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Women's winter jumper

Winter is coming, you need to cover up and at BellePaga, there is a wide range of women's winter sweaters for the occasion. All made of baby alpaca wool, these sweaters are essential to face the cold this winter without being too hot. Because yes, one of the properties of alpaca wool is to be thermoregulatory. But this is one of the many virtues that make this wool known as the wool of the Gods.

Are you looking for a quality, soft and warm sweater? A sweater that won't lint and that is elegant? Don't wait any longer, opt for BellePaga sweaters that will become a must-have in your wardrobe! Say goodbye to itchy sweaters and turn to a winter sweater from BellePaga for this winter.

Women's winter wool sweater

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Let's start by zooming in on the wool that makes up BellePaga's winter sweaters: alpaca wool.

But what is this little animal? Living at more than 4000 meters of altitude, this camelid, a cousin of the llama, is native to the Andes Mountains in South America. Thanks to the weather conditions in which it lives, it produces a fiber of exceptional quality. All the more so as our products are protected by the Alpaca Del Perú label. It ensures the traceability of the wool used by our brand during the manufacture of clothing and winter sweaters for women. It is a real guarantee of confidence and quality for our customers because it ensures the respect of a specification elaborated in a precise way during the manufacturing process.

But why did we choose this wool? Because it has many properties that distinguish it from other fibers. The wool has various virtues recognized worldwide that make this fiber an ideal material for sweaters. The ultimate advantage of this wool is that it has an extraordinary capacity to keep the body warm. Indeed, it is seven times warmer than sheep's wool but a sweater will remain very light. Moreover, this wool allows your skin to breathe. It is known to be thermoregulatory and therefore not to make you sweat during the day.

We can also notice that the alpaca fiber makes the sweaters much softer and very comfortable. Indeed, it enjoys hypoallergenic properties that makes it not itch. It can therefore be worn next to the skin, even the most delicate.

Last but not least, it is a natural fiber with limited ecological impact. Woven in the respect of Peruvian traditions, this fiber has the advantage of coming from an animal whose breeding respects the environment.

Let yourself be tempted by our sweaters in this incredible material!

Large women winter jumper

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Now that you know more about alpaca fiber, let's introduce you to the most stylish sweaters we have to offer for this winter. Our women's winter sweaters are made from baby alpaca wool. It is categorized as a rare wool and represents even less than 10% of the total world production of alpaca fiber. Baby Alpaca is therefore a high-end fiber. That's why we have selected it in most of our articles in the BellePaga store.

This fiber is of an unequalled superior quality. It is even finer than alpaca wool itself (about 23 microns for baby alpaca against 29 microns for alpaca). Contrary to what its name might suggest, it is harvested from the adult animal. It is a precise part of the alpaca wool: a place where the hairs, thus the wool, are finer and thus more qualitative. You will find all the properties of alpaca wool but in an exacerbated way: incredibly soft, fine and respectful of the most sensitive skins thanks to its hypoallergenic virtues. Like its colleague the alpaca fiber, the baby alpaca wool contained in the women's winter sweaters will protect you from the cold while limiting perspiration.

We can therefore assure you that with all these qualities, the women's winter sweaters from BellePaga are very reliable investments. They last in time, they are light but warm, they do not scratch and will not pilling. What more do you need?

Beautiful women winter jumper

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You know everything about the composition and origin of our sweaters. It's time to present them to you.

Let's start with the new collection. We have recently released new models for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, in which you can find a classic V-neck, the Paki Sweater. Made of baby alpaca wool, this sweater will bring you softness and warmth. Thanks to its fine fiber and its medium stitches, you can wear it for the big and small cold. We have made it in three colors: a beautiful royal blue, a warm brown and a bright orange. You will find it at 199,00 € on our site in S, M, L or XL.

For those who like the round neck, we have brought out the Paskay Sweater. Also made of alpaca wool, we added merino wool. Made with a single stitch, this women's winter round neck sweater can be worn in all types of temperatures. It has an elegant and classic style that makes it easy to match with your outfits. We offer it in 2 colors: orange and electric blue. You can find it in S, M, L and XL for 189,00€.

The last sweater of the new collection is the Pita Sweater. Composed mainly of baby alpaca with a hint of merino wool, this high neck sweater with medium stitches will easily match all your outfits, especially thanks to its medium stitches. With its discreet edging at the ends, it is available in Mayan Blue and Wine. It is available in all classic sizes, S, M, L and XL at 199,00 €.

Here are the sweaters of our new collection. There are of course all the sweaters from our old collection. For round necks, we still have our timeless Huaca Sweater for 189,00€ in S, M, L and XL. With its casual fit perfect for everyday, find it in White, Light Grey, Pink and Maya Blue. And the Quirao Sweater at 225,00€ in White, Red and Black, a basic of our permanent collection. We also have another V-neck model to offer you: the Churi Sweater in Light Blue and Beige. Much more casual than the Paskay, it is a timeless everyday piece. If you ever want a turtleneck, we suggest the Ninna Sweater. With its wide sleeves, you are guaranteed to stay warm.

Take a look around our site, you will easily find the perfect women's winter sweater!

Care of women's winter sweaters from BellePaga

Now you have options when it comes to choosing your women's winter sweater. But to keep this piece of your wardrobe for a lifetime, you need to keep up with the maintenance. Because of its composition, you should not forget that your sweater is a product of superior quality. If on the one hand the wool of Baby Alpaca ensures a great softness to all our products and not to pilling, it is not less fragile. To stay in good condition, it cannot be cleaned randomly. To do so, we have listed the steps to follow. Don't worry, they are very simple.

To begin the maintenance, you need to start by washing your winter sweater woman. To do this, you need a suitable wool shampoo: it should be soft, gentle and low in detergent. The best is to choose a shampoo for alpaca wool or with a natural composition. We offer this kind of products on our website in the maintenance tab.

So even if this wool is resistant, BellePaga advises you to dry clean your sweater or to wash it by hand in warm water. Indeed, to ensure an optimal washing, the temperature should always be between 10 and 20 degrees. Choose the end of the season to wash your clothes to avoid moths and not to damage the fiber.

Also, don't be afraid when you wash colored items, it is normal that the water gets tinted the first few washes. To avoid problems, consider washing your sweaters separately. You can even add up to 20% white vinegar to your water, this will help fix the colors for a long time.
Once the washing is done, you need to dry your sweater. For that, forget about machine drying and try to absorb with a towel. After that, you just have to let your women's winter sweater dry flat and in the open air.

Finally, the ironing step. It is not really necessary insofar as the fiber of baby alpaca does not wrinkle as easily as sheep's wool or cotton. But, some people consider this step necessary. If you are one of them, first turn your sweater inside out and use a low temperature iron without steam.

Now you know everything! Now, don't hesitate to see all our other articles on our site.