Christmas gift men

BellePaga offers you a range of carefully thought-out Christmas gift ideas for men, made with real know-how. Your gift will be warm, soft and full of comfort. So what are you waiting for? BellePaga is waiting for you.

Men's gift box

The essential gift box has arrived at BellePaga! A great value for a man's Christmas gift!
This box named "bellebox" is composed of :
- a pair of Sami socks, light grey
- a pair of Anku socks, brown and beige
- a BellePaga mug specially created for this box
- a bag of lavender
- a washing net to protect your socks and clothes. All this for the unique price of 49€!

Note: Our BellePaga socks are made from baby alpaca wool, which is also called the wool of the gods! Thanks to this wool, your feet will experience unparalleled comfort! They will be warm, but also protected from excess perspiration. Yes, alpaca wool is a thermoregulating wool! These socks will perfectly match any kind of style, urban, sportswear...

Did you know that lavender is a natural anti-moth? That's why we offer you this sweet bag! It comes straight from Provence and is made in a traditional way by people considered as disabled workers, in order to offer them a professional framework.

So go for it! The box is waiting for you, a great Christmas gift idea for men!

Men's birthday gift

Finding THE right Christmas gift for men is no easy task! Do you want to please a loved one? We have just what you need! The socks at BellePaga are our flagship product! They are comfortable, thermoregulating, insulating, hypoallergenic and above all full of softness.

Our range of socks is suitable for everyone! Offering quality socks is our goal at BellePaga! A useful Christmas gift for men. What's more, we have just released the first warm socks!

To know: Alpaca socks are anti-perspiration. The Alpaca lives in the Andes, so in a climate that is constantly changing, it must adapt to changes in temperature and thanks to this, it has been able to develop its thermoregulatory fibre.

We also have another collection of socks with bamboo fibre. So why? Bamboo is known for its absorbent properties and softness. This will allow your feet to breathe, and be comfortable all day long. Bamboo also provides natural protection against bacteria and odour reduction.

Our socks are produced in South America, by craftsmen who have the know-how to work with Alpaca wool and transform it into accessories and clothing. Each sock is finished and checked by hand for a perfect finish.

Alpaca fibre is very warm, 7 times warmer than sheep's wool. This wool has the particularity of not pilling! It is ideal for textiles (such as socks) that are subject to heavy stress.

In addition, the colours used by BellePaga are completely natural! They come directly from the animal's wool, i.e. from mineral pigments which are more resistant than chemical dyes, and respectful of our environment. The advantage of natural colours is that they will not change over time. Due to the resistance of the Alpaca fibre, we promise a long life to your socks.

Gift Idea for men 30 years old

Bellepaga's men's scarves are silky, warm and comfortable, providing a unique feeling of comfort. The classic, timeless and sophisticated design is very elegant. An incredible Christmas gift idea for men.

Our alpaca wool scarf for men is made of high quality fibres. This is unique and different.

For your information, alpacas live in the wild in the Andes at an altitude of over 4000 meters. This environment will directly affect the quality of the fibre, as these animals face significant temperature changes every day.

A nice, warm winter scarf will give you real vitality and add colour to your life! All kinds of scarves are waiting for you, with many different colours. A great Christmas gift idea for men!

Finally, our alpaca scarves for men are made according to the BellePaga brand values.
In other words, our products are locally designed: they are entirely made in Peru, where our alpacas live in a natural environment in complete freedom.

We attach great importance to respecting the animals and the environment, which is our top priority.

So why an alpaca? Because it is the most environmentally friendly "wool" animal. Let's take the example of goats (cashmere) which eat everything and shred, so in addition to destroying the ground they are on, they often have to move to another area because they will run out of food. Unlike alpacas, which have cushions, they are harmless to our land and landscape.

Gift Idea for men 30 years old

Does a man in your life love cuddly toys? BellePaga has the perfect gift idea for you! The alpaca is an animal that can cause a lot of love and miracles. Its wool has many advantages, some of which are more incredible than others. A great Christmas gift for men!

The Alpaca is the cousin of the llama, but the latter is half the size. The llama is also covered in fibre which can be used to make wool, but this is of lesser quality than the alpaca fibre.

This plush allows animal lovers to keep it close at hand and enjoy its softness all day long.

Alpacas are cousins to llamas, but the latter is only half the size. Llamas also have fibres that can be used to make wool, but the quality is not as good as alpaca fibre.

Please note: the plushies are made of real alpaca hair. BellePaga is about putting the environment and animals at the centre of our concerns. Our values are fundamental and we are committed to respecting them throughout the process.

Wool cleaning tip

We all have a wool jumper in our wardrobe, which brings us comfort during the cold seasons. But how do you keep that jumper from running out of steam? With shrinkage, pilling and deformation of the garment, it is often complicated to know how to prevent these problems from happening and therefore how to adopt wool cleaning.

BellePaga is here to help! First of all, there are different types of wool, the best known being sheep's wool. However, there are many other types of wool that require more care and attention.

BellePaga, as its name suggests, works with Alpaca wool. This natural fibre with many virtues, will take you in a cocoon full of softness and warmth. It is a wool that is easier to care for, as it hardly pills and is 7 times more resistant than sheep's wool.
So how do you clean alpaca wool?

Indeed, Alpaca wool has a longer life than other wools, you can keep our products for a longer period of time without fear of pilling, holes or other defects that could appear later.

We strongly advise you to wash your alpaca wool products by hand in cold water. To avoid damaging the fibre, and to make the garment last. You can do a machine wash at 30°C in wool program or in soft program however, all machines are different... We do not promise that it will move or not, hence the advice to wash by hand.

Cleaning Alpaca wool should be done with care, we advise you to use specific products for this wool. Avoid using conventional detergents which may damage the quality of the wool.

Do not put your clothes in the tumble dryer. This is not recommended for Alpaca wool.
Alpaca wool has many properties that make it the "Wool of the Gods". It is therefore important to take good care of it.