Men ankle socks


Men's socks

Whether in summer or winter, over the years, the socks, these short socks that do not exceed the ankle, have become a real must-have for men. Men's socks can be worn with sneakers as well as with a pair of city shoes like loafers. Often, the goal is that they are imperceptible and that they adapt to any type of day.

But you must not forget its primary role which is to protect your feet. So for that, you need to find the right pair of men's socks that will keep your feet comfortable all day without making them sweat. Because yes, excessive sweating of the feet is a problem that affects a large part of the population.

And at BellePaga, your comfort is our priority, so we have made for you the first pair of warm, comfortable and breathable socks for men. Able to follow you throughout the day, in summer or winter, in the street or hiking: let yourself be tempted by the warm socks from BellePaga.

Invisible men's socks


As mentioned above, the purpose of a sock is that it does not show. They are most often worn with sneakers but increasingly with any style of footwear. Unfortunately, the sock that sticks out unsightly from the shoe pushes some not to wear socks. But, it is clear that it is not recommended to wear shoes barefoot. A sock, before being a fashion accessory, is above all a protective barrier between your shoe and your feet.

So instead of not wearing socks, we opt for a pair of socks for men from Bellepaga! It is a good compromise between a pair of classic socks and wearing nothing. And it allows to create a barrier against humidity and against the proliferation of fungus and therefore of bad smells... But also to protect your skin. Making your feet undergo repeated friction increases the risk of damaging your feet (blisters, calluses ...).

The only problem with this style of socks: the seasons. Indeed, in the idea, it does not seem logical to wear socks once the winter comes because we often think that they will not be warm enough especially if you tend to have cold feet. That's why at Bellepaga we have found a solution: invisible men's socks made of alpaca wool.

You can use them for many occasions. We mainly recommend you to wear them in a pair of sneakers because they are very comfortable but also in a pair of city shoes because they are very thin. For those who tend to have cold feet at night, we recommend wearing them at that time. Indeed, this will keep your feet warm without compressing you and it would even promote sleep and quality sleep.

Set of men's socks


At BellePaga, we've been thinking a lot about launching a pair of socks. And after noticing that people love to wear socks even in winter to keep their style, we took the plunge. We released 4 pairs of unisex alpaca wool socks. Indeed, they fit both men and women. Since the comfort of your feet is the focus of the brand, we designed these socks to give you an incredible experience of comfort and warmth.

To do this, these socks are made from two natural and eco-friendly fibers. We have combined alpaca fiber, which is thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic, with bamboo fiber, which is antibacterial and breathable. In addition to these two fibers, we have added fibers allowing the adaptation of the sock to the foot and an easy machine wash. We have also taken care that the seams are imperceptible and we have chosen the most flexible elastic.

The model we are talking about is the INCA sock, a variation of one of our flagship models. Find the other models on our site: classic, mid-length, high. For now, we have released 4 plain colors: melon, cream, lilac and blue jeans. 4 different colors, 4 colors for all tastes. Each pair of men's socks is priced at 12,00 €. You can find them in sizes 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46.

Warm alpaca wool socks


Let's zoom in on alpaca wool because it is rare to find a pair of men's socks in such a material. For those who do not know this fiber, it is native to South America. The alpaca, this small camelid and cousin of the llama, lives on the high plateaus of the Andes at an altitude of over 4000 meters. Its living conditions make its wool special: it is recognized as one of the softest and warmest fibers in the world. It is often compared to cashmere.

Moreover, our socks are not made of classic alpaca wool but of Baby Alpapa wool! Even finer (between 18 and 22 microns), it is highly sought after for its quality, its silky touch and its perfect finish. The choice of wool is very important when you decide to make socks and sockettes because it is always necessary to ensure a comfort partait.

And this comfort, you will have it by choosing a product from BellePaga because this wool is known for its softness and warmth (it is 7 times warmer than sheep wool and 4 times more resistant). For those who thought that a pair of wool socks was itchy, we can assure you the opposite as Baby Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic. No more itchy socks!

Moreover, these men's socks are not only comfortable and warm, they are also environmentally friendly. Why? Because we use alpaca wool which has a limited impact on the environment (low carbon footprint). Indeed, alpaca, unlike cashmere goat, does not destroy its environment and requires less maintenance. We therefore find ourselves with an animal that consumes little and that has a much higher wool yield (alpacas can produce up to 3 kg of wool per year against 150 grams for its rival the cashmere goat). It is also important to note that all chemical treatments once the wool is harvested are not necessary. This fiber does not need chemical treatment and bleaching.

Now that the environmental aspect of wool is clearer. We also wanted to clarify for you the conditions of production. These socks are made in Peru, in workshops where an ancestral know-how reigns. We take care to support the communities and populations, that's why all the artisans we work with receive a fair remuneration through the Del Perú label.

Care of your socks and tips

Contrary to popular belief, alpaca wool clothing and accessories are not hard to care for as this fiber is more resistant than sheep's wool and cashmere. The maintenance of the socks is very easy but you should not do anything. We advise you to use the wool program of your washing machine, usually a 30° program. The washing will not damage your socks as we only use natural, environmentally friendly shades. You just have to wash your socks inside out.

Once the washing is done, you just need to air dry them flat. Once dry, you just need to store them flat and make sure not to iron them! As for after-wash care, we recommend using lavender sachets. This is the best natural moth repellent on the market. Thanks to the smell that lavender gives off, it will pleasantly scent your socks. Moreover, we propose you sachets coming from Provence in France. The artisanal workshops with which we work employ disabled workers in order to offer them a professional reintegration. The bag is made of 100% lavender. It is handmade with a sober and elegant fabric. You can find it in both cream and grey.

Tired of losing your socks in the machines? Tired of wasting your time in the morning looking for your missing sock? Studies have shown that we lose an average of 15 socks per year. At BellePaga, we have the trick to make sure that this doesn't happen to you anymore: wash nets. Made of 100% organic cotton, they are very practical to separate clothes in your machine. No more clothes that get lost in the machine!

Come and discover all our clothes and the new collection on our website. We have a wide range of socks!