Natural comforter

There are countless different types of comforters: natural, synthetic, wool...
But how to know which one is the most suitable for us?

In this article you will find all our explanations on the different fillings of comforters, their characteristics and benefits, but also in what size should you buy your comforter and how to choose the heat index.
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How to choose your comforter ?

In order to choose at best which natural comforter to choose, you must refer to certain points.

First of all the choice of the size of your natural comforter is essential.

If your bed measures 90 by 190cm you must take a comforter measuring 140 by 200cm or you also have the possibility of taking one 200 by 200cm.

For a bed measuring 120 by 190cm, a 200 by 200 comforter will be perfect.

For beds measuring 140 by 190cm the size to adopt should be 200 by 200cm or 240 by 220cm.

For beds measuring 160cm by 200cm, the most suitable comforter size is 240cm by 220cm. However, a natural comforter measuring 260cm by 240cm is also suitable.

Finally, if your bed measures 180cm by 200cm or more, you will need a comforter measuring 280cm by 240cm.

Then, you must choose the index of heat of your natural comforter.

If you want a comforter for the summer you should choose a comforter with a light heat index.

If your choice is more on a natural comforter of mid-season, then you must choose an index known as "temperate".

Then, for the natural comforters of winter, there are two indices: hot and very hot.
If you are very sensitive to the cold or if your room is not very heated, then the very warm comforter index is to be preferred.
If you just want to be warm in your bed in winter but you are not necessarily cold, then a comforter with a "warm" rating should be sufficient.

There are also the comforters known as of 4 seasons.
Their index is thus adjustable.
The advantage of this comforter is, as its name indicates, that it can be used during the 4 seasons of the year.
Indeed, it is about two comforters which one assembles in period of cold to obtain more heat or which one detaches when it is hot.

couette blanche crème synthétique

A synthetic comforter ? What is it ? 

First of all, in order to recognize a synthetic comforter to a natural comforter you just have to look at its filling.
A synthetic comforter is filled with polyester, microfibers or siliconized hollow fibers unlike natural comforters which are made from natural products.

A synthetic comforter is very light and less expensive.

Hypoallergenic, they are ideal for people with dust mite allergies and offer effective protection from bacteria.

They are also easy to clean, machine washable.
The same goes for the dryer.

Their lifespan of about 5 years is relatively short when you know that a natural comforter can be used for about 10 years.


Natural comforters made from plants. 

There are different types of natural comforters in plants: cotton, bamboo fiber ...

The most famous natural comforter is the cotton comforter: very absorbent and thermoregulating, you will not get wet if you sweat.
However, it is necessary to clean it regularly in order to avoid the bad smells.

The natural cotton comforter is easily affordable, depending on your budget you can choose a comforter with a more or less tight weave.

Less known, the natural comforter in bamboo is ideal if you wish to adopt a vegetable comforter.

Naturally absorbent, you can forget that hated feeling of humidity.
Bamboo fiber is a naturally antibacterial fiber, so it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

A comforter made of bamboo fiber is a natural comforter that is very respectful of the environment.
The bamboo is a plant enormously used, in particular for the creation of accessories, decorations etc, because it consumes very little water.

However, a natural bamboo comforter is still very expensive, and it is not as soft as a cotton or wool comforter.


A comforter made from feather or down?

When buying a natural comforter, you can choose a comforter made from feather or down.

But what is the difference between feather and down?

First of all, down is much lighter than feather.
Down, unlike feathers, is taken from the wings and belly of ducks or geese.

Down, because of its rarity and efficiency, is much more expensive than feather, which stores less heat.

What are the advantages of buying a natural feather or down comforter?

Thermoregulating, a down or feather comforter will naturally protect you from cold and humidity.
Moreover, if you are prone to night sweats, its thermoregulatory power is ideal for you.

Once again, a natural comforter like this one has a much longer life expectancy than a synthetic one.

Very soft, a down or feather comforter offers you comfort and warmth.

What are the disadvantages of down or feather?

First of all, the price. A natural feather or down comforter is very expensive. Depending on the down you choose and its weight, the price of the comforter can rise very quickly.

A natural down comforter or feather comforter is very difficult to clean. In order not to take any risk it is important to let a professional clean it for you.

In order to create a goose feather comforter for 2 people, you will need about 50 geese.
For a duck feather comforter for 2 people, you will need about 72 ducks.

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A natural silk comforter, and why not? 

A natural silk comforter has many advantages due to its quality and unique comfort.

Indeed, a silk comforter has very interesting properties:

Thermoregulating, it will keep you warm quickly and throughout the night without making you sweat. It adapts to the body temperature, it is ideal for people suffering from night sweats.

Very light, you will love to slip into it.
Its thinness will allow you to fold it and to store it easily.
Moreover that it gets a very pleasant sensation of freshness every time you go to bed.

The fibers of a natural silk comforter are so fine that dust mites cannot nest in them. This makes it an ideal comforter for the more allergic among you.

Once again, the price of a natural silk comforter is very expensive. If you want a quality comforter count at least 400 euros for a double comforter.

Attention, a silk comforter is extremely fragile, you can very easily damage it during your washings or dryings. Here again it is strongly recommended to give your comforter to a specialist to clean it.

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What about natural wool comforters? 

A natural comforter with a wool filling can be a good investment.

Indeed, wool has very good thermal performances.
If you are afraid of the cold, you will be protected and warm throughout your nights.

Very absorbent, you will not wake up in the middle of the night because you sweat.

Moreover it is known to be very comfortable and cozy, you will feel good and you will be delighted to slip into it every night.

Resistant, the wool does not get damaged easily. You can keep your comforter for at least 10 years easily.

Once again, for a comforter with a natural filling, it is strongly recommended to clean it by hand or by a professional to avoid losing its comfort and quality.

As for the price, count about 110 euros for a low-end comforter to more than 1000 euros for a high-end comforter like those filled with cashmere for example.


Why choose an alpaca wool comforter from BellePaga?

Alpaca wool, also called "The wool of the gods" is an exceptional fiber.
Indeed, this wool still little known, has many properties that will undoubtedly attract your attention.

To put it simply, alpaca wool is the most beautiful wool in the world, so why not make quilts with it?

Here are some reasons why you should buy a BellePaga comforter:

- Alpaca wool offers 7 times the insulating power of sheep's wool.
You won't find warmer than alpaca fiber, which makes it your essential ally in cold weather.

- Its thermoregulatory properties are impressive.
Indeed, alpacas live in the Andes. A place where temperatures vary from one day to the next.
For that, the alpacas had to adapt and thus created a wool being able to adapt to these changes of temperatures sometimes radical.
An alpaca wool comforter will offer you a unique experience of warmth and will make your nights pleasant by adapting to your body temperature.

- Extremely soft and silky, adopting an alpaca wool comforter means adopting a quality and very comforting sleep.
This softness is due to the fact that we use baby alpaca fiber in our products which measures between 18 and 22 microns.
Attention, the fiber of the baby alpaca does not come from a baby alpaca but well and truly from an adult alpaca! It is just the fineness of the fiber that differs.
Such a fine fiber of such a good quality will give you an unequalled softness.

- Alpaca wool is also ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
Indeed, it does not contain lanolin which is an allergenic and irritating substance for the skin.
This wool is therefore ideal for sensitive skin but also for babies!

- Last point, its resistance.
Here again, alpaca wool has done a great job, 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, so don't worry about it pilling or getting damaged quickly. You will keep it much longer!

In addition to being the ideal natural comforter to cover your beds, BellePaga is committed to different values.

We are for the respect of the animals:
The alpacas that allow us to produce this fiber live in freedom in their natural country and live in peace.

For the respect of the environment:
The alpaca is an animal that consumes very little water and does not eat much.

Moreover, unlike the goat, it does not tear up the plants it consumes. This allows the plants to grow back without problems.

Its wool does not require aggressive washing and the diversity of its colors allows us not to have recourse to dyes, which are often very polluting.

All our products are natural and ecological. The same goes for our packaging.

We respect an ancestral know-how:
Our products are made or finished by hand by artisans living in Peru or Bolivia.
Their expertise and know-how will offer you high quality products.

We are for the well-being of our artisans:
We take care of the fair remuneration of our artisans and work together with maximum transparency and respect.

Natural or synthetic, you now know all the characteristics of the various quilts proposed on the market.
Each one has its benefits and its disadvantages...

However, a natural alpaca wool comforter remains one of the best options.
Warm and comfortable, you will not be able to do without it!

BellePaga offers you a large choice of natural alpaca wool comforter.
Don't hesitate anymore! You won't be disappointed!