Men's winter jumper

No more itchy jumpers with BellePaga! We offer you a wide range of products dedicated to soft and warm women. Discover our baby alpaca wool jumpers...

Men's winter wool jumper

The Belgian brand BellePaga offers you accessories as well as high quality clothing such as men's winter jumpers for men that will allow you to resist all your winters and keep you warm all year long!

The men's jumpers are mainly made of baby alpaca fibre. This is a superior quality fibre. This fibre is magical and very high quality, durability guaranteed!

There are 2 categories in alpaca fibre: alpaca fibre and baby alpaca fibre. Baby alpaca wool is finer (about 23 microns for baby alpaca against 29 microns for alpaca fibre), it is also more "noble" than alpaca fibre.

This fibre is also very light, pleasant to wear and above all it will respect the most sensitive skins because it contains hypoallergenic properties. Thanks to this wool, you will be instantly protected from the cold and covered in softness due to its delicacy. You will also sweat less because the wool contains thermoregulatory properties.

Buying BellePaga is also a guarantee of durability! Despite their lightness, our winter jumpers are very warm. Every finishing of our jumpers and other articles made of alpaca wool is done by hand.

Moreover, our alpaca winter jumpers do not pilling unlike other wools! This is one of the virtues of this wool that will allow a long durability for the jumpers.

The men's winter jumpers in baby alpaca wool are made in accordance with the fundamental values of our brand, namely :
-In short circuit
-In the country of origin of the alpaca wool (Peru)
-In an exceptional quality with hand finishing
-In the complete respect of the environment, the animals and the craftsmen, paid at the fair value of their work.

Warm winter jumper for men

Are you looking for a warm, elegant, soft, warm, comfortable, quality and above all scratch-free winter jumper for men?

BellePaga has thought for you! Discover our jumpers that will suit all your desires and tastes! They combine sobriety and elegance, and will be perfect for you. So you can be warm all year round!

BellePaga offers basic and timeless styles, whatever the season. A unique experience, for an optimal comfort.

BellePaga winter jumpers for men reduce perspiration! Thanks to the thermoregulatory power of the alpaca wool fibre.

Our brand is committed to the well-being of our craftsmen and breeders so that they have good working conditions. As for the alpacas, they are in total freedom in their natural habitat in the Andes, guarded by breeders, at an altitude of over 4,000 metres, where temperatures can vary by as much as 30 degrees during the same day.

You may wonder why we don't work with European breeders.

Namely: If the animal was bred in Europe, its fibre and its many virtues would be minimal. Why is this? In the Andes, temperatures vary constantly. So, to have a quality alpaca wool, with a high yield, but also a thermoregulating wool, for example, the European climate would not be suitable because there are not so many temperature changes in one day. So we couldn't develop a high quality wool like in the Andes.

Quality is paramount at BellePaga. Winter is tough! We have selected the best quality fibre for the design of your alpaca wool jumper for men. Our alpaca jumpers will bring you the softness and warmth you need for your day.

Choose our BellePaga winter jumpers for men!

Men's wool jumper

Find our trendy men's winter jumpers in alpaca wool on our website. You will find various models of men's winter jumpers, enough to make you happy. They will bring you well-being, warmth and comfort when you need it the most.

The values at BellePaga are very strong. We place sustainability, ethics and morality at the centre of our concerns. Indeed, the men's winter jumpers made of baby alpaca wool are made by local producers in Peru, who have a great traditional know-how. The fibre comes from their spring shearing, which is only done once a year. Since shearing alpacas yields much more wool than shearing sheep (3 kg versus 150 gr), we can make more products from baby alpaca wool. Our goal: to offer quality products for your comfort while respecting the alpaca.

BellePaga is also a committed brand that ensures that the environment is not impacted. Indeed, alpaca is an animal that has a low impact on the environment! Alpaca fibre does not require chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing. Alpacas do not pull up the root of the grass when they graze, they just cut it. Alpacas also have small pads that help preserve the soil and the environment. Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin, a fatty and sometimes allergenic substance.

Tip: Care for your alpaca wool clothes.

The first essential element is the choice of a good soft and delicate shampoo. It is important to choose the right products to wash this noble wool. On BellePaga you will find different types of natural products available, which are suitable for all types of delicate wools.

Despite its high resistance, alpaca wool should be washed with care. We recommend only socks (at 30 degrees). We recommend dry cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water (between 10 and 20 degrees) with a mild shampoo.

Always keep the temperature constant and between 10 and 20 degrees when washing your Alpaca wool clothes, as temperature variations tend to felt the Alpaca wool (however, our Alpaca wool socks can be machine washed at 30 degrees C with your other clothes and an ordinary soap).

If you want to wash your Alpaca clothes by hand, just let the water run for the time of washing and rinsing to keep the same temperature. Do not wring out or wring out the garment after washing: simply and gently squeezing out the excess water will do the trick!

You can also wear plastic gloves to avoid damaging the wool with long fingernails or jewellery.

Alpaca wool has many virtues, not least that it does not retain odours and dust. From time to time, you can place the garment on a flat surface, put it on a clean towel and let it air dry. Simply airing it out gives it a refreshing kick and saves you unnecessary cold or machine washing.

As for drying, under no circumstances should the products be put in the dryer! Dry them flat in the air (including the sleeves of your jumpers) to avoid stretching the fibres.

Do you want your fibres to stay like new for as long as possible? Here's the trick.

Put your new knitwear in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours. The cold will allow the fibres to tighten and become stronger. You can then do your laundry without worrying about fibre breakage and pilling. Thanks to the thermal shock! This cold treatment also repels moths, which can nibble at your wool clothes. Another solution is to place lavender sachets in your wardrobe to scare them away, as moths are very reluctant to smell this plant.