Gift box for men

First of all, you need to know what a gift box for men is. A gift box is a box offered to a recipient containing a selection of several items. It is an easy and practical gift idea, it facilitates the choice of a gift. It offers an assured surprise effect, whether for the giver or the recipient of the gift, everyone will get pleasure and it is a nice moment to share. Moreover, the gift box allows to discover the products of a brand and assures the person who offers the gift not to make a mistake, because in a gift box, there is inevitably an article which will please.

Nowadays, gift boxes have become a trend. There are several types of gift boxes for men. There are :
- Gourmet baskets

- Cosmetic gift boxes

- The adventure gift boxes

- Activity gift boxes

- Etc ...


BellePaga Men's Gift Box

That's why, in view of all these problems and the increasing rise of boxes, gift sets and boxes, we have also developed one. It's the ideal man's gift box.
We have created a men's box containing BellePaga's flagship products so that your friends and family can experience the discovery of alpaca fiber as well as wear this incredibly soft, warm and pilling-free fiber.
We call it the BelleBox. This box, which is scheduled to be released in the 2021 Christmas season, will be composed of several elements:
- A pair of Sami socks, light grey color
- A pair of Anku socks, brown and beige color
- A BellePaga mug specially created for this box
- A bag of lavender
- A beautiful washing net that will allow you to clean not only your socks but also other clothes without damaging them!
All this for the unique price of 49€!
Our socks are made of two fibers, the Baby Alpaca fiber, which we mentioned earlier and the bamboo fiber. The bamboo fiber is antibacterial and lets the skin breathe, so our socks can be worn all day long no matter what you do.

coffret cadeau homme

BellePaga men's socks

Our men's socks are made with Alpaca wool, a wool known for its exceptional virtues. BellePaga offers a wide range of colors and patterns of socks that allow everyone to find their happiness. BellePaga socks are also available in different sizes and different heights (socks, classic, half-high, high). Our men's gift box, allows you to discover two pairs of socks in classic size to enjoy the benefits of our socks. All our men's socks are of a superior quality and considered as high end and luxurious. Indeed, the Baby Alpaca wool used in all our articles is one of the most luxurious wools in the world.

Moreover, like all our articles made of Baby Alpaca wool, our men's socks are hand-finished. This allows the seam to be imperceptible.
Alpaca fiber is four times more resistant than sheep's wool, it hardly pills and wears very slowly. It is a perfect fiber for items that are subjected to hard use, such as socks.
BellePaga men's socks will remain in their original condition for many years.

Known for its insulating power, alpaca fiber is also seven times warmer than sheep's wool. Baby Alpaca wool is mainly appreciated for its thermoregulatory properties. So in BellePaga socks, your feet will always be warm, without being too hot. Always at the right temperature, with our men's socks, your feet will be protected from moisture and any form of perspiration.
Moreover, the sublime socks of the BellePaga brand, are thin and elegant.

Thanks to their thinness, our men's socks are also perfect to wear for skiing or hiking.

chaussettes homme

BellePaga Mug

A mug is a type of cup that is larger than a simple mug and is practical. It is used to drink any type of hot beverage, it can also be used to make "mug cakes" also called cup cakes! The particularity of the mug is that it does not have a saucer and it looks like a mug. On average a mug has a capacity of about 350 ml. That's about double the capacity of a coffee cup.
The beautiful BellePaga Mug, contained in the men's gift box is very practical and cute. Perfect to accompany you throughout your day, whether for coffee, tea, hot chocolate ... . It is beautiful and unique, with a nice alpaca design on the front and a motivating and inspiring text on the back.
Here is a good recipe for plain Mug cake :
- 3 tablespoons flour
- 1 tablespoon of sugar
- 1 tablespoon of milk
- 1 tablespoon of butter (already melted beforehand)
- 1 egg
- 1/2 tablespoon baking powder
- 1/2 tablespoon of natural vanilla extract
In your BellePaga mug, mix the flour, sugar, egg and baking powder. Then add the milk, melted butter and natural vanilla extract. Mix until you have a smooth dough. You just have to cook it in the microwave oven for 1 minute and let it cool down a bit before tasting it. Feel free to add chocolate or fruit according to your taste.
Our BellePaga mugs are of course dishwasher safe. Thus, they are easy to clean.
Our beautiful mug for men is only available in the men's gift set.


Lavender sachet 

The BellePaga lavender sachet is an excellent natural protector for your clothes. In fact, in addition to leaving a delicate fragrance in your wardrobe, it is also the best natural moth repellent. With lavender you will keep your favorite clothes in their original state.
Our sachets, made in France (country of lavender), are composed of 100% real lavender freshly cut.
This natural plant is the most recognized to face the moths. The scent that lavender gives off prevents your woolen clothes from getting nibbled and leaves a pleasant scent.
They come from a workshop that rehabilitates people excluded from society around a common project, the production of lavender bags. Their work is supervised by qualified workshop monitors.

Each bag is handmade in a sober and elegant fabric. We offer two colors: grey and cream. They can be placed in your wardrobe or clothes closet.
Little advice:
In order for it to be more effective, you can squeeze it once a week to bring out the smell.
Find our wonderful lavender sachet in our men's gift box.

sachets de lavande

Sock care tips

Wool products often mean complicated care. Fortunately, at BellePaga we try to keep it simple for our customers. Alpaca wool is much more resistant than classic wool, which means that your alpaca socks will be much stronger than your classic wool socks.

Because of this strength and the fact that alpaca wool is a non-pilling wool, you will be able to keep your socks in good condition for much longer than you are used to.

The fact that alpaca wool does not pilling brings another advantage to your socks. They do not need to be washed by hand. A machine cleaning in wool program or even in soft program (30°C) will be enough and will not put your clothes in danger. You won't need to worry about your socks shrinking in the machine.

Another big advantage of our alpaca wool socks is the fact that we use natural dyes to color our wools. These dyes come from the animals themselves or from mineral pigments (also natural). These pigments are much more resistant than chemical dyes and allow us to keep the colors full of brilliance and splendor without fading and while being environmentally friendly.
However, it is advisable to use a wash bag to avoid losing a sock in the washing machine. That's why you'll find one in the men's gift set. BellePaga laundry bags are made of cotton fiber, which is a natural material, which reduces the impact of pollution on the planet. Indeed, microplastics are released from each of our synthetic clothes during a machine wash, these microplastics are then rejected in nature. This is why we wanted to develop natural washing bags.

Discover our products and let yourself be tempted by our men's gift box.
If you have any questions or need additional information, we would be happy to answer you, so contact us.
Do not hesitate to also consult our Men, Women and Home & Decoration collections to discover all our products made of Alpaca wool!