Women's gift box

Coffret cadeau femme
Want to please a woman around you? What could be better than to offer her a BellePaga gift box! Since a gift box allows you to offer someone a range of different items, it is a way to combine the surprise effect with ease. Indeed, it is easier to offer a gift box to a woman than a single item: this way, there is no way to go wrong. The person will be delighted to receive several gifts in one and it is the opportunity to discover more things than usual.

And above all, there is a diversity between each gift box. There are gourmet gift boxes around a culinary universe, birthday gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, travel gift boxes... In short, a multitude of possibilities awaits you. At BellePrairie, we offer you a fashion and home gift box.

Original women's gift box at BellePaga

At BellePaga, we've been thinking a lot about the concept of gift boxes that have been all the rage for years now. That's why this year, we are pleased to announce that we are also releasing a box for winter 2021. Its name? The BelleBox. It's the ultimate women's gift box.

We have tried to gather in this box the main products of BellePaga. The goal is to make the recipient discover the spirit and values of our brand while highlighting the Baby Alpaca fiber, the material with which we make our products. This fiber is known for its exceptional properties (warmth, softness, resistance). Moreover, this box will exist for both men and women.

But then what do we find inside? Since it will be available all year round, its content is :
  • Two pairs of socks. A first pair of socks: the EKIKO model which is cream and lilac in the form of polka dots. A second pair of socks: the ISKU model in melon and cream colors with details in the form of eggshells on the top of the sock. The most of these socks? Their composition. Indeed, for these models of the new collection, we sought to strengthen the quality of our products. That's why, in addition to being made of Baby Alpaca wool, these pairs of socks contain bamboo fiber known for its anti-bacterial and resistant properties. This allows the skin to breathe and therefore to stay dry all day.
  • A BellePaga mug whose design has been developed around Alpaca. For women, it will be made with lilac colors.
  • A lavender sachet made in France to perfume and preserve your wool in your closets.
  • A washing net made of organic cotton which allows to contain your socks during the cleaning while preserving them.
Its price? It will be 49€.

Women's socks BellePaga
Chaussettes femmes

As previously explained, our women's gift set is composed, in part, of two pairs of socks. So we'll tell you a little more about them.

Our women's socks are made of alpaca wool. We chose this wool because it is known for its exceptional properties.

On the design side, at BellePaga we offer a wide range of colors and patterns. This way, each of you is able to find the sock that suits you best! Don't hesitate to visit our website, we offer other models than those included in this women's gift set. Moreover, we have different sizes (35-38, 39-42, 42-46) and you have of course the choice between all these sizes for the box. We also have different shapes of socks, more or less long: socks, classic, half-high and high that stop below the knee. In our women's gift box, you have two pairs of socks that are classic in shape.

These socks, like all the others we can offer, can be described as high quality clothing. Baby Alpaca wool is often considered a high-end, luxurious wool because of its properties. Four times more resistant than sheep's wool, this fiber is seven times warmer thanks to its insulating and thermoregulating power. It has the advantage of almost no pilling and a certain longevity over time.

Moreover, in our case, these socks are finished by hand which allows to have an imperceptible and comfortable seam. By purchasing these socks you are ensuring a purchase that has a long life and unparalleled comfort. Warm feet all year round without humidity!

Let yourself be tempted by BellePaga socks, thin and elegant, they can be worn in various situations: skiing, hiking, walking, in sneakers, boots ...

BellePaga Mug

Now let's zoom in on our mug from the women's gift set. We chose to make this mug in 300 mL to hold a certain amount of liquid. The designs that line it are obviously still alpaca related. You will find first the mugs with an alpaca head and then the mugs with the inscriptions "I just want to drink Coffee in chill with my alpaca".

But what to do with this cup? Although it is very pretty, it is also very useful. You can drink hot and cold drinks in it. So don't hesitate to make your drinks of the moment in it. For example, a good hot chocolate in winter or a good cup of coffee before going to work.

But at BellePaga we advise you something more original: the mugs cakes. You may or may not have already passed by a recipe. There is nothing quicker and more comforting for the end of the day. Here is a new mug cake recipe to try, this one is with banana.

You need: a banana, a teaspoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of flour, 1 tablespoon of low-fat butter, 1 pinch of baking powder, a little vanilla extract. Recipe steps:
  • Mash half of your banana in your mug with the butter
  • Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds
  • Mix the egg, flour, sugar, yeast with the rest of the preparation
  • Put in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds, maximum power
It's ready! By the way, our BellePaga mugs are completely dishwasher safe. They don't need any particular maintenance.

Lavender sachet Sachet de lavande laine

Let's move on to our lavender sachet. At BellePaga, we chose this cleaning accessory because it is the ultimate natural protector for wool clothes. It leaves behind the sweet scent of lavender, but at the same time it keeps moths away from your wardrobe. This natural moth repellent will keep your favorite clothes as long as possible. What could be better than a garment that smells good and has no holes? All this in a natural way too!

In our gift box, you will find one. It is made in France (one of the countries of lavender) and is made of 100% real lavender. Moreover, we work with a workshop that hires people on the fringe of society in order to rehabilitate them in the world of work around a common project. They are supervised by the monitors of the workshop, who train them at the same time. The bags are then handmade from a sober and quality fabric, either grey or cream. On top of this, we print our logo.

A little tip about your bag! We advise you to squeeze it regularly to release the lavender scent it contains.

Tip for socks maintenance

BellePaga is a brand that only offers products made from alpaca wool, so special care is required for the brand's products. But don't worry, we have made it easy for you for several reasons.

First, alpaca wool is much more resistant than lambda wool. So the socks in this women's gift set are much stronger and more durable than any other classic wool socks. Because of this strength, the wool of your socks will not pilling and therefore you are able to keep them for a long time of your life. Except if you change your shoe size!

These socks do not need to be washed by hand. A machine cleaning is enough. But remember to select the wool program or the low temperature program (30°C).

Another advantage of these socks: they do not fade. Indeed, since alpaca wool exists in about twenty colors and we use natural dyes, the color is much more resistant than a chemical dye and therefore there is no transfer in the water. On the one hand this does not stain the other clothes in the machine and on the other hand it allows the sock to keep its shine.

It is still recommended to use the organic cotton wash bag contained in the BellePaga women's gift box to keep the socks together. The organic cotton fiber is known to be a natural material with a lower impact on the planet than plastic derivatives. Indeed, it is good to know that micro-plastics are discharged into the water every time synthetic clothes are washed in machines.

Do not hesitate to consult our Men's, Women's and Home & Decoration collections to discover all our Alpaca wool products!