Women's warm jumper

BellePaga offers a wide range of products for men and women. We invite you to discover our baby alpaca wool jumpers... No more itchy jumpers with BellePaga.

Warm wool jumper for women

Looking for a stylish and warm jumper? Find our warm alpaca wool jumpers for women, available in different colours and cuts. Something for the coldest of you.

Our warm jumpers for women are partly made from baby alpaca wool.
Are you familiar with this fibre? It is a superior quality of fibre, which is finer than the fibre called "alpaca". 

There are 2 categories of alpaca fibre: alpaca fibre and baby alpaca fibre. Baby alpaca wool is finer (about 23 microns for baby alpaca versus 29 microns for alpaca fibre).

This fibre is also incredibly soft, fine and respects the most sensitive skins thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. This wool will instantly protect you from the cold. This wool is also thermoregulating, which helps to reduce perspiration.

BellePaga clothing is a reliable investment! Your warm women's jumpers will last over time! Despite their light weight, BellePaga women's jumpers are warm.

Indeed, durable in time, the wool jumpers for women are made partly from baby alpaca fibre which is a part on the adult alpaca, the hairs are finer and more "premium" with even better virtues than that of the alpaca.

In addition, our warm women's jumpers do not pilling unlike other wools!

Good to know:
Unlike many wools, shearing alpaca produces up to 1.5 to 3 kg of wool, compared to an average of 120 to 180 g for goats (cashmere). This allows us to make more jumpers, while respecting the alpaca.

In addition to respecting the animal to provide you with high quality women's warm jumpers, BellePaga is committed to ensuring that the environment is not affected. Something that alpacas are very good at! Alpaca fibre does not require chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing. Alpacas do not pull up the roots when they eat grass, they just mow the grass. This is because the alpaca has small pads, which help to preserve the soil and its environment.

Warm and comfortable jumper

The arrival of winter invites us to take our warm woollen jumpers out of the wardrobe to face the cold. Most of our warm jumpers are made from sheep's wool, easily available in many ready-to-wear shops. 

But the thickness of a woman's warm jumper does not always mean warmth. Indeed, wool does not produce heat; wool is a very good insulator where its fibre is very wavy. When it is spun, then knitted or woven, it is full of little air pockets. It is these pockets that make the insulation and allow the body to keep its temperature and not to sweat excessively. It will protect us from the heat as well as the cold!

Alpaca wool jumpers are not always very thick, but they are still very warm. 

Alpaca wool is a silky, light and strong wool. It is more expensive to buy than a classic sheep's wool, but it is soft, fine and hypoallergenic. 

Moreover, the wool is biodegradable as it can be composted when it is no longer used.
Alpaca fibre is ecological by nature. In addition, women's warm wool jumpers have good health benefits, as it has been proven that wool is one of the weakest generators of static electricity, and studies have shown that our heart rate is more regular when in contact with wool than with synthetic fibre.

To know: alpaca wool VS sheep's wool

During the final production of the product, sheep's wool is processed and modified several times. It is often mixed with so-called chemical and synthetic materials and is therefore susceptible to rapid flammability. The modification of the natural material will make the wool unpleasant, as it contains lanolin, which can cause allergies or a stinging sensation for sensitive skin. 

For the maintenance of a woman's warm jumper made of sheep's wool it will be more delicate, because it will resist less to the numerous washings and dryings undergone throughout a life, than other materials such as alpaca. Indeed, sheep's wool can deform in the wash and shrink or expand the waistcoat.

On the other hand, alpaca fibre will be 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool and will last longer than the garment. But also, 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and will not emit any odour when wet. It is also the only wool that does not pilling despite being washed.

Nice warm jumper for women

You can find our trendy women's warm jumpers in alpaca wool on our website. We offer various models of warm jumpers for women, you will find your happiness. You can find at BellePaga jumpers in sober colours, but also colourful jumpers with different collars. These will bring you well-being, warmth and comfort when you need it the most.

BellePaga has strong values. The brand places sustainability, ethics and morality at the centre of its concerns. Indeed, the baby alpaca wool jumpers are made by local producers in Peru, who have a great traditional know-how. Artisanal breeders in Peru and Bolivia ensure that the alpaca is raised and allowed to roam freely in its natural habitat, the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of more than 4000 metres. The alpacas live without fences and barriers. The fibre comes from their spring shearing, which takes place only once a year. Since shearing alpacas yields much more wool than shearing sheep (3 kg compared to 150 gr), we can make more products from baby alpaca wool. Our objective: to offer quality products for your comfort while respecting our favourite animal, our beautiful alpaca.

In addition to respecting the animal to provide you with high quality warm wool jumpers for women, BellePaga is a committed brand that ensures that the environment is not impacted. Indeed, alpaca is an animal that has a low impact on the environment! Alpaca fibre does not require chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing. Alpacas do not pull up the root of the grass when they graze, they just cut it. Alpacas also have small pads that help preserve the soil and the environment. Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin, a fatty and sometimes allergenic substance.

Tip: How to avoid pilling?

Proper care of wool is essential. It is important to read the care instructions on your garments.

First of all, to avoid pilling, remember to wash your jumpers, hats or gloves inside out. As alpaca wool is a high quality wool, we advise you to wash it by hand, in cold water, choosing the right detergent and avoiding any type of softener that can cause pilling. We all have different high and medium range machines, and we prefer to be careful.

However, if you use the washing machine, remember to program your machine for a gentle wash at cold or 30 degrees Celsius.

Do not spin or tumble dry to avoid wear and tear. Indeed, rubbing causes pilling.

At BellePaga, we take great pride in the durability of our products and in our advice on how to care for your items. We have put together a care guide for washing your items so that you no longer make the mistake of washing your items the wrong way. After all, wool needs to be cared for! 

Before washing your wool, make sure you read the washing instructions label on each item. This will give you an indication. In the "information" section you will find a guide that explains in more detail how to wash your wool.