Woman gift

Are you short of ideas for a gift for a woman in your life? Discover the BellePaga women's collection and offer an experience of comfort, warmth and happiness to your friend, your wife, your mother or your grandmother... The BellePaga experience is unique, and giving it as a woman's gift will make people happy. The wide range of BellePaga products will allow you to find the ideal woman's gift. Our alpaca wool products are of unbeatable quality. They are made in Peru by local producers who have an exceptional know-how of traditional weaving.  


Birthday gift idea for women 

On the occasion of a birthday, it is often very important for people to offer a quality and original gift. At BellePaga, we strive to offer a true experience of comfort and warmth to our customers. The products in our women's collection are very diverse and will allow you to find different gift ideas. BellePaga products are beautiful, timeless basics, pieces that will never go out of style: ideal for a birthday gift.

There are different categories of products that we can think of to find a gift idea for women. Among these categories you will find beautiful collections of scarves, hats, gloves or ponchos. Our clothes and accessories are made of baby alpaca wool, designed in Brussels and made in Peru. Making a BellePaga gift to a woman is therefore a sure value. The idea is to make a woman discover a quality product, a wool whose softness and warmth are unequalled.

It is often difficult to find ideas for a birthday gift for a woman. That's why we propose you to discover our collection for women. You will find the rare pearl and the product which will make dream the one who blows out a candle more. Our products are classic and chic, so it is not possible to make a mistake when choosing to offer a BellePaga item. These are products that are timeless. For example, our women's scarves are very pretty pieces with a classic cut. Our color palette will allow you to find the one that will please on the birthday.

Papier cadeau noël neige

Original gift for women 

An original gift is a gift that stands out from the usual gifts that we can receive every year. When you really want to please and mark the occasion, this can be done by choosing an original gift. The originality of a woman's gift can be due to the fact that it is a personalized gift for example or to the fact that it is a new product for the woman who will receive the gift. Giving a BellePaga gift is an original idea because baby alpaca clothes and accessories are rare products.

Giving a BellePaga gift also means offering the alpaca experience to the woman who will receive the gift. Offering this experience of softness and comfort is very original and will surely surprise the person who will discover the "Wool of the Gods". Indeed, it is the softest wool, hence the name given to it. This wool is still very little known but it turns out that it is a wool of superior quality, superior to cashmere. Indeed, it does not pilling, it is thermoregulatory and is seven times warmer than the wool of sheep.

Some BellePaga items are original because they are not products that can be found anywhere else. The small Alpaca Plush is a very original gift that always provokes in the person who touches it for the first time an extraordinary reaction of happiness.
On the other hand, the women's ponchos are beautiful and unique pieces that are light but bring a lot of warmth and comfort to the users. Moreover, alpaca wool is a wool that does not absorb water. This property is at the origin of two great qualities of alpaca wool. On the one hand, the rain is not absorbed by the poncho, so it can be used as a coat directly in autumn or winter because the rain beads on it. On the other hand, the stains do not embed themselves in the mesh. The garment is almost never stained, and therefore does not require too much maintenance. The poncho is an original and very useful gift for women. Indeed, it can be worn on occasions (wedding, christening, cocktails etc.), but it can also be worn at home when you want to spend a cocooning moment.

Sapin Noël Boule Vert doré

Women's gift box

Another idea for a woman's gift could be a box in which different products are combined. At BellePaga, we propose the Bellebox. This gift box contains a mug, a pair of alpaca socks as well as a small bag of lavender and a washing net. This box is a very good idea for a woman gift. Indeed, there is in this box an assortment of products which are complementary and which will offer much comfort to the person who will receive it. The pair of alpaca socks is the way to experience alpaca wool at a low price. These socks meet all the needs of consumers: they are thin, warm, thermoregulating but also very comfortable. Thus, no need to wear thick socks in winter to be warm (it compresses the foot and is not comfortable).

The lavender sachet is a natural moth repellent that will protect the socks as well as the wardrobe of the person who will be offered the Bellebox. Indeed, moths are very sensitive to certain smells and especially to the one of lavender which is very pronounced. The lavender that contains it has been freshly harvested in the south of France. The lavender sachet is effective for two to three years, but on the condition that you do not forget to squeeze it every month or every three weeks. This allows the scent to spread and protect clothes for a maximum of time: lavender is a scent that scares away moths. It is therefore a natural and effective solution.

The washing net is ideal for articles made of delicate wool. Indeed, the washing machine can damage these garments over the washings. It is therefore essential to use a wash bag to protect fragile pieces. This little attention is very useful in everyday life and will protect clothes made of beautiful materials.

The set consisting of the pair of socks and the mug is the perfect combination to spend a nice cocooning evening. A gift box is a great idea for a woman's gift because it gives the impression of receiving several gifts at the same time. The set made by BellePaga is ideal, especially for Christmas, and allows you to discover the BellePaga universe. Moreover, this box is original and does not require a too important investment.

Another advantage of the women's gift box is that the box itself is a gift. Its design is very elaborate and every detail has its importance. The box can be used once the small attentions have been used. Indeed, the box can be used as a storage box, a jewelry box or even a box to store makeup. The gift box is therefore a four-in-one gift. The Bellebox is the ideal gift for women who want to please, while discovering the unique world of BellePaga and alpaca wool.


BellePaga tip 

At BellePaga, you will find women's gifts for all tastes. If you want to make a beautiful gift that will last and have great utility, opt for a nice Warmi Poncho. This quality piece is an original gift idea while being a timeless and classic piece. This elegant poncho will delight the woman who receives it as a gift.

For the smaller budget, a pair of alpaca wool socks or an assortment of three pairs is a gift for women that will allow them to discover the BellePaga universe and the experience of this superior quality wool. It will be possible to offer this woman's gift in a very nice gift box.

Finally, as said before, the Bellebox is a gift that will be very pleasing for Christmas or for a birthday or anniversary. The assortment of four gifts is the perfect alternative when you can't decide on a single woman's gift. Moreover, it allows you to discover the universe of the brand in its entirety.

So, if you want to find an original woman's gift, don't hesitate any longer and offer the person you love the experience of "Laine des Dieux".