Woman poncho cape

Bellepaga women's poncho capes are chic and elegant, and will not only keep you warm, but will make you feel good wherever you go.
They can be worn in any season, whether to keep you warm in winter or to protect you from the chill of the beautiful summer nights.

Women's poncho capes will satisfy you no matter what your style, size, and even the occasion for which you want to wear it, our women's poncho cape will fit.

This accessory will give punch and originality to your outfits, thanks to the women's poncho capes from Bellepaga you will stand out. Do not wait any longer to discover all our models.


A trend revisited 

At the beginning the poncho was invented in the Andes before this country was colonized by Spain. This type of textile had for goal to keep warm, to keep the population dry in front of the bad weather and to serve as protection for the mountain people who underwent very cold nights and mornings. This garment has the advantage of keeping warm while offering freedom of movement, hence its simple shape. Indeed the poncho offers a unique comfort and an incomparable practicality. At the time, this type of clothing was mainly endowed with very detailed patterns, designs and symbols such as animals or geometric designs that had specific meanings for each community. Ponchos were also worn during events, indeed these clothes had many colors offering good mood and joy during the festivities.

The poncho was then marked in the 60s with the United States, it was the favorite garment of the Hippies, it was the symbol of the West
Today, this piece has become an essential to have in his wardrobe. Indeed, in recent years, the poncho is in vogue in the fall / winter seasons. It has been present in the collections of Valention or Gucci, a symbol of world fashion.
Despite its evolution through the ages, the cape poncho woman has adapted to each time, a little touch of modernity, color, shape and the trick is done.

This phenomenon continues to grow, in fact, nowadays, the cape poncho woman can be worn for any type of occasion, whether a casual Sunday walk in winter, or even the summer over a little dress to protect from the cold during an evening. This garment is good for any event. Beyond its multi-functions. The cape poncho woman can bring a touch of originality on a simple and basic outfit. Indeed, you have decided to dress all in black but you find that something is missing.

Bellepaga has the solution, dare to be original with the women's poncho capes. A wide range of models: short, long, buttoned. A wide range of colors: red, gray, beige, pink, blue, orange, etc... Customize it according to your desires.

Baby Alpaca Wool

Our women's poncho capes are made of Alpaca wool, the advantage of this wool is that it is thermoregulatory, so despite its lightness, it keeps warm. It is also hypoallergenic, so no need to worry ladies for your sensitive skin, our women's poncho capes will not scratch you and will respect your skin.

Alpaca wool is also the only wool that does not pilling, which means that the life of your clothes and accessories will be much longer.
This material is also known for its insulating power which is 7 times higher than sheep wool. Its softness can also be compared to the famous cashmere, characterized as a luxury fabric.
Our women's poncho capes are made entirely of Baby Alpaca wool, which is a very fine fiber belonging to the softest part of the Alpaca hair. This means that beyond the resistance, warmth and waterproofness of this wool, our women's poncho capes offer an incomparable softness.
Baby Alpaca wool is often compared to silk in terms of softness and comfort, but it is silkier and warmer.

Moreover, Baby Alpaca wool is an ecological wool with low environmental impact, indeed, the alpaca has pads on its legs, which allows it not to damage the soil. Then, this animal can live several days without eating or drinking, even when it eats, it does not tear the roots of the grass. Its needs for food are minimal and its waste is often used as natural fertilizer.
Baby Alpaca wool has a very diverse natural color palette ranging from beige, brown to white and black, which allows us to limit or even eliminate chemical dyes.
So do not hesitate, come and discover our women's poncho capes, wearing them, you will feel like home, you will have the impression of being in your sofa wrapped in a plaid. As previously stated, our women's poncho capes offer an incredible number of benefits while respecting the environment
 poncho femme beige

Women's Winter Poncho Cape

Ladies, you want to be chic in winter while being warm. Women's Poncho Capes are made for you.

A wide choice of colors, you can keep it simple with classics such as black, light gray or dark gray. You can even opt for simplicity with our beautiful pastel colors such as beige or pink. However, if you want to dare to be original, opt for our bright red, or our unavoidable curry.

Bellepaga also offers you different shapes, each one as original as the other. Choose the poncho if you want a long garment that covers your entire figure. If on the contrary, you want something short, choose our capes.
The poncho will offer a more casual winter look with the help of its pretty fringes at the bottom. Unlike the cape, which has a more elaborate shape, this model offers a more classic and elegant look.

No matter your taste, your style, your size, your body type, you will find your happiness.
The women's poncho capes will allow you to be warm in winter while remaining fashionable, thanks to our products you will start to love winter. The cold will no longer be an obstacle, you can go for a walk while being warm, you will want to go out to show all your friends your unusual look, modern and elegant.

Women's poncho capes will soon become your must-have to face a freezing winter.

Bellepaga Tips

Follow our tips to help you choose your cape poncho woman correctly:

- First of all, choose a color that suits your complexion perfectly. If you have light hair for example, choose soft and pure colors such as pale pink, sky blue, white, cream or other pure colors. On the contrary, if you have a tanned complexion and dark hair, choose a women's poncho cape in warm colors: red, orange, blue, gray or black. These colors will perfectly highlight your complexion and your face.

- The length of your women's poncho cape is also very important to have a trendy and elegant look. You must choose your garment according to your morphology. Indeed, if you are small in size, no matter how big you are, we advise you to choose the Ruana cape model. On the contrary, if you are thin and tall, choose rather the Warmi poncho, which will highlight your long silhouette. However, if you are tall with a large body, Bellepaga advise you to choose the cape Ruana, it will highlight your shape and give you a chic side.

- Regarding the washing, we advise you to wash your cape poncho woman cold and especially by hand. It is also recommended to use a product exclusively dedicated to wool, Bellepaga offers a shampoo for delicate wool, thanks to this shampoo, we guarantee to maintain the shine and softness of your cape poncho woman. Moreover, the wool of Baby Alpaca is very sensitive and requires more care. Moreover, it is advised to dry your garment flat, on a table for example, simply because this material does not support hot ironing, but also because drying on a hanger can deform your cape poncho woman.

Don't wait any longer, choose the model that suits you, get your women's poncho cape before winter.

Contact us for any additional information, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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