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In winter, it's always a challenge to find the motivation to go out. The cold, the wind, the rain, all this makes the days difficult and the morale is often in the socks. So, having warm clothes in winter is more than a necessity to spend good days.

Sweaters are our best allies during the winter, and even in the fall and spring. They accompany us throughout the year for our greatest pleasure. However, it is necessary to succeed in getting hold of quality clothes like a woman's sweater for winter in alpaca wool. Indeed, the material of sweaters is very important. It is according to that that a woman sweater will be insulating or not. That is to say that the more a material is insulating, the more it retains body heat.

In addition, some textiles have many virtues that are thermoregulatory, antibacterial or hypoallergenic. For example, alpaca is an incredible wool because of its texture and its unique properties. In other words, it is the ideal material to make a winter sweater that is truly warm, soft and comfortable to wear. This wool is seven times warmer than sheep's wool. So it's a real pleasure to wear alpaca in winter.

At BellePaga, we offer quality and comfortable alpaca clothing for women and men, including a collection of women's winter sweaters.

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What wool for a woman's sweater for winter?

As previously mentioned, it is the material used that makes a woman's sweater warm or not. The wool family is known to have a wide variety of warm materials. Indeed, there are many different types of wool. Let's take a look at some of the types of wool and what their properties are.

Cashmere is a rare wool that comes from the Angora goat. Its fiber is three times warmer than sheep's wool because it is much more insulating. This rare wool can offer you a very warm and soft winter sweater, but its production is a disaster for the environment. Cashmere harvesting has become quite cruel and bad for the animals for several years. Indeed, goats have to be shorn prematurely, sometimes even in winter, to meet the high demand of consumers. Because of this, many goats die of cold because they have no hair to protect themselves.

Sheep's wool is well insulated and resistant. Nevertheless, its rough texture can often cause itching. Moreover, it must be maintained rigorously, at the risk of felting or shrinking. So if a sheep's wool garment is not cared for properly, it will not be a wearable garment in the long run. The interesting thing is that sheep's wool is the least expensive of the wools.

Angora comes from the hair of the angora rabbit. This wool is really soft, warm and very pleasant to wear. Unfortunately, its harvest is not at all ethical. Indeed, the poor animals are kept locked in narrow cages and are regularly mistreated. The hair of these rabbits is pulled out alive, which generates great suffering.

Merino wool has several therapeutic virtues. This wool is thermoregulating and antibacterial. In addition to being of high quality, merino wool is warmer and finer than traditional sheep's wool.

Mohair is harvested from the shearing of angora goats. This soft and fine wool is one of the most appreciated. This textile has been used for thousands of years and can provide you with a very comfortable warm sweater.

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Alpaca wool, also called "wool of the gods" is a wool with many advantages and virtues. To begin with, it is super insulating. It is a fiber that retains very well the heat produced by the body. Alpaca wool is seven times more insulating than sheep's wool. This wool makes it possible to make a woman's sweater for winter incredibly warm and comfortable.

Secondly, alpaca wool is very soft, so it is very comfortable. It can even be compared to cashmere. When you wear alpaca, you are not bothered by an unpleasant textile that scratches and itches all the time. Also, this wool has thermoregulatory properties. This virtue prevents the body from sweating and therefore from being too cold or too hot. This allows to maintain the body at the ideal temperature. This very light and pleasant wool can be worn in all circumstances and shelters well from the cold.

Alpaca wool is very resistant and it almost doesn't get damaged with time. In fact, it hardly pills at all, something that is often reproached to most wools. A product made of alpaca wool is therefore a durable and wearable product for many years.

Finally, the harvesting of alpaca fiber is ecologically responsible and ethical. Its production emits very little greenhouse gas, compared to the production of other wools. Also, the alpacas are not mistreated and live in an environment that is adapted to them since that is where they have always lived. In addition, the Peruvians who harvest and make the clothes at BellePaga are paid and treated with the utmost respect. A woman's sweater made with alpaca wool offers unparalleled comfort, and you know where it comes from and what you are wearing.

We can deduce that the best wool for a woman's sweater for winter is alpaca wool. It has all the desirable properties and few drawbacks.

At BellePaga, we use mainly alpaca wool, but also bamboo fiber and mohair. We also use Baby Alpaca, a fiber even softer than alpaca. In other words, we offer you clothes designed with respect for nature and the environment with fantastic comfort. Adopt a BellePaga winter sweater and you won't be afraid to face the weather outside!

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A big sweater for winter ?

Sweaters are essential pieces to have in your wardrobe during winter. It is obvious that no woman can imagine spending the winter without her winter sweater collection! Snuggling up in a soft women's sweater, with a nice hot chocolate in a cozy plaid, is the best feeling when it's cold.

In our subconscious, we tend to imagine that a thick sweater is warmer than a thin one. But this is not the reality. The material of the sweater must be insulating. So it is not because a woman's sweater is thick that it is insulating and that it keeps warm. Finding a good women's sweater every winter is a challenge.

At BellePaga, we offer clothing made from alpaca wool, one of the warmest wools there is! A woman's alpaca sweater will accompany you for many winters and will become your best friend. Moreover, thanks to this fiber, our sweaters are extremely warm, comfortable and soft while being fine.

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Winter sweater woman chic

Many women like to dress up with chic and elegant outfits regardless of the season. In winter, it is not always easy to find sweaters with nice cuts, nice materials that have a nice refined and classy look. We tend to hide our big sweaters under a big coat! However, it is totally possible to be chic with a woman's sweater in winter.

At BellePaga, we take care to create simple, sleek but still stylish sweaters for your winter days. In addition to their effective design, their comfort is absolutely incredible. We have a wide selection of sweaters in many different colors. There is something for every body type and skin tone!

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Very warm sweater woman winter

In winter, having a warm sweater is more than necessary. But how to know that a sweater is warm and know which materials are insulating? Some materials are warmer than others and it is well known. To get a very warm sweater, you must choose a very insulating material. The warmest and softest material is Alpaca.

Indeed, this wool is seven times more insulating than sheep's wool. It also has many virtues; it is hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and antibacterial. This wool is therefore perfect for your well-being and comfort. Moreover, an alpaca wool sweater allows you to keep your body at an ideal temperature.

At Bellepaga, we work with alpaca wool but also with Baby Alpaca. It is a fiber even softer than alpaca. This allows us to make sweaters that are really soft, not itchy, and very warm. In other words, to spend an ideal winter, it is a real plus to own a BellePaga woman sweater.

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3 BellePaga tips to care for your alpaca wool clothes

- Wash your alpaca clothes by hand

- Do not wring out or wring out alpaca clothing after washing. Just press lightly on them to remove the water.

- Place your clothes flat on a towel when drying. This way, the towel will suck the water out of the wool.

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BellePaga allows you to live a unique experience with its Alpaca products. Your well-being is very important to us. Discover our warm winter sweaters for women. You will love our women's collection of alpaca clothing! You can also find our products for Home&Déco as well as our men's collection. We offer you high quality products because you deserve it.