At BellePaga, we have developed an Alpaca wool Poncho. This garment with a design straight from South America is based on a unique ancestral know-how that we have tried to preserve. Made of Baby Alpaca wool, the Poncho remains very trendy and of a luxurious quality. 7 times warmer than a wool Poncho, it will surprise you with its softness, its resistance, its lightness and its warmth.

It allows you to keep a unique and elegant style while being protected against the cold thanks to its thermoregulatory property. Today, it is considered a true fashion accessory whether combined with a dress, jeans, sneakers or heels. It adds a chic and casual look to any situation.

The Mexican Poncho

If today many consider the Poncho as an essential fashion piece of the dressing room of some of us, it was not always like that.

Let's go back to its origin. Initially, this all-terrain garment and emblematic of the coldest evenings was worn by the indigenous civilizations of North America (mainly Mexico) and South America. Once known by several names (such as the mantilla), the poncho has always kept its unique shape. Common but warm, often colored or even striped, its shape has remained that of a rectangular piece with a hole to let the head through.

But what about the material? The Poncho is one of the oldest garments made of Alpaca wool. This allows the wearer to both face the various weather conditions of the region and to continue to move around easily. Indeed, historically, it sheltered the walkers as well as their travel equipment (like their backpacks for example). This is why the Poncho was often equipped with a hood. Moreover, it was even used as a roof when it passed the night. The hikers could then take shelter in the same way as in a tent, moose! Although today this is no longer practiced, it allowed to resist even the coldest nights.

Let's move on to the making of the Poncho. It has remained more or less the same over the centuries. It is based on the unique ancestral knowledge and on the work of the wool of Alpaca, this endemic animal of the South American region. Raised at more than 4000 meters of altitude, high in the Andes, the Alpacas are raised in their natural habitat and in the best conditions to produce a quality wool. No fence surrounds them, which allows this beautiful animal to enjoy total freedom and no mistreatment. For our Poncho Bellepaga, we have sought to work with these same people to ensure unparalleled quality and to offer our customers a service of the highest standard.

Women's Poncho from Bellepaga

Poncho Femme

At Bellepaga, we offer the Poncho. At the moment we offer a wide range of ponchos for women.

We currently have the Warmi Poncho available. This sumptuous Poncho is made from 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca wool, which is as soft as it is comfortable. Very light when worn, it will be your best friend for the winter period when the cold weather is back. This model has an elegant and timeless style. It has a classic shape and no hood, but an opening that lets your outfit show through. You can therefore match it with different outfits: a skirt, a classic or dressy dress, trainers or high heels. This allows you to have a casual yet stylish look, depending on the occasion.

The colours of the Bellepaga Poncho are very varied. Dark colours (charcoal grey and navy blue), to give your outfit a sober look. Or lighter colours (beige, silver grey, sand) to give a softer touch to your outfit. Finally, for the more adventurous among you, we offer more colourful ponchos (orange and red) to give an original touch to your outfit.

But we don't just offer Ponchos. Indeed, we have also created for you Capes, the Huaraz model. Similar to the Warmi Poncho, the cape is shorter and has a tie at the neck. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca wool, this cape is also extremely soft and warm and is just as easy to match. Over a dress or jeans, this piece will also become an essential accessory in your wardrobe.

Make your choice!

The Poncho for all occasions: summer, hiking, rain

Poncho tendance

Although it is partly a fashion accessory, it is first and foremost a feat for coping with the cold and being comfortable.

The Poncho is made of Baby Alpaca wool, so it benefits from the softness of wool and its warmth. Indeed, Alpaca wool is known to be 7 times warmer than sheep's wool or other materials such as cotton and synthetic. But don't worry about being too warm. Indeed, this wool is thermoregulating.

Regarding softness, we select Baby Alpaca wool because it is even softer and finer. Harvested from young Alpacas and not from babies, as its name might suggest, it is a wool of unequalled quality, even luxurious. Moreover, it is 4 times more resistant than sheep's wool, which allows the Poncho to face any ordeal of your day (like a hike for example). Moreover, as this wool is extremely resistant, it will not pilling. So you can keep your purchase for years without question.

For those with allergies, this wool and poncho are made for you. One of the essential properties of Baby Alpaca wool is that it is hypoallergenic.

Finally, in order to ensure the traceability of the wool we use, we have opted for a label, the Alpaca Del Perú label, which is used for all of our articles and in particular the women's Poncho. A guarantee of confidence for our customers, it ensures compliance with a precise set of specifications.

Alpaca Wool Poncho Care


Once a member of your wardrobe, your Poncho deserves to be cared for so that you can keep it for a lifetime. To do so, we invite you to follow a precise care routine to preserve the superior and unique quality of your Poncho from BellePaga. This "wool of the gods" is extremely soft and in order to keep it soft and pilling free, it cannot be cleaned randomly. That's why we have a list of simple steps to follow.

First step: Washing. To start with, get a good shampoo. It must be specialised in washing fragile wool or even Alpaca, be gentle, contain a low dose of detergent, have a natural composition and be delicate. You will find on our website a range of cleaning products that we have selected ourselves. Even though this wool is extremely hardwearing, BellePaga recommends that you dry clean your Poncho or even hand wash it in warm water. Don't forget to wear gloves when cleaning, so as not to damage the quality of the fibre. The optimal washing temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees. We also recommend that you wash your products at the end of the season to avoid moths.

Don't be afraid when washing your Poncho, as coloured items often stain the water when they are first washed. To avoid this, remember to wash your items separately. If you want to take the washing a step further, you can add 20% white vinegar to your mixture when washing. This will help to fix the colours better.

Second step: Drying. For the Bellepaga Poncho, you do not need to tumble dry the item. To begin with, you can try to absorb a certain amount of water with a towel. Then let your Poncho dry flat in the open air for optimal drying.

Third step: Ironing. Despite its resistant properties, some people find it necessary to iron their Baby Alpaca wool Poncho. If this is your case, even if your Poncho will never be as wrinkled as cotton, you can iron it by turning it inside out to avoid damaging the wool. Don't forget to use your low temperature iron and remove the steam.

! Tip to make your products smell good!

At BellePaga we offer lavender sachets. This natural protector leaves a sweet scent in your clothes. It also keeps moths away from your wardrobe. The sachets we offer are made in France and are made of 100% real cut lavender. They are made in a workshop that rehabilitates groups of people on the margins of society. It is advisable to press the sachets once a week to keep their effectiveness.

So come and have a look at our BellePaga website to see other items than our beautiful Poncho. We offer gloves, scarvessocks and other products for the home.