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Let's face it, sweaters are our favorite thing to wear in the winter. They keep us warm under our coats all day long. But sometimes, it's true that warm materials like wool are itchy!

Can't stand your wool sweaters that keep itching? Then this article is for you! Discover the alpaca wool, this warm but also very soft wool which will become for sure your best ally against the cold.

In addition to possessing a number of virtues, alpaca wool is harvested in the Andes Mountains in South America from really adorable camelids. Alpacas are funny animals with an atypical coat and properties that are still too unknown on our continent. However, a garment or accessory made of alpaca is very warm and soft.

At Bellepaga, we offer you alpaca items that will soften your winter days. Whether it's a nice soft sweater, a trendy headband or a big warm scarf, all are made of this exceptional wool. So if you are looking for a real solution to dress warmly with very comfortable clothes, BellePaga is for you!

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Soft sweater for women

A warm sweater is good, but if it is soft it is even better. It is true that some materials scratch more than others, like sheep's wool for example. Who has never removed a sweater because the itching was so unbearable? But fortunately, there are very soft materials in nature. There is a really soft, warm, light and environmentally friendly wool: alpaca wool.

Indeed, this wool is seven times warmer and four times more resistant than sheep's wool. Secondly, this wool is very soft and does not itch. If you want a soft sweater, alpaca is for you! Plus, an alpaca sweater won't pilling, which means it's a durable purchase. Alpaca wool has thermoregulatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Also, the harvesting of alpaca wool is one of the few that does not lead to animal abuse. So this wool has no disadvantages! It is for all these reasons that this wool is called "the wool of the gods" in South America. Incredible, isn't it?

We can then ask ourselves: Why continue to buy itchy sweaters when there are sweaters made with this superb wool? A soft sweater is really a must have for winter. We often tend to forgo comfort for style, but comfort is really key to having a good day. For your comfort and well-being, there is nothing better than a good soft and warm sweater.

At BellePaga, we have chosen to prioritize your comfort because we consider it a really important quality in a garment. Thanks to the alpaca wool, our clothes and accessories are really soft, warm and comfortable. So ladies, if you're looking for a soft sweater, you're bound to find something you like in our online store!

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Soft sweater for men

Men can't always stand having thick layers of clothing on them. Sweat and the feeling of being all tight and not being able to move properly are often mentioned as problems. In addition, some people quickly become very hot when they put on a sweater. For all these everyday problems, a soft alpaca sweater can only help!

Indeed, thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, alpaca wool keeps the body at an ideal temperature. It's really great because you won't be too hot or too cold! It also lets the air circulate to avoid perspiration problems. This is a property that is really appreciated in all weather and all seasons.

Secondly, alpaca fiber is very fine, much finer than hair. This means that a soft alpaca sweater is certainly warm but it remains light to wear and very comfortable. It ensures a great freedom of movement which will delight many people!

Alpaca wool is a very silky and soft wool. It does not take almost any odor like cigarette or other. This wool has many advantages and few disadvantages. It is thanks to the living conditions of the alpacas that their wool has so many virtues. Indeed, living on the high plateaus in South America, the alpacas are forced to undergo extreme temperature changes pushing them to adapt to their environment to survive. Their coat is therefore designed to withstand both positive and negative temperatures. The alpaca is truly a unique animal in the world that deserves our full attention.

At BellePaga, we offer many alpaca items, including Baby alpaca. This is a part of the alpaca fiber that is even softer and obviously keeps all its beautiful virtues. You can find a soft sweater in Baby alpaca that you will keep for many years. You will never want to leave it!

Soft alpaca sweater for men

Soft sweater: which material?

There are many materials to make a sweater ... But what are the softest materials?

Silk is known as one of the softest materials, and it's true! Indeed, this weaving produced by silkworms is incredibly soft. This fiber has a great thermal power and offers clothes with a unique and beautiful shine. Silk is also known to be very light to wear. This means that silk is a very coveted material.

Cashmere is also incredibly soft. This fiber, which comes from the shearing of the angora goat, is very rare. Moreover, the rarity of this down is the cause of animal abuse. Indeed, to accelerate the production of cashmere, goats are often shorn several times a year including in winter. Since their fur is removed, they can no longer protect themselves from the cold. Some of them can't survive this. Of course, cashmere is very soft, but its production is not always ethical.

We also find the alpaca fiber. This fiber is a pure wonder for a soft sweater. Alpaca is an animal that emits very little greenhouse gas. So alpaca farms are much less dangerous for the environment than other farms. Also, the alpaca produces a lot of wool during the year. On top of that, alpaca fiber has all the desirable properties for a soft sweater: softness, comfort, warmth and durability. And for even more softness, Baby Alpaca fiber is great.


Soft but warm sweater for women

Outside, when the weather is still a bit cold, it is very nice to wear a soft sweater... but still warm! For example, a soft cotton sweater is great, but it's not the warmest material.

Unlike cotton, alpaca wool is really warm. Indeed, alpaca wool is very insulating which protects you from the cold. However, don't be afraid of being too warm when wearing a soft alpaca sweater because this material is thermoregulating. This unique property allows you to maintain your body at an ideal temperature and not to sweat. So while alpaca will keep you warm if it's cold, you won't get too hot if the temperature is milder.

Baby alpaca makes for a light, warm and above all soft sweater. Comfort is an essential element for your daily well-being and this is achieved through the choice of your clothes. Favoring noble and eco responsible materials is very important.

At BellePaga, you will easily find a timeless and durable soft sweater. Indeed, we put a point of honor on the comfort to offer you a real experience. Our items are simple, elegant, warm and comfortable. Discover the hygge atmosphere through our wool of the gods collection.

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3 BellePaga tips to face the cold

- Exercise to boost your body and your immune system! (Sport all year round is even better)

- Dip your feet in a hot water bath after a long day in the cold, it will do your body a world of good!

- Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. In winter, our bodies tend to become dehydrated to fight against the many viruses. Drinking well is very important to stay in shape!

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BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its alpaca wool products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our sweaters for women and our sweaters for men. You can also find our women's collection and our men's collection on the website! You can also find our products for Home&Deco in alpaca. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.