Christmas gift

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BellePaga is a warmly thought out and well-made Christmas gift idea. Your gifts will be comforting, soft and authentic. So, we wish you a pleasant journey in our universe of softness, warmth and especially full of comfort. Trust us and let us seduce you...

Christmas gift kit

Think boxed set! A great Christmas gift idea for women and/or men!

Bellebox an authentic creation by BellePaga for Christmas 2021. It will consist of :

- a pair of Yupa socks

- a BellePaga mug specially created for this box

- a bag of lavender

- a washing net to protect your socks and clothes. All this for the unique price of 29€!

To know: our BellePaga socks are of a very high quality and will offer you an unequalled comfort! They are made of fine, warm, comfortable and elegant materials. They go with any style, worn with a skirt, jeans or trousers. Our socks also help to reduce perspiration.

Our lavender sachet is a natural moth repellent. Thanks to its scent, it prevents your woollen clothes from getting nibbled and leaves a pleasant scent on them. Moreover, our lavender comes from a French workshop in Provence, where it is made in a traditional way by people considered as disabled workers, in order to offer them a professional framework.

Christmas gift idea for friends

Does your friend like cuddly toys? BellePaga has the gift! The Alpaca is an animal that arouses a lot of love and wonder. Its wool has many virtues, some more incredible than others. A great Christmas gift!

The alpaca is the llama's cousin, but the llama is half the size. The llama is also covered with fibre that can be used to make wool, but this is of lesser quality than the alpaca fibre.

BellePaga has decided to offer you authentic, soft and silky plush of small Alapaga. This plush will allow animal lovers to keep it close to them and enjoy its softness all day long.

Please note: the plushies are made of real Alpaca hair. We put the environment and the animals at the centre of our concerns. Our values are fundamental and we are committed to respecting them throughout the process.

Why Alpaca? It is an "eco-responsible" animal, because it does not pull up the grass at the root, but cuts it with its teeth. Therefore, the pasture will not be damaged, unlike goats. Alpacas have two claws on each leg with small pads and not hooves.

So what are you waiting for? Think Alpaca for Christmas gifts!

Christmas gift idea for women

Finding THE right Christmas gift for a woman is no easy task. Are you looking to give a gift to a friend or family member? BellePaga has just what you need! A pair of comfortable, thermoregulating, insulating, hypoallergenic and above all soft socks.

Our range of socks goes with any style, worn with jeans, skirts or trousers. Giving quality socks is our goal at BellePaga! A useful Christmas gift.

Note: Alpaca socks are sweat-proof. Alpaca lives in a climate where the temperature is constantly changing, so it has to adapt to this, which is why it has developed a thermoregulating fibre.

We also have a collection with bamboo fibre, known for its absorbent properties and softness. This will allow your feet to breathe, while keeping them comfortable all day long. Bamboo has a fibre that has a natural protection against bacteria and that allows a reduction of odours.

At BellePaga, we produce our socks in South America. Because there is a lot of know-how in the transformation of alpaca wool into accessories and clothing.

The little extra? Our initiative allows local producers to make a living from their products. This is an important pillar of our values. BellePaga's Alpaca socks are premium and therefore of high quality. Each sock is finished and checked by hand for a perfect finish.

Alpaca fibre is very resistant, 4 times more so than sheep's wool. A little extra, it does not pilling, and wears very slowly! It is an ideal fibre for textiles (such as socks) that are subject to high stress.

What's more, the dyes used by BellePaga are totally natural! They come directly from the animal's wool, i.e. from mineral pigments which are more resistant than chemical dyes, and respectful of our environment. The advantage of natural colours is that they will not change over time. Due to the resistance of the Alpaca fibre, we promise a long life to your socks.

Christmas gift idea for a small budget

Finding the right Christmas gift on a budget is not always easy.... BellePaga has found the idea!

A small Alpaca key ring, the accessory that will surely please! To add softness everywhere with you, we propose you keyrings in Alpaca fur, even softer than a plush and really comforting.

These keyrings are original, you won't be able to do without them!

You won't find anything as beautiful and soft! The key rings are made of pure alpaca fur, which is why they are so soft! You can choose between different colours.

Christmas gift idea for men

Silky, warm and comforting, the men's scarves from Bellepaga provide a unique comfort. Very elegant with their classic, timeless and pure design. A breathtaking Christmas gift idea for men.

Our alpaca wool scarves for men are made of a high quality material, the fibre. The fibre is unique and differs from the majority of wools from the same animal.

For your information, our Alpacas live in total freedom at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, in the Andes Mountains. This environment has a direct impact on the quality of the fibre, as our animals are confronted daily with significant temperature variations.

A nice warm scarf in winter will give you a real boost and bring colour into your life! A large choice of scarves awaits you, buffalos, classics, twisted... As well as a multitude of different colours. So, fill up with this gift idea for men?

Finally, our Alpaca wool scarves for men are made in accordance with the values of the BellePaga brand.

That is to say, our items are all locally designed: they are made exclusively in Peru, where our Alpacas live in their natural environment in total freedom.

We attach great importance to the respect of animals and the environment, which are our priorities.

So why the Alpaca? Because it is the most eco-responsible "wool" animal (we also call them "hair" in the Alpaca!). Let's take the example of a goat (cashmere), these will eat everything, tear up and destroy the land where they will be and therefore they will have to be moved often, because they will have no more food. Contrary to the Alpaca or even the sheep which have pads, and are therefore not harmful to our grounds and landscape, because they are more "careful".

Tips to combat cold feet

BellePaga offers you several solutions to combat cold feet!

1. Slip your feet into a warm water bath for a few minutes and then put on a good pair of socks to keep your little feet warm.

However, this remedy is not effective in the long term and must be repeated several times to produce real results. This is why hydrotherapy is more interesting.

2. What is hydrotherapy? It consists of switching from a hot to a cold bath very quickly to get the blood flowing. Put on warm water, at the temperature you can stand. Not far away, prepare a cold water bath, the coldest you can. First, put your feet in hot water for 5 minutes and then put your feet in cold water for 3 minutes. Repeat this movement several times in a row, always ending with cold water.

3. Exercise to get the blood flowing to your feet, such as running or swimming, which will activate your organs and avoid the feeling of cold feet.

4. Acupuncture if you can do it.... This is an ancient medicine with many virtues. It relieves pain, relaxes muscles and joints, but also improves blood circulation. We recommend that you practice this with a certified acupuncturist.

5. Finally, we can advise you to take vitamins and use certain herbs to improve blood circulation and strengthen the proper functioning of your body. These solutions can be effective, but over time your little feet will stop being cold.

6. Alpaca wool, "the wool of the gods" and the authentic softness of the Andes. This wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and is known for its thermoregulatory properties, its softness and its warmth. It will keep you warm without retaining moisture and is perfect for these situations. Think of BellePaga socks... a perfect Christmas gift!