Gift Box

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Gift Box

This year, we have a novelty at Bellepaga: the Bellebox. It is not a simple gift box. We have made it in 3 editions: a women's gift box, a men's gift box and a Christmas edition. That's why these BelleBox gift boxes have been made to work both together and separately. You can also offer a woman's gift box for Christmas.

These boxes will please everyone around you, be it your father, mother, brother or grandmother. There is something for everyone. We even have a gift idea for you. If you have to give a gift to a couple, don't hesitate to have fun and give two gift boxes so that they each have their own cup to have breakfast together. 

Surprise Gift Box
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A gift box is a box in which you can find various items from a brand. The advantage of this gift box is that it allows you to create the surprise effect while discovering the universe of the brand. This concept has not always been so popular. It has been on the shelves since the 2010s and it is becoming increasingly popular.

But what is the advantage of a gift box? On the one hand, it allows the person who receives this gift to live a different experience than usual. It is indeed, more than a simple gift since this box is the assembly of various attentions within the same box. Inside the box is often a batch of the brand's best selling products or a panel of new products. Sometimes products are even available exclusively in the gift box format, in limited edition. On the other hand, in addition to having an exceptional content, the exterior of the gift box is often neat. You will have the privilege to keep your box for decoration.

You have noticed that gift boxes are a rather original idea that will delight everyone around you. Especially since there is something for every taste and budget. That's why at BellePaga, we have chosen to create 3 different boxes. This ensures that you will find the perfect gift at the right price. You are sure to please your loved one with not one, but several gifts!

Birthday Gift Box
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Are you looking for a gift box for a birthday? Don't hesitate to choose the BellePaga's woman gift box: the BelleBox, an optimal gift for women.

At BellePaga, we have tried to gather in this gift box a panel of key products. The goal is to make the recipient discover the spirit and values of our brand. That is to say, to discover the Baby Alpaca fiber, the material with which we make all our products.

But why use this fiber? Because it is known for its exceptional properties: warm, soft and resistant. It exists as much for women as for men. But here is what you will find inside the perfect gift box for women:
  • Two pairs of BellePaga socks. The first pair you will find is the EKIKO model. This is one of the new models from our new Fall-Winter 2021 collection. The sock is cream color with lilac dots. The second pair of socks is the ISKU model also coming from the new connection. You will find it in this gift box in melon color. Its particularity is the cream eggshell detail on the top of the sock.
  • The advantages of these socks? Their exceptional composition. Indeed, for the models of our new collection, we have changed the composition of our socks. That's why, in addition to being made of Baby Alpaca wool as usual, these pairs of socks also contain bamboo fiber. This fiber is known for its anti-bacterial and resistant properties. Thanks to this composition, you are sure to let your feet breathe and stay dry all day long.
  • A BellePaga mug with a design around the world of Alpaca. In the women's gift box, you will find it with lilac colors.
  • A lavender sachet made in France. This natural anti-moth allows both to perfume and to protect your wool in your wardrobe.
  • A washing net in organic cotton. No more lost socks in the washing machine.
At what price the box will be ? 49€.

Men Gift Box
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Opting for a man's gift box is opting for an easy and practical gift idea. When you offer a gift box, it's a guaranteed surprise for both the giver and the receiver of the gift. Everyone gets a treat: it's truly a great moment to share.

The advantage of choosing a gift box is that you can discover the products of a particular brand. And above all, it is less difficult to make a mistake. Because in a gift box, you are bound to find an item that will make an impact. This is what we tried to do for the BellePaga men's gift box.

We have created a men's box containing BellePaga's flagship products so that your family and friends can experience Baby alpaca wool and our world. The goal is to test the fiber and see how soft, warm and pilling free it is.

We called it La BelleBox as for the woman gift box. It will be composed of different elements. It will be released for the Christmas period but will remain all year long. You will find :
  • A pair of socks model Sami. This pair is of light grey color.
  • A pair of Anku socks in brown and beige.
  • A BellePaga mug specially created for the gift box
  • A bag of white lavender
  • A washing net in organic cotton. It allows not to damage the socks and not to lose them in the machine.
All this for the unique price of 49€!

As for the composition of our socks, it is the same as for the women's gift box. They are made of two unique fibers: baby alpaca wool fiber and bamboo fiber. So let yourself be tempted to experience the unique BellePaga socks.

Christmas Gift Box
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You need to make a Christmas gift but you don't have any ideas? Think about the Christmas gift box from BellePaga. This gift box idea is equally valid for women and men. This BelleBox Christmas is a sure value. It will be released in the winter period of 2021 and will be composed of :
  • A pair of socks model YUPA, the one printed with alpacas. Thanks to their composition, the socks reduce perspiration while keeping the feet at the right temperature.
  • A BellePaga mug specially created for this box and therefore with Christmas colors.
  • A bag of lavender made in France to scent your clothes and protect them. This mothball is totally natural. It is thanks to its smell. Indeed, lavender prevents your woolen clothes from being nibbled by moths and leaves a sweet scent. Moreover, our lavender has the advantage of being from a French workshop, in Provence. The bags are made in a totally artisanal way by people considered as disabled workers, in order to offer them a professional framework.
  • A washing net in organic cotton to protect your socks and your clothes and to avoid losing your socks in the machine.
You will find it at the simple price of 29€!

BellePaga care tips

The maintenance of the socks contained in the women, men and Christmas gift boxes is very easy. Indeed, Baby alpaca wool is more resistant than cashmere fiber, so it easily resists to time and therefore to washings. In addition, make sure that your items will never pilling thanks to the properties of wool. No fear for the maintenance.

The first step is to wash the socks. Start by turning them inside out, then put them in your washing machine in the wash net provided for this purpose. Choose a wool program or, if you don't have one, a gentle program that won't damage your clothes. At the end of the washing, let your socks dry well in the open air, if possible on a flat surface. We really don't recommend using the dryer for alpaca wool clothing. The goal is to keep your socks in the same condition for the rest of your life. So we take care of them!

These are all our gift box tips at BellePaga. But feel free to take a tour of our website to see what else we offer. We have sweaters, scarves, other socks, ponchos, both for men and women.