Winter sweater

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Winter is fast approaching. It's time to cover up and invest in warm and quality clothes, like a winter sweater. For this occasion, BellePaga offers a wide range of winter sweaters for men and women. They are all made from baby alpaca wool, a fiber that is an essential to protect yourself from the cold without being too hot during the winter. This is possible thanks to all its exceptional properties, especially the fact that it is thermoregulatory. But this is only one of its virtues, there are others that contribute to its reputation as the wool of the gods.

So if you're looking for a stylish winter sweater that is both soft and warm, and will last over time without fluffing up, you've come to the right place. Opt for the BellePaga brand sweaters that are real must-haves for your dressing room. Say goodbye to old scratchy sweaters and discover alpaca wool sweaters!

Alpaca wool winter sweater


Before presenting you the winter sweaters we have at BellePaga, let's start with a point about the baby alpaca fiber that composes all the products of the brand. It is a quality material that is not very common in Europe but which allows us to make quality winter sweaters that will resist all winters and keep you warm in the face of temperature variations.

Let's get to the point: alpaca fiber. It is a fiber known to be of superior quality, even magical in view of its extraordinary properties in terms of softness, warmth and durability. There are 2 types of alpaca fiber: alpaca wool (a 29 micron fiber) and baby alpaca wool (a 23 micron fiber). The latter is known for its fineness which makes it famous.

But why is it so famous? Because it combines multiple properties. It is a very light fiber. Therefore, it is very pleasant to wear, especially since it is hypoallergenic - it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Thanks to this wool, you will be immediately protected from the cold and wrapped in a veil of softness. The advantage of this wool is that it remains thermoregulatory. So you will not sweat excessively when wearing this fiber but you will stay warm.

You have seen that there are many exceptional properties when you put on a BellePaga product, so you should also know that investing in a BellePaga garment is investing in sustainable clothing. This wool is known to have a limited impact on the environment, unlike cashmere wool which is very polluting. Moreover, this wool which composes our winter sweaters and all other articles of the site will not pilling! The days when you had to throw away your sweater at the end of the winter are over: alpaca wool does not pilling unlike other wools. This is one of the most appreciated virtues because it allows you to keep your winter sweaters all your life.

As for their realization, it is respectful of the fundamental values of the brand. All our products are made in short circuit within the country of origin of the alpaca and its fiber. Our products benefit from an authentic Peruvian know-how that gives our clothes an unparalleled quality. Our handmade products are made with respect for the environment, for the animals (which evolve in their natural habitat) and for the craftsmen (who are paid their fair value and with whom we are in contact).

Winter sweater for women

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Now that you have learned more about the composition of our alpaca wool sweaters, we will introduce you to the winter sweater models we have created for women.

We have recently released a new collection: new colors and new designs for fall-winter 2021-2022. First of all, you can find a timeless V-neck: the Paki sweater. This sweater made from baby alpaca wool is a must-have when it comes to bringing warmth and softness to your everyday life. Thanks to the fineness of its medium knit, you will be able to wear it for the coldest days as well as for the smallest. We have made this model in three colors: royal blue, bright orange and warm brown. We offer it for 199,00€ in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

For those who prefer round collars, we also have the Paskay Sweater, a model that combines alpaca wool and merino wool. This winter sweater with a round neck and a single stitch can be worn in any temperature. Buy this sweater, it is an opportunity to adopt a style both elegant and classic, which allows you to easily match it with all your outfits. This model is available in 2 colors: electric blue and orange. It is available for 189,00€ in S, M, L and XL

The last sweater of our fall-winter collection is made of baby alpaca wool and a little merino wool. The Pita Round Neck Sweater has a medium knit which allows it to be easily matched with any type of outfit. It has a discreet border on the sleeve ends and on the bottom of the sweater and comes in two colors: wine and Mayan blue. As for the others, it is available in S, M, L and XL for 199,00€.

We focused on the 3 sweaters from our new collection but there are still timeless ones from our previous collection. For winter round neck sweaters, we have the Huaca Sweater for 189,00€ in standard sizes from S to XL. Thanks to its rather casual cut, it is perfect for everyday wear, whether in white or grey for a casual look or in pink and Mayan blue for a more sophisticated effect. For 225,00€, we also have the Quirao Sweater. A basic winter sweater that you can find in white, red and black. If you are a fan of V-neck models with a more casual cut, we have the Churi Sweater to offer you, in light blue or beige. Finally, for those who want to protect their neck from the cold this winter, we recommend the Ninna sweater with wide sleeves.

You have a large choice of winter sweaters for women at BellePaga!

Winter sweater for men

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Let's move on to the men's winter sweater, one of our flagship products in our men's collection.

Winter is coming, you have to protect yourself to avoid catching cold. What better than a winter sweater with a turtleneck! For that we propose you the Pawkar sweater. Made of 100% baby alpaca wool - don't worry, this wool is not harvested from baby animals but from young adult animals with fine fur - this turtleneck with raised twists at the chest has particularly fine stitches that give it an ideal comfort for the season. It will allow you to protect yourself from a cold snap without taking up too much space. It's available for 245€ in two sober colors (for sizes M, L and XL): a navy blue and a dark grey, which make it easy to match with both jeans and straight pants.

Don't want a turtleneck but still want to stay warm this winter? For that, opt for a wool sweater for men with a round neck and a nice scarf like the Sunimax scarf from our new collection. For the round collars, we have two proposals for you. First, the Anoki sweater from our new collection and one of our premium models. Soft, warm and resistant, this 100% baby alpaca wool sweater is available in 2 colors. We've released it in a bright royal blue, which gives your outfits both a colorful and classy casual look. For the less adventurous, we also have it in a more sober color, charcoal gray. You'll find it on the website at €245.00 in sizes M, L and XL.

In a second step, we also have the Panaca Sweater with round neck. Much thinner than the previous sweater, it is easy to wear all day. Thanks to its fine knit, it remains a classic and timeless model of your dressing. Its little original touch differentiating it from a basic sweater? The stitching that draws its shape. Do not hesitate to choose this basic available at 189,00€ in S, M, L and XL.

For those who prefer V-neck sweaters we have two models to offer. First, we have the Kainata Sweater 100% baby alpaca wool. This V-neck sweater is woven with fine stitches and has a different colored border at the bottom of its sleeves. A real basic for your wardrobe available for 189,00€ like the Thuru Sweater. Also made of baby alpaca, it is the basic v-neck of our collection available in red and navy blue. These two non-scratch sweaters are available in sizes M, L and XL on the BellePaga website.

Now that you're spoiled for choice, feel free to browse the men's sweater tab to find your winter sweater.

Maintenance of alpaca wool winter sweater

Now, let's focus on the maintenance of alpaca wool winter sweater. Although this wool is resistant, it is necessary to take care of it if you want to keep the garment all its life.

The first step is the washing, the most important one. We advise you to do this step at the end of the season to avoid moths. To do this, we recommend the use of a delicate wool shampoo special hand wash. And yes, unfortunately machine washing can damage the fiber. So use water at room temperature without rubbing too much to avoid damaging the fiber. Once the winter sweater is cleaned, gently sponge off the excess water. The second step is drying. We recommend a natural drying flat. This is the best option to preserve the fiber. The last step is ironing, which is not really a step at all. Indeed, ironing is not mandatory nor recommended. But if you want to iron your winter sweater do it inside out with a cloth over it.

And that's it for the maintenance steps of your winter sweater BellePaga. Feel free to visit our website to see the other products for men and women of the brand.