How to wear a scarf ?

With the approach of winter, some accessories invite themselves in our wardrobe.
Hats, gloves and scarves are essential during this season.
Without them, you would not be well protected from the cold. But because of their occasional use, it is sometimes difficult to know how to choose them and how to use them.

Indeed, just as there are different types of gloves: the classic ones, the minimalist ones, the mittens and the caps: short, long, with tassels, there are also different types of scarves.

And how to wear a scarf will mainly change depending on the type of scarf chosen.
But the style and the material will also influence your scarf wearing.

So, in this article, we will show you how to wear a scarf and match it well.

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Know how to wear a scarf: 

The scarf is a winter accessory so it is made to be showy and can therefore be more fancy than a so-called "essential" garment that you would wear every day.

Indeed if people often buy coats of a rather sober color in order to be able to match them with as many colors of clothes as possible, a scarf is often an accessory which leaves free court to the expression of your own style, of your imagination.

Thus you will find a huge variety of scarves in terms of patterns as well as colors, lengths, shape or material.

However, the more flashy and original your scarf will be, the less it will be able to match any kind of clothing.

Moreover, depending on the material of your scarf, especially because of the question of pilling, it is sometimes not advisable to wear certain scarf materials with a coat or a zip-up sweater.
This is particularly the case with sheep's wool.

Alpaca wool, on the other hand, is known for its sturdiness and its amazing ability to be both soft and exceptionally durable.

But in case you still have a lint problem with your favorite scarf; thanks to our article on how to avoid pilling you will have the miracle solution to repair it or avoid a repeat of the disaster.

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The different types of scarves :


It is the long rectangular and straight scarf that we wrap around the neck.
The length of this one is variable but in general one finds many scarves going from 180x30 200x30 is more or less long according to the number of turns that you wish.

The latter is particularly appreciated because it allows everyone to bring their personal touch by wearing it as they wish.

The very large classic scarves also have the advantage of being able to be used as plaids, shawls or umbrellas. Indeed, when you forgot your own, you will always have the possibility to protect yourself by covering your head with your big scarf.

In any case, at BellePaga you will find the scarf you need. We have a very wide range of colors, patterns and lengths of scarves called "classic".
What to satisfy more than one!


Derived from the traditional scarf, the snood forms a tube, also known as a neck wrap or snood.

Elegant and modern, you can choose it in wool or fur, it will protect you completely from the cold. No more drafts, no more problems with the scarf unraveling and falling off.

The snood is quick to put on and offers a different style than the scarf, but just as trendy.
However it is true that from a fashion point of view, the practicality of the snood hides a disadvantage for creative people.

As you may have guessed, this is the fact that you can unfortunately only wear this scarf in one way, which, we agree, can quickly become tiresome.

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The different materials of scarves : 

In winter, one of the great favorites is the long wool or cotton scarf in which you can wrap yourself to protect your neck from the icy cold as well as to be cocooned at the office.

Indeed these two materials are known to be particularly warm.

The main difference between a wool and cotton scarf is the resistance and softness.

It is true that if wool often tends to be softer, especially when it is a prestigious wool like baby alpaca or cashmere wool, the latter is sometimes the cause of allergies and pilling more quickly.

The absorbent cotton, if it is less soft, has at least the capacity to hold easily several years without being damaged.
As for the aesthetic aspect, a wool scarf will be puffier and a cotton scarf will be more discreet.
The style you want to achieve will depend on the material you choose.
However, with these two materials you will be warm and comfortable!

When the nice days come back, and the weather gets milder, it is wiser to opt for a silk or linen scarf.
Indeed even if these two materials are very different in terms of texture and appearance they are both particularly chic and will dress up all your outfits.

A silk scarf is often chosen to bring pep by its color, its pattern and the linen scarf it to dress your outfit while marrying perfectly with the tones of the latter.
For example, for a full beige look in autumn, you will have the choice to bring a touch of color like orange with a silk fabric or simply dress your outfit with a linen scarf with the same colors.

You are free to vary the pleasures according to the season and your outfit!

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How to put on a scarf: 

More than a simple fabric that keeps you warm, the scarf is also a real fashion accessory that dresses up your outfit and that you can wear in different ways.
How to wear a scarf will differ according to your tastes, your mood, the weather.

So a classic scarf can be worn in different ways: For women, the most known way to wear a scarf is the simple knot.
The simple knot for women is more likely to be the one with one part of the scarf covering/protecting the neck, and two symmetrical pendants of equal size on either side of the shoulders.

For men, the knot will be more similar to a tie, with less hangers.
This knotting is also a bit more technical.
Indeed you must first fold the scarf in half, so that the 2 ends arrive at the same level, then pass the scarf around the neck while holding it still folded and insert the two ends in the "hole" formed opposite these two ends. Finally, tighten to your preference.

The long and wide scarves are particularly appreciated by women because in addition to being able to be tied in a "classic" way around the neck, it is possible to put them as a plaid around the chest and shoulders or as a scarf, covering your head and your neck at the same time.

For a more casual style you can also let your scarf hang over your jacket after slipping it around your neck, this way of taking your scarf will elongate your silhouette.

There are a thousand and one ways to wear your scarf so invent, innovate, surprise: How to wear a scarf is up to you.