Christmas gift for women

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Finding a woman's Christmas gift is not an easy task. You are looking for the rare pearl for your mother, your wife, a friend or an acquaintance? Don't worry, it is possible to find a very good quality gift without exceeding your budget. Even if it is sometimes difficult to find what to offer because you think that the recipient already has everything or you don't know what to offer because you don't know the person well enough, finding a Christmas gift for a woman is not always complicated.

And why? Because you are spoiled for choice. We have many ideas for a Christmas gift for women: a quality sweater, a beautiful scarf, warm socks for this winter period, a beautiful pair of gloves to match the hat or small decorative items such as a mug or a plush. Of course, finding a nice Christmas gift for women is not always easy but you can see that the list is long at BellePaga.

The Christmas Gift Box for Women


To start with a quick and easy Christmas gift for women, we have the idea of a Christmas gift box for women. At BellePaga, we have spent some time thinking about the creation of a box, a very trendy concept for the last few years. That's why, this year, and for the first time, we have released our Christmas box for winter 2021: La BelleBox. The box is the perfect Christmas gift for women when you don't have many ideas.

But what does it contain? At BellePaga, we wanted to gather in this box the main products of the brand in order to make discover our universe and our values to the one who receives it. The goal is to highlight the Baby Alpaca fiber that composes the majority of our products, known to be an exceptional material. We have chosen it because it is known to ensure an immense warmth and softness while being very resistant. For those interested, this box will be available for both men and women.

So what do we find inside? Its content is centered around the Christmas period, there are :

A pair of socks model YUPA. This classic pair is lined with small alpacas. Very cute for the Christmas period. But what is the most of these socks? Their composition. BellePaga socks are all premium quality. They allow the one who wears them an unequalled comfort! Thin, warm, comfortable and elegant, they will go with all your outfits while preventing your feet from excessive sweating. The Baby Alpaca wool allows the skin to breathe and therefore to stay dry all day long.

A BellePaga mug that has been developed around the Christmas period and alpaca. Expect red colors and alpacas!

A lavender sachet made in France to perfume and preserve your wool in your closets. This sachet is made in a French workshop in Provence in a handcrafted way by handicapped people in professional reinsertion. It is a natural anti-moth which, thanks to its odor, cleans your cupboards while leaving a soft perfume of lavender.

A washing net made of organic cotton that protects your socks and clothes when you wash them. The most of this net ? Its composition in organic cotton fiber. is known to have a low impact on the planet compared to nets made of plastic derivatives

Its price? Only 29€.

Beautiful Christmas gift for women: the poncho 


If you have a bigger budget, take the opportunity to offer a poncho from BellePaga to the person of your choice as a Christmas gift. If the person to whom you are giving the Christmas gift is looking for comfort and uniqueness, the poncho for women that we make at BellePaga will make its effect. out of nature-friendly fiber, is a garment of unparalleled eco-responsible quality.

And why? Because the breeding of Alpaca, unlike the breeding of cashmere goats, does not have a negative impact on the environment. This animal does not destroy the earth and does not require much maintenance. Thanks to our different stages of production that follow the fair trade process, we can produce products like the Poncho, by hand, while limiting our environmental impact. At BellePaga, respect for the environment and animals is a priority.

While very ecological, it is also a very elegant fashion accessory. At a price of 245,00€, it brings class and style to any outfit in your wardrobe, whether it is sophisticated or more classic. That's why we've created a wide range of colors to satisfy everyone. Bright colors for the adventurous, pastel colors for others, and dark colors for everyday: there is something for everyone on the BellePaga website. The best thing about this poncho is that you can match it with jeans as well as with a dress, for an always elegant silhouette.

Offer a soft and comfortable Christmas experience to the person of your choice, you are sure to make someone happy with a BellePaga product!

Original gift for women: a pair of socks


The main item at BellePaga will remain our pairs of socks. They are perfect for a woman's Christmas gift, accessible in terms of price but always of quality.

For Christmas, we have selected the Sami Premium socks, a range of even higher quality. Every customer who has ever tried a pair of classic socks is always amazed when they try this model. Even more comfortable and warmer than the classic line, they are a unanimous favorite and our number one choice for an original women's Christmas gift.

But what makes these socks so special? Its composition. Like all our other socks, the Sami Premium is made from Baby Alpaca wool, known for its extreme softness and its hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties. Except that we decided to add bamboo fiber. This natural fiber is known for its breathable and antibacterial properties. The other fibers that we added to the composition of these socks allow a simplified washing in machine at 30°C and a good adaptation to the foot.

Moreover, in order to offer you an unparalleled experience, we have made sure that their seams are imperceptible thanks to the use of a soft elastic. So don't hesitate to offer these socks as a Christmas gift for women to let them enjoy a unique and long lasting comfort.

Maintenance of alpaca wool products

The maintenance of a BellePaga product is not the same as any other product. To keep your products looking good all year round, care must follow. Alpaca wool, while providing a certain softness to our products, needs to be pampered. There are a few key steps to follow.

The first and most important step is washing. Before washing your products, make sure you have a special shampoo for fragile wool. It must be soft, delicate, with a low dose of detergent, with a composition close to natural. You can also find a range of cleaning products on our website, such as detergent for fragile wool.

Although wool is resistant, we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with lukewarm water. By warm water, we mean between 10 and 20 degrees, so that the washing remains optimal. We advise you to do this washing at the end of the season to avoid moth invasion and to use gloves to preserve the fiber of Baby Alpaca. When washing, it often happens that colored items come out slightly tinted during the first washings. For this, remember to wash your clothes separately and even add 20% vinegar to your washing water to fix the colors of the garment.

The second step, drying, is just as important. Unfortunately, although it takes longer, forget about tumble drying. Once your item is washed, we recommend that you start by gently wringing out your garment to remove as much water as possible. To do this, use a towel to blot. After that, it is recommended to let your item dry on a flat surface in the open air.

Lastly comes the ironing step. The idea is that Alpaca wool fiber wrinkles very little unlike a cotton garment. But some people feel the need to iron their items. If this is your case, we recommend that you turn your garment inside out to avoid damaging it. Don't forget to use your iron at a low temperature and to turn off the steam.

Here are all our washing instructions!

For the rest of our products, apart from a woman's Christmas gift, we let you take a look at our website. We have something for everyone, whether it's for men or women, or for the home: jumpers, hats, stuffed animals, ponchos, socks...