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Need help with some gift ideas? Still not sure what to get your wife for her birthday? Or maybe you are struggling to find a gift idea for men for the holidays? This is where you will find your happiness.

At BellePaga, we have thought of gift ideas for various everyday situations. Whether for men or women, for a birthday or Christmas, we have a solution for you among all our quality products. All made from Baby Alpaca wool, this wool of the Gods known for its exceptional properties, our products will last over time and bring you maximum softness and comfort. So don't hesitate and let yourself be seduced by one of our products for your gift idea of the moment. They will offer an ultimate comfort experience to the one you would offer it to.

Birthday gift idea for women

Poncho Warmi

Want to make a gift to a woman? Let yourself be tempted by our beautiful Warmi poncho. Like all our other products from BellePaga, it is 100% made of Baby Alpaca wool. This wool, which does not come from the shearing of a baby animal, is known for its unparalleled properties as it is the finest wool produced by this animal in its adult stage.

This poncho is therefore a wonderful gift idea for a special occasion and therefore for a birthday. It ensures the wearer warmth and comfort combined. But you will also be surprised by its lightness which allows you to accompany you throughout the year.

As for matching it with other clothes, rest assured, this gift idea goes with everything. Both classic and elegant, it will become the timeless garment of your wardrobe par excellence. Over jeans or dresses, with sneakers or heels, the poncho has become the trendy fashion accessory of the moment whether for a sophisticated or casual outfit.

That's why we offer various colors. You will find both dark colors like charcoal gray and navy blue) for a sober look but also lighter colors for a softer outfit spirit (beige, silver gray, sand). Or for those who dare the most, we offer a choice between orange and red for more original outfits.

Finally, we also offer Capes, including the Huaraz model. Similar in design to our Poncho, the Cape is shorter. Also made of 100% Baby Alpaca wool, this product is just as qualitative and can be matched with any outfit.

Gift idea for men 

Chaussettes Wira Premium

You don't know what to offer to your father, uncle or brother? At Bellepaga, the best gift idea for men is a pair of socks. Come and try the Wira Premium socks. It is a sensation with consumers because of its softness. Customers are adamant that it is the most comfortable sock they have ever worn. These thin, comfortable socks are part of a more prestigious line, which makes them a great gift idea.

But how did we make them? After choosing the design, we thought about the composition of the sock. Like our other products, they are made from Baby Alpaca wool. This fiber brings softness and warmth while being hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. But unlike our ponchos for example, these socks contain another special fiber: the bamboo fiber, particularly used for its breathable and antibacterial properties. This is very important for the feet. This combination of two exceptional natural fibers provides the wearer with supreme comfort.

At the level of the seams, they are imperceptible to allow a certain comfort. Thanks to their thinness and flexibility, these socks will become indispensable in your everyday life. To try them is to adopt them. All our customers are amazed by the comfort and warmth provided compared to wool socks from another animal. This is due to the fact that Baby Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and lasts 4 times longer.

As for the price, they are 29€ and come in different colors. You will find them either in charcoal gray or in light gray.

To your socks!

Christmas gift idea


While all of our products are a great gift idea for the holiday season, it's always difficult to make the ultimate choice. That's why we have a solution for you: the BelleBox. We have finally taken the step of the fashion of boxes and gift sets for the Christmas gift idea.

The Christmas box we have created contains 3 of our flagship products to allow the recipient to have an overview of our brand and our universe. The goal is to discover the quality of the alpaca fiber which is known by all for its softness, its warmth and its longevity.

This box that we have created has for release date the Christmas period 2021. It will be composed of the following three items:
  • A pair of socks BellePaga model YUPA. It is a pair of socks with a small alpaca print. They are made of both Baby Alpaca wool and bamboo fiber, known for its antibacterial and breathable properties for the feet.
  • A BellePaga mug that we created specifically for the Christmas season but that will follow you all year long
  • A durable organic cotton wash net designed to clean your socks without ever damaging them. You can reuse it for other clothes.
The price? 29€. So don't hesitate to fall for our Christmas gift box idea.

For the most interested of you, we have also developed the idea of sock boxes: Box Pacha and Box Picchu. Each of these two boxes contains two pairs of socks, a mug, a bag of lavender and a washing net. These boxes will be available all year round for the price of 49€.

For the Pacha, you will find socks in pastel tones, that is to say a pair of off-white with lilac polka dots and a melon pair with ecru details in the top of the sock. For the Picchu, they are darker colors and classic is a pair of brown socks with beige stripes and a pair of gray socks. 

Teen and child gift idea 


After finding a gift for the whole family, you need a gift idea for the little ones. For that, at BellePaga, we are pleased to offer our Baby Alpaca wool plushies.

Why alpaca? It is a very fashionable animal at the moment. It arouses a lot of wonder in children and its wool is very popular. Even cuter than the llama, this animal is half the size and much softer.

That's why we decided to bring out high quality plush models for the youngest (but also the oldest). In the shape of Alpaca, this plush will allow the most fan of you to keep it with you and enjoy its extreme softness.
We offer a range of 6 plush toys, all made of Baby Alpaca wool. If you are more tempted by plush with natural colors, we find brown, beige and white. They will look great on the bed of a child's room of more than three years but also in your living room on your sofa or as a simple object of decoration.

Moreover, we chose to give them nice names: Frida, Carlos and Guillermo. All three are 23cm tall. But let yourself be tempted by the biggest ones, Carmen, Alberto and Jose, which are 33 cm.

But what do these plushies look like? These alpaca wool plushies are perfect for a gift idea and are very soft to caress. Both their ears lost in their fur and their little sparkling eyes will make you fall in love. You will really feel like you are cuddling real Peruvian alpacas. It is truly the original plush par excellence.

They are like our brand respectful of all the values we try to convey. We have tried to preserve the craft know-how of Peru in order to let this experience shine through in our products. They are therefore directly made in Peru, near small qualified producers working with us under the label Del Peru. That's why each of our plushies has a unique design because their making depends directly on the shearing of the animal. So don't worry, their production is done in the respect of the worker, the animal and the environment.

Let yourself be tempted by the charm of our alpaca plush for a great gift idea.

Tip to maintain our products:

All our products are maintained in the same way. They require a particular cleaning, soft and respectful of the fiber. We prefer hand washing with a special product and air drying. You don't even need to iron the product after washing because the fiber does not wrinkle. Finally, as a final touch, in your closets, we recommend you have lavender sachets to scent your clothes.