Big scarf

There is nothing better than a good big scarf to wrap up in when it is cold.
Much more than a simple accessory protecting you from low temperatures, it is also an essential fashion accessory.
Long, thin, colored ... there are thousands! But which one to choose?

With BellePaga you have the choice.
Knitted or woven, our scarves will make you fall in love with them.
To fall for our scarves is to opt for a unique experience of comfort, warmth and quality.

women scarf

A long scarf, for maximum softness.

We all know that feeling in winter when you open your front door to go to work. That cold feeling that invades you and makes you shiver from head to toe.
And above all, it makes you want to crawl back into bed.

In order to face these temperatures at best, a solution is offered to you: a pretty and long alpaca wool scarf.
It will be your best ally and will keep you warm all day long.

Long and thick scarves are essential accessories.
Every year these essentials come back at the top of the trends.

The Apocuna scarf from BellePaga will protect you from the cold. Long, soft and light you will love to wear it! You'll find it in different colors: red, white, grey, pink... you're spoilt for choice.

But why choose a long scarf? It is ideal to wrap yourself in it, soft and comfortable you will know in a cocoon of softness and warmth.
So what do you think? You adopt it ?

big knitted scarf

A big knitted scarf for more authenticity.

Knitted or woven, many possibilities are offered to you.
So why choose a big knitted scarf?

The advantage of knitting is that it allows large stitches to appear, which adds a nice detail to your scarf. Its cozy look will allow you to wear it oversized.
Plus, it's very stretchy, so it will be easy to wrap yourself in.

Once again, our big Apocuna scarf will offer you this comfort and softness so appreciated thanks to its knitted stitches.

large shawl scarf

A large shawl scarf to wrap you in a cocoon of warmth.

One of the most used large scarves are also the shawl scarves.

Elegant, you can wear it with a nice dress or skirt.
It will dress up your outfit and protect you from the cold when the temperatures are low.

Colorful, with different patterns, sizes and weaves, you will find your happiness easily!

Wide, it protects your shoulders and neck.

Comfortable, you will not be able to do without it. Warm, it will comfort you.

Trendy, you will find it in all its forms!

alpaca wool scarf

An alpaca wool scarf for a unique comfort experience.

There are countless materials and textiles to make big scarves.
But which one to choose?

BellePaga offers you for all its products the Baby Alpaca fiber.
This fiber also called "The wool of the gods" is the softest and warmest on the market.

Small reminder: the fiber of Baby Alpaca certainly does not come from a baby alpaca but from the adult alpaca! This wool is actually much finer than that of the classic alpaca.
You want to know a little more about the fiber of the Baby alpaca? It is here.

Alpaca wool is much more resistant than sheep's wool, it does not pilling and can be washed without problems.

It is also hypoallergenic and thermoregulating.
It is therefore ideal for the most sensitive skins, thanks to alpaca wool you can now forget about red patches and that unpleasant sensation of tingling in your neck.

A big alpaca wool scarf will warm you up 7 times more than a sheep wool scarf.
This wool is the warmest in the world, you won't find better.
Its insulating and thermoregulating power will keep you warm but will not make you sweat!

scarves for women

Beautiful scarves for women.

Warm, sparkling or more sober colors, many big scarves are available at BellePaga.

Trendy and 100% alpaca wool, you will love them!

You want to opt for a touch of originality? Or want to accessorize your outfit? Our chunky Karu and Wani scarves will add a nice detail to your look.

Do you like flashy colors? Find lively and colorful colors at BellePaga. Our Quawana or Suni chunky scarves offer a wide range of colors that will surely meet your expectations.

Want to wear a chunky scarf that is relatively sober but not too classic? Our big scarves Tika and Paway are perfect for you.

scarves for men

Elegant scarves for men.

For men, you can also find many big scarves. The colors are generally darker and darker than for women.
You will find however, nice patterns such as checks or stripes.

Our large alpaca wool scarves for men come in different colors and shapes.

If you are looking for patterns while remaining sober and elegant you can opt for our Puyu or Machu scarves.

If you are looking for a simple scarf, the Sunimax and Suni scarves will satisfy you.

You are looking for a big simple scarf but with a touch of originality? The Quawana, Karu and Wani scarves will definitely please you.

If your style is more like a knitted scarf, our Apocuna chunky scarf will be ideal.

Adopting a BellePaga chunky scarf is to adopt a unique experience of comfort and warmth. With our scarves say goodbye to cold, tingling and fashion faux pas, you will feel like you are wearing a cloud around your neck.