Anti-perspiration socks

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that we cannot avoid.
However, we can reduce it!

Are you sweating feet and looking for anti-perspiration socks?
In this article, we advise you which anti-perspiration socks to choose for maximum comfort and ventilation.

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Why do we sweat from our feet? 

When you sweat from your feet, it is directly due to a signal from your brain to your sweat glands to regulate your body temperature.

It can also be due to your body's reaction to an intense emotion such as fear, stress or even excitement.

Some people are more prone to sweating feet, in some cases where the sweating is excessive we talk about hyperhidrosis.
This phenomenon is relatively complex. At the moment, scientists do not know what causes it.

However, psychological and thermal stimuli seem to be involved, such as wearing tight shoes or nylon socks. Or poor foot hygiene.

In addition to the unpleasant sensation, excessive sweating of the feet can cause several problems such as
- A bacterial infection
- Skin fungus
- Various injuries
- Blister formation
- The appearance of frostbite

In addition, the arrival of bad odors can appear.
This is due to the decomposition of organic matter, the development of fungi and bacteria present on the foot.

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100% cotton anti-perspiration socks

Cotton is a very well known material in the world of fashion and ready to wear. Soft and pleasant to wear, many of our clothes are mainly made of it.

One of the main characteristics of cotton is its ability to absorb.

Indeed, if you sweat, cotton absorbs your perspiration very quickly.
Light to wear and thermoregulatory, cotton will not make you sweat by itself.
However, in spite of its absorbing capacities, cotton remains a very difficult material to dry.
It can therefore be very unpleasant to wear once the material is soaked.

So why not adopt cotton anti-perspiration socks?
This textile is often used to make socks.

Cotton has thermoregulatory properties that are highly appreciated by consumers.

However, it will certainly make you sweat less but will not prevent you from sweating.
Moreover, cotton being a very absorbent material, the humidity will be felt. And it is never very pleasant to wear wet socks...


Anti perspiration sock bamboo

Do you really know bamboo? I guess you know the plant.
But did you know that it is also used to design textiles?

Bamboo viscose is often used to make clothes.
Its characteristics are numerous: soft, light and strong it makes it a very interesting material.

Bamboo viscose is also well known for its absorbent and antibacterial properties.
It is used a lot in the medical field for the design of gowns etc.

Bamboo remains a natural fiber respectful of the environment. It requires very little water, no pesticides and blocks soil erosion.

However, industrialists are now keen on this fiber and cause a real craze in the textile industry.
The bamboo is enormously exploited within monocultures and generates a strong deforestation. Not to mention the use of fertilizers and pesticides in huge quantities.

Are bamboo anti-perspiration socks really effective?
Yes, they can be a good alternative.

Antibacterial and anti-odour, you will feel clean and you can say goodbye to bad smells!

They are very breathable and absorb moisture very well, which limits odors and allows your feet to breathe.

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Why choose alpaca wool socks?

At BellePaga, we offer a wide range of anti-perspiration socks.
Our socks are made of alpaca wool, a fiber with many virtues.

So why choose anti-perspiration socks made of alpaca wool?

Simply because it is a wool with multiple virtues:

- Strong resistance: alpaca wool is an extremely resistant fiber, your socks will last you over time! With these socks you can say goodbye to pilling and holes!

- Light: our antiperspirant socks are light, this is due to the alpaca wool which offers a lightness incomparable to other wools.

- Extremely soft and silky: this fiber is 4 times softer than sheep's wool, it is very similar to cashmere.

- Its surprising insulating power: indeed, alpaca fiber is 7 times more insulating than sheep's wool.

- Thermoregulating: with alpaca wool you will never be too hot or too cold! Its thermoregulatory power will keep your feet at the ideal temperature!

So why not opt for anti-perspiration socks made of alpaca wool?
With our socks, you will feel much more comfortable in your sneakers!

If you are prone to excessive foot sweat, alpaca wool and its thermoregulatory properties allow your feet to breathe without getting cold.

Moreover, alpaca wool does not emit any odor when wet, which means that when you sweat, you won't smell bad.

Alpaca is also very eco-friendly! It does not consume much water or food. Its wool also comes in many colors, so it doesn't require dyeing in many cases.

There are many different types of anti-perspiration socks in the world of ready to wear.
However, alpaca wool remains the material of choice.

At BellePaga, we offer a wide range of anti-perspiration socks made of alpaca wool!