Sleeping socks

Why should I wear breathable night socks?

At night, the body naturally regulates its internal temperature and that of its often chilly extremities at bedtime. However, if the foot does not breathe, the body's internal temperature cannot drop as it should and thus the extremities cannot warm up properly. That's why it's important to wear good breathable night socks, which will keep your feet at the right temperature. BellePaga socks are thermoregulating, which allows the skin to breathe and not to sweat. They also provide warmth and comfort because they are made from baby alpaca wool which is one of the softest, lightest and most luxurious wools in the world. Moreover, it is seven times warmer than sheep's wool. Baby alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, it respects the most sensitive skins, one hundred percent natural and biodegradable. It keeps for a long time because it does not pilling.

Sleeping socks

Difference between cashmere and alpaca wool night socks

Cashmere and alpaca wool are often compared. However, alpaca wool is considered to be the new cashmere. Indeed, alpaca wool has the same advantages as cashmere, but without the disadvantages. Warmth, softness and high quality are some of the many qualities that these two fibers possess.

Alpaca is one of the strongest, stretchiest and most dimensionally stable fibers in the world. It does not pilling because it is four times stronger than sheep, and is seven times softer and warmer than sheep, while being both very light and soft. It is hypoallergenic, which is important because it respects the most sensitive skins. Alpaca wool also has unique thermal properties, it allows to be always at the right temperature, without sweating. Indeed, the alpaca living in the high mountains, needs a wool which keeps him warm but which lets his skin breathe because he can undergo temperature variations of about 40 degrees in one day. Alpacas have therefore developed a thermoregulating coat.

At BellePaga, all our products are made from this alpaca wool. However, there are two types of alpaca wool, the normal alpaca wool and the Baby alpaca wool. Contrary to what one might think, this fiber does not necessarily come from a baby alpaca, but refers to the fineness of the fiber. Fibers between 18 and 22 microns will be called "Baby Alpaca". This is why Baby Alpaca wool is considered one of the lightest and most luxurious fibers in the world. It is very rare and of the highest quality. Baby Alpaca wool is used in all BellePaga socks.

Sleeping socks

Night socks for men and women

BellePaga offers comfortable and soft night socks. They are seamless as they are hand-knit, which is rare and allows for more precise finishing which ensures that no seam will be noticeable.

The range of socks offered is quite wide. We offer two main lines of comfortable night socks. First, there is the premium line, with different models made from 55% Baby alpaca wool. This means that these socks are extremely warm and soft. Our premium socks also contain bamboo fiber. This fiber allows your socks to be very breathable and avoid moisture, perspiration and odors. Indeed, the bamboo fiber has biodegradable, bacteriostatic, anti-odour and hydrophilic properties. This allows a perfect complementarity with the wool of Baby alpaca. Thus, our premium socks are of exceptional quality, softness and warmth and are available in a wide range of sizes (from 35 to 46 for men and women) and in classic colors (grey, black and many others).

The second line of socks offers classic socks. This line consists of several models, as well as several lengths (ankle, classic, mid-calf and knee) and sizes (from 35 to 46 for women and men). There is also a wide choice of patterns, for example polka dots, checks, stripes, leopard, with small alpacas etc. There is also a wide choice of colors, with more neutral colors like beige, black, white and gray, but also more cheerful colors like pink, red, lilac etc. One thing is sure, you will find what you are looking for at BellePaga.

Sleeping socks

The long life of BellePaga socks

Want to buy good night socks that will last you for years? Look no further, BellePaga socks are for you. Our socks are made from baby alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is four times more resistant than sheep's wool, giving our socks an incredible life span. They resist wear and tear and can be stored for years. In addition, alpaca does not pellet with each wash, unlike sheep's wool or cashmere. For night socks that don't fade, BellePaga uses dyes made from mineral pigments, which are more resistant than chemical dyes. In fact, natural colors do not fade over time, leaving a more vibrant color over time.

Finally, it is important to note that the maintenance of BellePaga socks is easy. Indeed, they can be washed by hand or machine (inside out) on the wool program or at 30 degrees maximum with the rest of your clothes. However, to avoid losing a sock in the hose of your machine, it is interesting to use washing nets. You can also use a shampoo specially designed for wool or use a spray that will refresh the fabric. You can find these cleaning products on our website in the Home & Decoration section under Cleaning Products.

Sleeping socks

Tips and tricks from BellePaga

In this section, we are going to share with you a tip that the BellePaga team discovered not long ago. Recently, we learned that some scientists believe that it is important to sleep with night socks. According to them, it would increase sleep time by about 32 minutes. However, other scientists think that it is better to sleep without socks but with socks on an hour before going to bed. The goal is to reduce the time your feet are cold and to use breathable socks that will allow your body to adjust to the temperature. In both cases, it is very important to use breathable night socks to regulate your body temperature naturally. Indeed, if your foot does not breathe, the internal temperature of your body will not drop and your extremities (feet, hands, head) will remain cold. 

Sleeping socks

BellePaga values

BellePaga puts at the heart of its concerns the ethical side, the morals, the nature and the human. This is why BellePaga products are authentic, natural and of high quality. Ecology is also an important value for BellePaga, so the products are made from biodegradable materials, one hundred percent natural and without chemical treatment. The production is done with respect for the animal and uses traditional know-how.

The well-being of each worker is also a priority for BellePaga. The articles are produced in specialized regions, by local producers who have a great traditional know-how. Dialogue, transparency and respect are the keys to our relationship. This is why we have traveled to the Andes of South America and to Provence to meet with them and to ensure fairness in our exchanges. It is also very important to us that the artisans we work with are fairly paid.

The animals from the farms we work with are respected. Their wool comes from their spring shearing and they live in their natural habitat, in complete freedom, without any enclosure or barrier.

Eco-responsibility is once again a key value of the BellePaga brand. Alpaca is an animal with a very low impact on the ecology. The articles are as natural as possible, and the packaging is ecological. The breeders and artisans we work with for the alpaca items come from Peru and Bolivia and our lavender bags come from Provence in France. Thus, our articles are handmade or hand-finished. They are then shipped to Belgium where they will be manufactured.

At BellePaga, the high quality of the items is a priority, that's why each supplier is carefully selected and each item is elaborated with great fervor, so that the customers are completely satisfied.

It's time for you to visit our website to find YOUR pair of night socks, THE pair that will meet all your expectations.