Men's wool sweater

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Men's wool sweater

Are you looking for a quality wool sweater for men? You want something that is soft, warm and comfortable? Then you've come to the right place! At BellePaga, we have taken the time to make sweaters that fulfill all of these qualities. The purpose of these men's wool sweaters is to keep you warm during the winter season while letting you breathe.

But how is this possible? Because we use a particular wool, known for its unique exceptional properties: Baby Alpaca wool. If you didn't know, the alpaca is a small camelid living on the high plateaus of the Andes, at more than 4000 meters of altitude in South America. This animal is known for its wool, an ideal fiber for a man's wool sweater because it ensures softness and comfort to the wearer.

It is this wool that makes the particularity of our brand and our sweaters. BellePaga offers a wide range of products dedicated to men. Do not hesitate to visit our website to find the sweater of your dreams.

100% wool sweater for men

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Winter is coming, you are looking for a warm sweater to face the cold? You think that the best would be a 100% wool sweater to stay warm? We have the solution for you. At BellePaga, we offer you clothes that are 100% made of alpaca wool. For example, we have the Pawkar sweater.

This sweater is one of our flagship models; it is made of 100% Baby alpaca wool. It is a superior quality fiber, even finer than the classic alpaca fiber (23 microns for Baby Alpaca fiber against 29 microns for alpaca fiber). So don't panic, this wool is not harvested from baby animals! It is simply harvested from young adult animals.

As for the model, this sweater is a turtleneck whose stitches are particularly fine. The turtleneck will allow you to protect yourself from a cold snap without scratching because the alpaca wool does not scratch. In addition, you will find both on the chest and on the sleeves twists in relief. This model has a very masculine style. It is both modern and urban. On a raw jean for a casual look or with suit pants for a more sophisticated outfit, this sweater will accompany all your fall and winter days.

In terms of colors. We have chosen to bring out sweaters in 2 rather sober colors: navy blue and dark gray. These two colors, dark, allow to match the product with different outfits and this throughout the winter season.
As for the available sizes. We offer the Pawkar men's wool sweater in sizes M, L and XL.

It is priced at 245,00€ but if you are lucky, you may find it in promotion. So don't hesitate!

Men's wool turtleneck sweater

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You don't want a turtleneck but want to stay warm this winter? We have the solution for you: choose a wool sweater for men with a round neck.

To protect your neck, don't hesitate to cut your sweater with one of our scarves. We recommend the Sunimax model. This scarf is part of the new collection from BellePaga, just released in October 2021 for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season.

For round neck sweaters, we have two options to offer you:

  • The Anoki Sweater, one of our premium models. This men's sweater is made of 100% Baby Alpaca wool, one of the most prestigious fibers in the world: soft, warm, light and breathable. Since the release of the new collection of fall-winter 2021-2022, we have it in Royal Blue. A very bright color that will give a colorful look to your outfits while remaining classy. For the less adventurous among you, it also comes in Charcoal Grey, a much more sober and all-purpose color. With its medium mesh, it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin, being hypoallergenic, while remaining comfortable. Its elegant, classic and timeless style will allow you to combine it with your entire wardrobe. You will find it on the website at 245,00 € in sizes M,L and XL.
  • The Panaca Sweater is another of our models with a round neck. This sweater is thinner than the Anoki Sweater, so you can wear it all year round. It has been woven in a fine mesh, which makes this model a basic, elegant and essential part of your wardrobe. This model is equipped with a small seam drawing the body. This gives a little original touch and differentiates it from a more basic sweater. So let yourself be tempted by this basic from BellePaga, it is available at 189,00€ on our website in sizes S, M, L and XL.

V-neck wool sweater for men

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In addition to turtlenecks and round collars, we also offer v-neck models on our site. This form of collar makes any outfit immediately more elegant. The V-neck is a true basic of the male wardrobe. The v-neck wool sweater can be worn over a shirt for a very casual look. We have 2 models to offer you.

To start with, the Kainata Sweater. Like all the others, it is made of 100% baby alpaca wool. With a V-neck, it will ensure elegance to all your outfits. This fine knit sweater is also provided with a different color border on the sleeves. This gives an original side and a unique style to this wool sweater man. It is a perfect basic for your wardrobe. You will find it in a very trendy color: wine-lime with dark gray details on the sleeves. For the other color available, it is a more classic color: navy blue coupled with a blue gray border. The price is 189,00€ and it exists in sizes S, M, L and XL. Jump on the opportunity!

We also have the Thuru Sweater. More classic and basic than the Kainata Sweater, this 100% baby alpaca sweater has a straight cut and a V-neck. It has a very classic and timeless cut that will go with all your outfits this winter. In terms of colors, we chose two basic colors: a beautiful red for a flamboyant outfit and a beautiful navy blue for a more sober look. As for the price and sizes, same as for the other sweaters: find it for 189,00€ in M, L and XL on the BellePaga website.

Focus on alpaca wool and its care 

BellePaga sweaters are a real godsend for a warm winter. Thanks to its thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties, you won't sweat and the sweater won't scratch you. Each sweater is made in total respect of our values thanks to an ancestral Peruvian know-how. We hope that our alpaca sweaters will offer you the best softness and comfort experience of your life. Especially since the wool does not pilling, these sweaters will follow you all your life.

And to keep them in good condition, you need to take care of them. For that we have listed some important steps to follow to ensure an ideal maintenance.

First of all, make sure you choose a good washing technique. For that, use a soft and delicate shampoo to avoid damaging the alpaca wool. We advise you to wash your sweater by hand between 10 and 20 degrees. Once washed, lay the sweater on a clean towel on a flat surface. Wash your sweater at the end of the season to avoid dust mites.

To dry, do not put your sweater in the dryer, it will damage the fibers. Leave your sweater on a towel in the open air, this will be enough to absorb the water.

For the ironing stage, it is also simple since alpaca wool is known not to wrinkle. Often, ironing is not necessary but if you want to do it, start by turning the garment inside out and place a cloth between the iron and the woolen man sweater before ironing the fiber.

We also have tips on how to keep alpaca fiber as long as possible. We recommend that you wash your sweaters of different colors separately and add approximately 20% white vinegar to the wash water. For the more motivated among you, we also recommend that you put your new sweater in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours. This action will allow the alpaca fiber to tighten and become more resistant.

Finally, to scent and protect your sweaters, we recommend that you place lavender sachets in your closets to prevent moths. These sachets are made in France in an artisanal way and are made of 100% lavender.

Find all our products on our website BellePaga for men and women: sweaters, ponchos, hats, gloves and more.