Women's knitted cardigan

Gilet grosse maille femme

Basic and timeless, the women's knitted cardigan is a key piece of the women's wardrobe. It can be worn in winter, to keep warm, or in summer with jeans, a dress or a skirt, to cover you when the evenings get cooler. In both cases, it will bring you warmth and softness. Available in multiple materials, it combines style and comfort: it is the chic and trendy garment par excellence.

At BellePaga, we offer a women's knitted cardigan to ensure our promises of comfort and warmth to protect you from the cold. What better than baby alpaca wool to make a knitted cardigan? Alpaca is a real solution in terms of comfort for the winter season so do not hesitate to visit our site.

Women's vest

Gilet femme

Whether it is long, short, with buttons or pockets, worn open or closed, you will find a wide range of colors and ways to wear a woman's vest. The advantage of this piece of your wardrobe is that it can be worn all year round. Indeed, throughout the seasons, it remains your best ally against the cold and freshness, both indoors and outdoors.

And yes, the women's thick knit cardigan is a real must-have for many reasons. First of all, you can easily put it on, no more big turtlenecks that mess up your hair when you put them on. In addition, it can be easily combined with many outfits. Whether you wear jeans, dresses, skirts or even pants, it will enhance your figure and fit your style. Also, when the cold weather comes back, it will allow you to stay warm both at home and outside. It goes perfectly with a work outfit or a warm jogging suit. If you want a cocooning effect for the day, we advise you to opt for a large knit cardigan for women rather loose. This will allow you to be comfortable all day.

For seasons such as the fall, when there are still a few rays of sunshine before the winter, it is easy to match it with a simple t-shirt or shirt. So it acts as a jacket. If you ever want to go for a more sophisticated and original look, we recommend you to wear it with a belt. This is a way to transform your basic everyday vest into an original piece. You can also easily play with the effects of material and length to create relief in your outfit. Finally, if the temperature starts to warm up, the women's chunky knit cardigan will remain an essential. Easy to take off and to carry, it will remain your ally all day long.

But in spite of all these advantages, it is important to choose the right material for your vest to optimize your comfort. At BellePaga, we recommend vests made from noble and natural materials like wool. In particular, alpaca wool, which is environmentally friendly and kind to your skin. You will be delighted.  

Women's knitted cardigan: which material to choose? 

Gilet maille femme

Among the women's knitted cardigans on the market, there are multiple materials. But not all materials are equal, even less for a large knit cardigan. We recommend materials made from natural fibers such as plant materials or even animal materials. They are as much recommended for you as for the planet.

Within the family of vegetable materials, you will find: cotton, preferably organic to limit its environmental impact, linen, jute, nettle, which is more ecological than cotton, hemp or ramie.
Within the materials from animals, we find: leather, sheep's wool, cashmere from the goat, angora, merino wool, mohair or alpaca. Often these fibers, vegetable or animal, are biodegradable and even sometimes recyclable. But the problem is that they require a lot of water. Especially cotton fiber, leather and linen. This has a real negative impact on the environment. It is not for nothing that the textile industry is the second most polluting in the world. But today, new materials are appearing such as organic cotton, which is pesticide-free and much less water-intensive than normal cotton.

The big knit cardigan in alpaca wool 

Gilet grosse maille en laine d'alpaga

One of the most interesting materials on the market is the alpaca fiber that we use at BellePaga.

On the one hand this material has the advantage of relying on an animal that consumes very little water and food. This cousin of the llama also has a way of living in its natural habitat that respects the vegetation.

On the other hand, this material has the advantage of respecting the skin. It is said to be hypoallergenic, that is to say respectful of the most sensitive and fragile skins. Moreover, it is also very insulating and thermoregulating. It can therefore adapt to the surrounding temperature in order to stay both warm and dry throughout the day: no more worries about excessive sweating. So a women's alpaca wool knit cardigan is a must-have in your wardrobe. Especially since, thanks to the properties of wool, your vest will not pilling and you can keep it for a long time.

This would not be possible by opting for synthetic materials. Indeed, genes often appear with this kind of material such as itching as soon as the vest comes into contact with the skin. Or it is common to throw away a vest in large synthetic mesh insofar as these materials are quickly damaged, holes appear after several uses.

Thus we propose you a model of vest big knit woman at BellePaga. Its name? Miski. Its price? 239,00€. It is a real cloud of softness. Available in beige, navy blue and wine, this high quality vest is ideal to offer you a unique comfort. Once on your shoulders, it's impossible to take it off as it feels incredibly warm thanks to the alpaca wool. Due to its lightness, you will hardly feel it when you put it on. Because of its straight cut and its drooping shoulders, this baby alpaca wool cardigan offers the possibility to match it with any outfit. Whether it is with a skirt or a dress, jeans or pants, it will adapt to a large number of outfits. But it is quite possible to wear it at home. Thanks to its fluffy side, you can wear it with a loungewear outfit for a cocooning and cosy look, for a warm day at home.

Care of the BellePaga knitted cardigan

In order to keep your women's alpaca knit cardigan for as long as possible, we have some maintenance tips and steps to follow in order to keep your sweater at its best.

For the first step of washing, we recommend that you hand wash your sweater with products adapted to the fragile wool. You should mainly use cold water, between 10 degrees and 20 degrees. Make sure that the water temperature is constant. For drying, we advise you to gently blot the vest and let it dry flat to avoid damaging the wool. As far as ironing is concerned, alpaca wool does not usually wrinkle. But if you wish, you can put a cloth over your vest and iron at low temperature without activating the steam.

Finally, once all these steps are done, you should not hang your women's large knit cardigan on a hanger. This could distort the knitwear.

Here are a few tips for the maintenance of your vests:
  • You can put your vest in the freezer. So yes, at first glance, this tip will seem a little crazy but it has a purpose. It's a quick way to soften the material. It's not for nothing that it is recommended to wash itchy clothes in cold water. The idea is to keep the wool fiber at a low temperature in the freezer in order to tighten the stitches as much as possible and keep their softness.
  • You can wash your vest with glycerin. This is a method, more known than the previous one, which prevents your clothes from scratching. This is something that does not happen with BellePaga products but we give you the tip for your other clothes or if you have a very sensitive skin. Indeed, machine or hand washing using a homemade fabric softener is a good solution. The use of this fabric softener will make your clothes even softer and therefore more pleasant to wear. This works equally well for sweaters, cardigans and scarves. But the easiest way to get soft clothes is to choose alpaca wool.
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