over so as not to damage them! You can also let them air out from time to time, this will bring them freshness and support over time.

Three color socks

There are many types of warm socks for men in the world of ready-to-wear, but it is important to choose them well, because these socks will accompany you every day!
Alpaca wool therefore remains the preferred material, and at  BellePaga , we offer a wide choice of warm socks for men in alpaca wool!
Contact us for any additional information, we will be happy to answer your questions!
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