Idée cadeau femme

You need a gift idea for a woman, because you don't know what to buy? Tired of redundant gift ideas such as jewelry, perfume or beauty products? You have come to the right place, because in this article you will find a lot of new gift ideas for a woman. This list contains without a doubt the ideal woman's gift that you are looking for. Whether it is for your mother, sister, wife, friend or colleague, there is something for everyone. We will offer you quality products that will last over time without ever pilling. Our products are made from baby alpaca wool, a wool known for its natural and exceptional qualities such as longevity, comfort, thermoregulation, softness and many others.
Offer softness, warmth and comfort in all seasons! Alpaca wool is not only four times more resistant than sheep's wool and seven times softer and warmer than sheep's wool, it is also hypoallergenic and will not pose any problem, even for the most sensitive among us.


Sami Premium Socks

Our first gift idea for women is the Sami Premium sock.
When someone tries this sock on, the amazement is the same. They quickly tell us that it is the most comfortable sock they have ever tried. These gorgeous socks are part of BellePaga's warmest and most prestigious range, which is why they are in our top 1 women's gift ideas.
This sock is the result of a subtle combination of 2 excellent natural fibres: Baby Alpaca wool, known for its softness and bamboo fibre known for its breathability. Baby Alpaca fibre is warm, thermoregulating and long-lasting, and is also hypoallergenic. Bamboo fibre has antibacterial and breathable properties. The other selected fibres allow for a good fit to your foot and are easily machine washable at 30 degrees.
To offer you a unique comfort experience, the seams are imperceptible, the elastic is soft and the fineness of our socks completes our Sami Premiums down to the smallest detail. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique comfort of these socks! If you compare socks made of alpaca wool with socks made of more traditional wool, such as sheep's wool, you will notice that alpaca wool is seven times warmer than sheep's wool, but it also has an average lifespan up to four times longer than sheep's wool.

Papier cadeau noël neige

25 years old woman gift idea

Our second gift idea for women is the Karu scarf. Made of 100% Baby Alpaca wool, it envelops you in warmth and comfort for all seasons.
Baby Alpaca wool is known to be one of the most luxurious wool. However, many tend to think that this wool comes from a Baby Alpaca, but this is not the case. In fact, Baby Alpaca comes from a very small part of the wool of an adult alpaca which is much softer and finer than the rest of its wool.
Its softness and hypoallergenicity ensure that our scarves do not scratch or cause red patches on your neck. With its warm wool and large size, the Karu scarf will provide you with unparalleled comfort. It will be the best company in case of cool temperatures.
Its elegant houndstooth pattern is perfect to sublimate the outfits. Thanks to this pattern, the scarf will be easy to match with several combinations of clothes and accessories.

Sapin Noël Boule Vert doré

50 years old woman gift idea

Our sumptuous Warmi poncho is our third gift idea for women. It is made from 100% soft and prestigious Baby Alpaca wool. Indeed, Baby Alpaca wool is very prestigious, as it is the finest wool produced by the adult animal. Our Warmi poncho is uniquely soft and warm. Its lightness and comfort make this article an original and much appreciated gift idea for women. It will accompany her for all seasons.
It is at the same time elegant, classic and timeless, which makes it easy to associate with outfits. It will become a wardrobe staple, as she can wear it in both casual and sophisticated styles.
The Warmi poncho is of high quality, woven with Peruvian know-how. It is warm, thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic and it will not pilling, so you can enjoy it for many years.


The Miski waistcoat

This waistcoat is a real cloud of softness. Like all our products, quality is a priority. It is ideal for offering unique comfort. Once again, made of prestigious alpaca wool, it will offer warmth, tenderness, softness and elegance.

Its straight cut with dropped shoulders allows you to combine it with trousers, jeans, a skirt or a dress for a trendy look. Moreover, its fluffy side will also allow you to wear it with a loungewear outfit if you opt for a much more cocooning and cosy look for warm days at home.

Our waistcoats are very warm, thanks to the warmth of the alpaca wool, but you will never feel too hot with it because this extraordinary wool also has thermoregulatory properties. Alpaca wool is also extremely breathable so you won't sweat while wearing it.

Our Miski waistcoats are not only very warm and soft, alpaca wool is also very fine, which allows us to make warm but also fine and particularly light waistcoats.

This women's gift idea will suit everyone. Thanks to the softness of this so-called "wool of the gods", our waistcoats do not scratch.

The last property of alpaca wool that brings a real benefit to our waistcoats is its longevity. Indeed, this wool is super strong and is the only wool that does not pilling over time, so you can keep this waistcoat for years without worrying about it getting damaged. The woman you give this gift to will be able to keep her waistcoat in good condition for an average of four times longer than if it had been made from sheep's wool.


Original woman's gift

That's why, with all these issues and the increasing rise of boxes, gift sets and gift boxes, we have also developed the perfect gift idea for women.
We have created a women's box containing BellePaga's top products so that your friends and family can experience alpaca fibre and wear this incredibly soft, warm and pilling-free fibre.
We call it the BelleBox. This box, which is scheduled to be released in the 2021 Christmas season, will be composed of several elements:
- A pair of Ekiko socks, cream and lilac colour
- A pair of Isku socks, colour melon and cream
- A BellePaga cup specially created for this box
- A bag of lavender
- A beautiful washing net that will allow you to clean not only your socks but also other clothes without damaging them!
All this for the unique price of 49€!
Our socks are made of two fibres, Baby Alpaca fibre, which we mentioned earlier, and bamboo fibre. The bamboo fibre is antibacterial and breathable, so our socks can be worn all day long.


BellePaga tip : Wash your alpaca clothes

Woolen products often mean complicated care. Fortunately, at BellePaga nothing is complicated. Alpaca wool has the advantage of being much more resistant than classic wool, which means that your alpaca items will be much stronger than your classic wool items.

Thanks to this strength and the fact that alpaca wool is a non-pilling wool, it will keep its gift in good condition for much longer than you are used to.

Another big advantage of our alpaca wool items is that we use natural dyes to colour our wools. These dyes come from the animals themselves or they come from mineral pigments (which are also natural). These dyes are more resistant than chemical dyes and do not fade over time. They are also more environmentally friendly.
For an easy care, we have created at BellePaga, bamboo washing nets, which will allow to put our alpaca wool clothes in the washing machine at 30°C, without damaging them.

Discover our products and let yourself be inspired by one of our gift ideas for women.

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